Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj takes Rani to buy engagement ring Written Episode

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani telling that they have to do arrangements for the marriage and the matter is not about money. Pandit ji says there is no mahurat until a year then. Rani says there is good mahurat for Navratri. Prem latha scolds her. Shivraj asks Pandit ji to check some other mahurat. Pandit ji gets scared thinking Rivaaj threat and says only this mahurat is good for them and asks to get their kundalis check by some other pandits. Manjiri agrees for the next week mahurat. Pandit ji says Rivaaj and Rani’s marriage is fixed for next week. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says not Rani, but Rukmani. Pandit ji says it is slip of tongue. He asks about the tulsi leaves for puja. Raghav asks Rani to come with him, and says they will pluck it. They go near the tulsi plant. Raghav says he likes to eat tulsi plant. He asks what happened, and says sharing is caring. Rani says she is afraid that Rukmani will be betrayed as the decision taken in a hurry. Raghav plays a game with her. Rani says she believes that Rivaaj will betray Rukmani. Raghav says he will give her info about Rivaaj and spy on him. Rani thanks him. Song plays Aaya mausam dosti ka…….Raghav brings tulsi leaves and gives to pandit ji. Prem latha taunts on their status. Rani says Rukmani has a clear heart. Ghee falls on Rukmani, actually Rani’s kundali. Dadi gets up and about to take kundali in her hand, but Rivaaj takes it asking her not to bend down. He looks angrily at Pandit ji. Raghav spies on Rivaaj as the latter hits on the girls’ cut out. Bhanu asks why the queen’s cut out is not falling down. Rivaaj says Rani will fall down with the ball. Pappu praises him and asks why he is not targeting on Rani itself. Rivaaj says when she is going away from him, so he has to take this step. He says he would have forced her, but Shivraj wouldn’t have tolerated, so now he will do engagement with her, marry her and make her wear mangalsutra. Raghav tries to hear him, but couldn’t hear anything. Rivaaj sees him and makes him fall down. He asks what are you doing here? Raghav says I am James bond. Rivaaj laughs. Raghav leaves. Bhanu closes the door.

Rivaaj comes to Rani’s college. Rani asks what are you doing here? Rivaaj says to pick you up. Rani asks what? Rivaaj says we were going to buy engagement ring, so thought to pick you. Rani asks him to tell the address and says I will reach there. Rivaaj asks if you will agree to your sister’s saying and says I will call her. He calls Rukmani and tells that he thought to pick Rani, but she didn’t agree. Rukmani asks Rani what is her problem and asks him to come to market with Rivaaj. Manjiri asks Rani to reach there with Rivaaj. Rani says ok. She collides with a student. The student scolds her for making his project fall down. Rivaaj gets angry and says she is mine…and says Saali (sister in law). Rani tells the guy sorry. She sits on the back side of the jeep. Rivaaj asks if she wants to make him driver and asks him to sit beside him. He drives fast to make Rani fall on him. Rani asks him to drive slow else they will meet with an accident. He says ok.

Rivaaj brings Rani to a jewellery shop. She sees the shop without any customers. Rivaaj says he has booked the shop. Rani is shocked. Rukmani calls her and asks when they will reach. Rani says we have reached here. Rivaaj takes the call and asks where is she? Rukmani says we are in Sejal jeweller shop. Rivaaj tells that he has booked the shop for an hour for her. He says shop is booked for 2 days now. Rukmani asks Rani to select the ring for her, as their size are same. Rani says ok.

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