Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani agrees to marry Rivaaj Written Episode

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manjiri and Dadi coming inside Shivraj’s house. Prem latha asks where is Rani? Manjiri says Rani is…Rani comes and says I am here. Raghav calls her name. Rani says everyone is upset with her didi, so she came to apologized to them. She says if rukmani is not here ,that means she is in danger and tells that it was Didi’s dream to marry Rivaaj. Rivaaj talks to unconscious Rukmani and says he likes the film hum aapke hain kaun, as it gives an option to man to marry his sister in law. Rani tells that Rukmani didn’t do anything wrong. She says she has always obeyed mamma and will agree even today. Rivaaj says all nature help me to fulfil his wish. Rani says whatever happening with our family is wrong and says I am ready for this alliance. She thinks she wants to say yes to marriage and save Rukmani else Rivaaj will harm her. Rivaaj hears her and thinks he wanted to make her his when she turned her face. Rani says I am ready to marry Rivaaj. Shivraj is surprised while others are happy. Shivraj says relations don’t happen like this and asks Premlatha and Manjiri. Rani says nobody forced me, it is my decision. Raghav is shocked and tells that you can’t marry Rivaaj. He says you are my best friend and will marry me, and can’t cheat me. He says Rivaaj will marry Rukmani. Mama tries to calm him down. Rani tries to talk to Raghav and says we will always be best friends forever. She says there is no big relation than friendship. She says even if I marry someone, but you will be my best friend. Raghav hugs her and says how you will stay with me.

Rani says I will come to his house after marriage. Rani tries to cheer up Raghav. She promises to be with him whenever he needs her. Raghav asks her to promise that she will not become his BFF. Rivaaj comes and says she will be your friend only. He tells that he is feeling as a loser for the first time and says I can’t pull you out from this chakrayuv. He tries to emotionally blackmail her and tells that his papa’s respect is at stake. Shivraj says Rivaaj? Rivaaj says if you forgive me then also I will be fallen down in my eyes. He asks her to decide and says I will support you fully. Rivaaj thinks I gave an answer to that slap.

Rani says even I am helpless and says Rukmani can never ruin anyone’s respect, although she don’t have any proofs now. Prem latha asks Manjiri to do mehendi function tomorrow and come there for marriage. Rani thinks I understood your game and is playing to defeat you. Rivaaj gets happy and shouts…He says Rani is mine. He asks her to see the mark on her face and says I took revenge for the slap. He says ek thi rani ek tha ravan,…and laughs.

Rani thinks to save Rukmani somehow. She asks God to show her way so that she can save Rukmani. Rani gets mehendi applied on her hand. Neighbors taunt Rani. Manjiri says Rani never troubled us, unlike Rukmani and says don’t know what is happening. Rivaaj and Prem latha comes there.

Precap: Rani tells Rivaaj that she is marrying for her family and will right on her life. Rivaaj writes R R with mehendi on her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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