Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rukmani’s odd behavior troubles Rani Written Episode

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav making a video call to Rani. Rani says hi Raghav. Raghav says I am upset with you. Rani says but you called. Raghav says you did a big mistake , befriended me, but didn’t call. Rani says there was some tension at home. Raghav asks what happened? If she got fever or someone scolded her. Rani says no. Raghav says call me whenever she is in tension. They end the call. Rivaaj gives money to the goons for attacking Rani’s house and getting beaten by them. Goon asks for more. Bhanu says you will get money according to the work. Rivaaj says they get the good work. Pappu asks what is his motive? Rivaaj says he will romance on messaging. He comes to Rani’s room and comes close to her. Rani wakes up shockingly and tells herself that it was her dream. Rani gets up and looks for Rukmani. She finds the door locked and thinks Didi locked me in the room at this time. She sees Rukmani going out of house and thinks why she is doing this, and where she went. She calls Rukmani, but her phone is left at home. Rani’s phone hangs. Dadi asks whose call is ringing. Rani ends the call. She thinks of Rukmani’s strange behavior. Just then she sees her coming and thinks there is no use of telling her.

Rukmani comes to room and sees Rani sleeping. Rani is actually feigning sleep. Rukmani thinks where is her phone and gets it from the other room. Rani thinks Didi never went in the night and thinks how to find out. Mama tells his sister that Raghav is riding cycle today and he might insist to drive bike. She says she won’t let him ride and asks him to play with toy car. Raghav refuses. His friend comes there and asks to play games with them. Raghav says he don’t want to play boring games with them and says Rani plays nice games with her. Friends get upset and leave. Raghav says I will share toys with Rani and play games with her. Tashi comes there. Her mum says my saas came. Raghav tells her that he can’t meet Rani. She asks him to call her. Raghav thanks her.

He calls Rani and says I am very angry with you, as you didn’t come to play with me or called me. Rani says she will call him. Raghav asks him to come on a play date with him. Rani says ok done. She ends the call and comes out calling Rukmani. She sees a car and checks inside. Driver comes out. Rani says sorry. Rukmani comes from behind and asks what is going on? She scolds her for stitching her jacket wrong and asks her to make the changes. Rani asks did you go somewhere in the night. Rukmani says she went to Aaradhna’s house to get her notes.

Rivaaj is in his room and asks the Painter to make Rani’s sketch. He describes Rani’s facial expressions. Bhanu says painting is ready. Rivaaj looks at the painting and appreciates the painter. Rani tells Dadi and her mum that Raghav called her for play date. Mum asks whereis your concentration. Rani says nowhere. Dadi scolds her mum. Rukmani says she is going to library and will be there for sometime. Her mum asks her to download some App. Rani looks doubtful. Rivaaj looks at the painting and says it is like her, and says once he gets her, then both of them will be with him. The painting turns out to be of Rukmani. He says we are going on a date and then Dham dhamadham.

Raghav asks Shivraj to get his marriage done first and says I found my wife. Shivraj asks who is she? Raghav says Rani angering Rivaaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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