PART 51….


After spending a week in New York former the wedding the family returns home and settles down for their life to move forward. Today Sukanya, Adi, Krish and Manik decided to visit their new school as they had to collect forms and all the siblings decided on having a day out after hours of convincing they get the permission but only if they take Varinda and Sahil along. They agreed at the very instant because it is pretty sure that Varinda and Sahil will have there time together and kids can most probably do what they wish to do. As they thought that their world was being put together and happiness is spreading all over, they are quite unaware of the knocking danger in their life’s. Will they be able to surpass this danger or will this danger drown them in itself. It’s just the game of time and everything will come forth.

On other side Aryan is seen walking upto Nitya’s office.

Aryan: May I come in Nitya.

Nitya: Hye!!! Aryan. Of course please.

Aryan sitting comfortably on a chair : I need a favour Nitya.

Nitya: Ya…. Say how can I help you.

Aryan initially feels hesitatent in expressing his feelings but on receiving an assuring smile from Nitya he continues: Nitya, have a look at these papers please. You will understand everything.

Nitya takes the papers being completely clueless.

Aryan: I thought it would be better if we discuss about this in your office instead of discussing it at home.

Nitya nods and starts reading the papers and the content in it leaves her confused: wooh…. weren’t we done with this. Ragini can’t get the custody. We have already proven her unreliable.

Aryan: That’s the thing. It’s not Ragini who has done this custody case.

Nitya looks being altogether more confused and then decides to read the entire papers and only a single owed leaves her mouth and that too as a murmur: Daksh????  Who is this Daksh????

Aryan takes a deep breath: Adi time and Krish’s biological father.

Nitya almost screams : WHAT?

Aryan nods in agreement.

Nitya: How come? I mean aren’t you there father.

Aryan nods in disagreement: Nobody knows about this accept for Ragini, Daksh and me. He was gone. He left everyone and I don’t know where he disappeared. All I know is that he is back and not for good.

Niya:WHAT do you know about him?

Aryan: He is a criminal. He was charged for molestation and abuse. Several times.

Nitya: Wait.

She fetches a photograph from one of her old files : Is this him.

Aryan takes the picture and nods in agreement . Nitya’s face gets drained off all it’s colour. Was it that her worst nightmares were coming true or the past had all it’s plans set to invade the future. Whatever it might be this is the biggest shock she has ever received in her life.

Aryan: Are you okay Nitya.

Nitya nods her head in agreement still being worried.

Aryan: How do you know him?

Nitya looks at him with blank expressions, she has absolutely no idea on what to say at that very moment: Aryan. I will look after your case you don’t worry. Just go home. I have some emergency.

Nitya starts to leave but Aryan holds her hand and getting closer to her looking in her eyes asks sternly yet politely : WHAT happened? Why did you get worried all of a sudden?

Nitya: Aryan I will tell you everything but please not now. I really have to leave but I promise when I will be back in will tell you everything.

Aryan nods and leaves her hand getting out of her way.

On her way Nitya calls Abeer to meet her immediately and both reach to the outskirts of the city.

Abeer: WHAT happened Nitts you sounded so worried? 

Nitya without answering him in a serious and scared tone speaks: DAKSH KHURRANA IS BACK.

Abeer being confused: WHAT?  Look I know we have our doubts but we have to clear them out.

Nitya pressing her forejead: I have no doubts. I know he is back.

Abeer sceptically: How?

Nitya: He has send custody papers to Aryan.

Abeer: Aryan? Custody? What are you even talking about?

Nitya sighs in displeasure rubbing her forehead she calms herself down because she knows now it is the time to tell the entire story. 

Nitya: All this began about 8 years back. At that time I was in Boston for an international case. Just for that reason for the first time I met Aryan. It all started normally I use to meet him talk about few things related to my case. There was something in him. Just by looking at him I could tell he was troubled but he never use to bring that on his face. He was very kind always. I didn’t know when I started loving him but it was so natural, so natural. One night I was coming back from my office and I met him on the way he offered a ride and I agreed, but due to some trouble in his bike we had to stop at his home. That’s when for the first time I met Aditi and Krish was just a new born, with them was Ragini’s mom. They were incredible and I was hurt beyond words. I knew it wasn’t Aryan’s mistake. There was no way he was responsible as he didn’t know about my feelings and never showed any sign of feelings for me. I stayed there for a night as Ragini’s  mom offered, next morning when I woke up to leave Ragini came home at that very moment and I was shocked to see her drenched in alcohol.  She was anything but sober at the moment. She kept speaking wrongly to Aryan and kept abusing the kids. Somehow Aryan managed to take her away to the room and put her to bed by this time Aditi was badly crying in her grandma’s embrace. A few days from that incident, my case got wrapped up and I left from Boston without meeting Aryan.  There was so much I wanted to tell him about myself, about my feelings, about Aditi and Krish and even about Ragini but all I did is to run away. Just a year back for a trip I again landed in Boston, I had made my mind that what may ever come I will never go behind Aryan. Though in all these years I did everything to forget him but I couldn’t. I could not forget him. His fragrance, his smile, his greased hands whenever he used to teach me biking and how to correct the faults. You know Abeer the only reason I am always ridding a bike is because Aryan taught me that. He is the only man that I love so deeply. (She sniffs and Abeer assures her by comforting her shoulder and Nitya placing her hand above his wiping her tears sucks in some breath and continues) This time I met him in the most unexpected way. I met him in jail.

Abeer: WHAT????

Nitya nods: Yes. Ragini had put charges on him for domestic violence. I was angry, frustrated on my self. He helped when he himself was in trouble but I. I was gone when he needed me. I got him bailed but the case was way to strong it took me about a year to get him out of the case and take divorce from Ragini as well as get his children’s custody. During that time I got to know he had done so many sacrifices for the kids. He was in jail for more then a year already. Just so he could protect his kids he had sent them away from himself and stayed back to deal with Ragini so that she can not harm anyone of them. You know he didn’t have money, by staying empty stomach he use to provide food for the kids and Ragini. He use to do minial jobs so that his kids could get what they deserved.  You know when I bid him bye this time at the airport I saw something way to vulnerable in him as if his life was over. He was already dead. He smiles for his children but never for himself. He works day and night for his children just to give them a good life style. He does nothing for himself nothing to all. After coming here when I found out about his childhood I was so much more shocked. This man in his life time has seen anything but happiness. And what I did. I just walk over him without thinking what he might be going through. He needed a friend and I became one but could never keep up with that.

Abeer taking Nitya in a hug pacifies her by rubbing her back. He rememberes the last time he saw Nitya break down like this was when she lost her family but never after that. After that she has always been the most strongest person he has ever known but today she is terribly broken once again.

He feels bad for both Nitya And Aryan though he hasn’t known Aryan for long still by the way Nitya is telling about him he can understand what all Aryan might have gone through and still he managed to stay strong.

Nitya comes out of the embrace and continues: Today again Aryan came too meet me.

Abeer nods: And….

Nitya: I don’t know how to say th…. Adit and Krish are Ragini and Daksh Khuraana’s kids.

Abeer is takes aback and he stumbles at his own place being completely frozen by the revelation. He is unable to move even a bit. He has seen with his own eyes how much Aryan loves both Aditi and Krish and there was never a single trance seeing which anybody could tell he isn’t there real father. He scolds them, loves them and he fights for them. Nobody can tell that they aren’t his kids.

Abeer: No that can’t be the truth. There would be a mistake.

Nitya nods in disagreement : I wish there was but he told me this today itself. Daksh has sent court papers to him for kids custody.

Abeer looks all baffled he hits his fist on a concrete surface and then supports himself there: DAKSH…. DAKSH….. DAKSH….. DAKSH KHURRANA….. WE HAVE LOST SO MUCH ALREADY BECAUSE OF THAT ANIMAL. NOW WHAT THE HELL HE WANTS FROM US.

Nitya placing her hand on his shoulder rubs it comfortingly: I understand Abeer. But we have to do something now. He is back and he is back to avenge us.

Abeer: I know that, Nitya. I know that. I am so worried.  Last time it was us but Awasthi sir always had our back then. Now it’s our kids too. What will we do?

Nitya: I am worried about Pankhuri. Abeer the scars of last time haven’t healed for her yet. I have seen it in her eyes. She still has those voids. She is still scared of that guys. There are shadows of those days in her eyes.

Abeer: Let’s go Nitya.

Nitya looks at him questioningly: Where?

Abeer: We will have to tell Shivaay and everyone else.

Nitya: But Abeer…..

Abeer: No, Nitya we have to tell them. We can’t hide it anymore. We exactly don’t know how will that animal attack us again. We have to make everyone aware of this.

Nitya nods in agreement and both leave towards the Oberoi’s mansion. 


As Abeer and Nitya enter the mansion the hustle and bustle leaves them startled. Seeing all ladies in tears and all men worried, Abeer and Nitya’s heartbeat increases many notches. The very moment they were worried about is here. They look at each other and there eyes radiate pure worry.

Abeer: Shivaay, what happened? Why are you all so worried?

Shivaay controlling his tears: Su…. Suk…. Sukanya……

Abeer in an alarmed tone: Sukanya….. what happened to her? Where is she?

Shivaay supporting himself with A Abeer’s shoulder bursts into tears.

Abeer being totally impatient shakes Shivaay: Damn it…. tell me where is she.

Shivaay biting his lips gulps his own saliva: Sukanya got kidnapped.

Abeer freezes at his place, like somebody has taken out his soul from his body. Yes, the very moment they feared is here.

Nitya: WHAT?  How?

Om: All the kids had gone to school. Sukanya went to receive a call and somebody kidnapped her.

Nitya: WHAT?  Did you guys look around.

Rudra wipping his tears with the hem of his shirt nods: Yes, we have checked it many times.

Meher: Kidnappers have even called once, Abeer. They said they want to talk to Shivaay bhaiya, Nitya and you. We were trying to reach you but your phones were switched off.

Abeer and Nitya share a startled look and no sooner does the phone rings.

Anika picks up the call: Hello….. Sukanya….. Sukanya…..

Shivaay hugs Anika as she sobs in his embrace and he puts the call on speaker.

Shivaay: Who’s this?

Kidnapper: O….. Ch….. Ch….. poor Shivaay…. didn’t you recognise me buddy.

Shivaay being clueless and unable to interpret the situation looks confused but the case wasn’t same for Nitya and Abeer they could clearly recognise the venomous tone. Just not them but one more person in the room knew who was on the other side of call. Her worst nightmare.

Even years after the incident she couldn’t forget that voice. The voice that makes shivers run down her spine and makes her sweat profusely.

Looking at Pankhuri and Shivaay’s expression and due to the bubbling volcano and hatred inside her Nitya snatches the cell from Shivaay’s hand and growls like a wild tigress: DAKSH KHURRANA…..

As the words leave her mouth every single person is shocked. Pankhuri falls on the couch like a lifeless body while every single trance of colour is drained out of the face of Awasthi family. If I say Shivaay is shocked it definitely would be an understatement.

Daksh: Woohoo…. Hye! My wild cat. How have you been? I must say your love for me is so phenomenon that with just few words you recognised me.


Daksh: Same old Nitya. Always straight to the point. You know Nitya that’s the reason I admire you the most. Your Beauty with brains and cherry on the top, you are feisty my wild cat and I love you so much.

He speaks followed by the evil laugh.

Abeer in calm yet thunderous tone: WHAT do you want, Daksh?

Daksh: Abeer…. Abeer….. Abeer….. hey! buddy. Okay…. I won’t piss you more. So, you want Sukanya and I want….. hahaha….. Sukanya dead.

All look at each other being horrified.

Shivaay: Don’t you dear Daksh.

Daksh: Daddy is here. Shivaay you know what’s the best and worst thing about you. You can do whatever you want for your loved ones. So here is the game. You find Sukanya, you save her life and if you couldn’t find Sukanya then…. Bye…. Bye….


Anika: I don’t know who you are but what my daughter has to do with all this.  Spare her life please I beg you.

Daksh: Hahaha…. Anika…. Why don’t you ask your husband he will explain you  everything. But as a piece of advice first find your daughter. Time starts now. You have hours. Find her or loose her. Game time Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..

Anika bursts out in tears as the phone goes dead: Sukanya….. Shivaay…..

Shivaay takes Anika in a hug and kissing her forehead comforts her: Shhh…. I will find her nothing will happen to her. Don’t worry.

Anika crying harder this time: Shivaay my daughter.  Sukanya….. Shivaay what will happen to her. Shivaay she needs us. Please Shivaay find her out. What will that Daksh do to her. Oh my God….. Sukanya……

Shivaay creases her hair: Sh…. Anika…. bas calm down please. Anika agr tum aise honsla chodo gi toh kaise chalega. Hume iss waqt himmat rakhni hogi.

Anika nods her head but she could do nothing to control herself her emotions were getting out of control.

While on other hand Dadi was crying hysterically herself and so were the other ladies. Accept for Atahrv and Manik no other kid was down there. After hearing about Sukanya they both were in distressed condition and a total crying mess being comforted by Meher. Nobody in the room felt comforted or safe at that moment. There hearts have been racing and anxiety has completely taken over them. Everyone is way too scared for Sukanya. Those who know Daksh are even more worried because they know he is a heartless beast. Even worst then an animal. The only thing he knows is how to hurt people and make their life’s worse, he has done that in past and they know he is capable of doing that in future too. An example of that fact is in front of them. He is an abuser and sadist, a complete psychopath with only motive to hurt and bring down the people that stand against him. Having had a past with this person his worst abilities weren’t hidden which just adds to the worry and nothing else.

Anika: What will we do Shivaay? How will we find her? Where would she be….

Shivaay: Calm down Anika, we will do something and for sure get her back at any cost. Please just calm down first and have faith. Everything will be fine.

He kisses her forehead to calm her down.

While all the ladies are just in tears and men are worried being absolutely clueless on what to do and how to do, most importantly where to start everything from.

Sukanya’s kidnapping has left all of them baffled and they are unable to think straight not being in the right frame of mind. Things are just becoming complicated and difficult but if they have to find Sukanya they have to do something, they have to start with something so that they can possibly find her.

Abeer controlling his emotions and rubbing off his tears manages to say: We shall try tracking her down.

Manik: But how dad?

Abeer: Remember Shivaay you had given her your watch on her birthday it had a tracker.

Shivaay nods in agreement.

Meher: But they would have removed it Abeer.

Abeer: I know that Meher but we can get to know about her last location. From there we can try finding out about her.

Shivaay: You are right, Abeer. We should start at least from something. Khanna…..

Shivaay to Khanna: Did you get the last location.

Khanna nods: Yes sir. It’s 10 kms from Lonavla towards the forest. 


At an isolated place, inside a small house is a glass box. A huge glass container and inside it Sukanya is tied and she is unconscious.  A small nozzle of water open right on her face making her stir. Within a few minutes she opens her eyes just to realise that her head is spinning and her hands aren’t free. She shouts in the striking pain that she feels in her head. 

Daksh: Good morning Oberoi’s princess.

Sukanya stirs her head and tries focusing on the person standing in front of her.

Sukanya mumbles in a very low fantish voice: Who…. Who are you?

Daksh: Daksh…. Daksh Khuraana….. so if by now you got to know who I am. I have something to show you.

Sukanya manages to say: WHAT? 

Daksh: Look. Just focus.

Sukanya looks at the walls of container in which she has been kept and initially smoke rises in the container making her choke and eventually screen comes down showing videos of extreme violence. 

Sukanya shouts as her head beats with pain and all that what is being shown to her is so violent that she could feel the brutality and pain.


Daksh stops the torture: Sshh…… oh my dear…. I though you were brave enough. You see how, how people are being tortured. How they have been tied to cars and then cars have been racing.

Sukanya nods and tries covering her ear with her shoulder as she isn’t able to handle all this. She can’t see anything like that it’s vulgar and violent hurting her innocent heart.

Daksh laughs evilly: Three hours. If in next three hours your family finds you well and good or get ready face this.

Sukanya looks tired and shocked. Her body is feeling heavy to her. She feels like a huge weight has been kept on her heart.

Daksh: After an hour the container will become small and after another it will shrink more and just to add to the fun I will let the water flow in. All the best honey….

Sukanya looks at him being totally weathered out. To her it feels as if her body has given up. She feels broken and shattered not only physically but even mentally. Her body is screaming for mercy but it all falls on deaf ears. Each cell of her body has been drained off their energy. She is in pain, pure hurting pain. Blood oozing out of her wounds. She lies their still and unconscious. 



Hye!!!!  People…. this is the first part of reveliationand how the problems are going to be solved or created. You may say a million things to me but trust me this time I am not the one at fault. As soon my exams got over my cell phone broke down and the phone that I have now only allows memos which can bearly adjust less then 400 words and I have seriously collaborated this story after writing about 6 parts. But it is all for you and if you guys like the story please do comment and let me know how it is. Next update will be next week. If there good enough number of comments and votes you any get 2 updates next week as I will try my best to write them.


Keep smiling 
Stay blessed 

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