PART 52…..


Sukanya falls unconscious due to lack of oxygen as it has almost been 2 and a half hours and the container is too conjusted and filled with water which comes up almost till her neck. Her hands are still tied to the back of the chair and she is lying just like a dead body.


Om: Shivaay here is her watch.

Om passes Sukanya’s watch to Shivaay which he holds in his hands with teary eyes and presses it to his chest. Since the moment he has got to know about Sukanya his heart beat has been stopped, every single second of his life is passing as a burden on his living body and just Sukanya is running in his brain.

Anika feeling disheartened: Shivaay there is no sign of her here.

Abeer: Calm down Anika. We can’t afford to loose our cool right now.

Anika nods as Nitya tries to comfort her but it goes in vain.

Shivaay, Anika, Om, Rudra, Abeer, Nitya, Khanna, Atharv and Manik are out in search of Sukanya. Though nobody was ready to bring Atharv and Manik but they managed to convince them. Back at home Bhavya, Aryan, Sahil, Damini and Armaan are trying to track down any clue they can manage to find. While Tej and Shakti are trying their best to keep their family safe by increasing the security and talking to the officials. Gauri and Meher are with kids comforting them as well as each other. While Vatsalya is with Pankhuri because return of Daksh has effected her adversely. Meanwhile, Jhanvi and Pinky are taking care of dadi, though Dadi didn’t want to see Pinky’s face still she helps Jhanvi in taking care of Dadi.

Manik: Papa I think we should keep moving forward,  we might find some other signs or clue.

Atharv: This is a huge forest if we will search like this it will take days. We should get divided and then search all the directions.

Abeer: You guys are right.

Shivaay: Fine. Anika, Om and I will search the right side. Atharv, Manik you both go with Abeer and search the left side. Nitya,  Rudra and Khanna you go ahead from here. However, will find anything just call.

All nod and three of the small pantaloons get on their search. 


Aryan: Bhavya did you find any information about that car which kidnapped Sukanya.

Bhavya: Ji bhaiya. That car belongs to some Raghav Milchandani and last time it was seen near Santa Cruz. I have sent my men to look for that car and talk to Raghav.

Aryan nods.

Sahil: The cell that Daksh used to call was also tracked at Lonavla last time. There is no trace of it.

Aryan: What’s going on in Daksh’s mind?

Armaan: What do you mean Aryan?

Aryan: Both the watch and the cell phone’s last tracking location is Lonavla. Seems like he is leading us to that place. He obviously, knew that the first thing we will do is to track the devices. Then why would he always somehow lead us to Lonavla. Either Sukanya isn’t in Lonavla or Daksh has some other plans.

Sahil: You are right bhaiya. But what shall we do.

Bhavya: Bhaiya there is a way I will ask my men to put check posts around the entire city so that Daksh can’t leave.

Armaan: Alright, till then Sahil and Aryan both of you go to Santa Cruz and search every single place. Maybe, you guys find a clue.

Bhavya: Right, uncle. I will ask all the police officers to search every sceptical place and go around as many places as they can. Somebody or other would have seen Daksh.

Sahil: Di, why don’t we release Daksh’s picture in the media.

Bhavya: We can’t do that Sahil. We can’t do anything against Daksh right now or he will definitely use Sukanya as his scape goat.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Armaan: Okay. Let’s get started guys.

All nod and begin with work they have to do.


Manik: Papa…. WE have come so far but there are no signs of Sukanya or anybody.

Abeer: Manik we will have to keep looking we can’t leave hope right now. Just keep looking guys.

Atharv:What if?????

Abeer pulls both the boys in his embrace: Both of you don’t dear think anything negative. Everything will be fine and I am sure we will find her but not by think negatively. Do you get it.

Both the boys nod in agreement and they begin to look around.

While on other side everyone else is also becoming disheartened as they don’t find any clues and time is running out of their hands and every passing moment just leaves them a little more hopeless and worried.

Shivaay: Did you guys find any clues.

Om: No Shivaay there is nothing here.

Anika: Shivaay, are we going the right way time is just running out of our hands and there is no sign of Sukanya.

Shivaay: Anika calm down. I have had a word with Aryan too they have tracked down the car and have found the driver of the car and he has confirmed that he dropped everyone here last time. I just hope we find her sooner. Let’s just be positive for now.

Om:You are right Shivaay we should keep searching.

As they keep going ahead the forest keeps becoming denser and weather keeps getting worse with winds going stronger. After walking another thirty minutes they all meet each other reaching in the middle of the forest.

Nitya: There is absolutely no clue. We have searched almost every knock and corner of this place.

Rudra: Now what will we do.

All look blankly at each other for a while. Atharv walks back being totally disheartened and after all the hustle they had gone through they thought this was the time. Time for them to be together, to be happy and to live together finally as a family and now he could see their only dream collapsing, smashing and shattering. After years he met his sister and for him Sukanya is not only his sister, she is his support, his strength and a part of him. They are twins they are connected more then anybody else is. Their heart and soul are connect. Just the thought of something happening to Sukanya or she not coming back in their lives is deeply shaking for him. Though he doesn’t expresses but it’s true that he loves Sukanya more then anybody else in the world. Every passing second keeps becoming impossible and harder. Just as he keeps going back without any knowledge of his track he trips due to the huge rock that goes unnoticed by him.

A scream leaves his mouth catching everyone’s attention and their breath hitches at it’s way.

Anika: ATHARV…..

Anika shouts her guts out seeing him rolling down the rocky area, in the very moment she felt as if the last cell of her body was ready to give up and she felt nothing but dead life seemed to be slipping out of her hands and she felt like the most useless person in the world. Everyone rushes behind him to help save him just reaching at the end of a deep cliff he holds on to the rock their. Shivaay and Abeer move forward to pull him up.

Shivaay extends his hand to hold Atharv’s hand: Give me your hand.

Atharv tries extending his hand forward but he becomes highly unstable so he holds the rock again: Wait….. please…..

Shivaay nods but Abeer moves ahead and holds Atharv’s back and supports him so that he could be pulled up. With help of both Atharv finally comes up bringing back life in all of them. They were already worried and seeing Atharv in that condition hurts them even more. Anika takes Atharv in her bone crushing embrace as tears run down her eyes. She is feeling totally out of order right now her heart is aching and body feels like a weight to her. Right now the only thing that can sooth her is Sukanya and Atharv being with her. Her children are all that she wants.

Manik pointing towards the depths of the cliff he murmurs: She is there.

Everyone turns towards him and then turn their gaze towards the place he is pointing. At the bottom of the not so deep cliff is a house that is nothing but a distorted old edifice and there is a car standing just in front of the house.

Anika: Thank God…. (She turns towards Atharv) Are you okay.

Atharv nods and turns to look at the place where his sister possibly can be.

Atharv: How will we reach there. We only have an hour left.

Everybody looks at the depth of the cliff and wonders on how can they reach there soon.

Khanna: Shivaay sir what if we climb down.

Everyone looks at him and they smile agreeing to his idea.

Shivaay: Khanna you have got the rope. Right.

Khanna nods in agreement and takes out the rope from his backpack.

Shivaay: Okay, Abeer, OmRu and I will go down via this route rest of you come down bringing the car.

Anika tries to negotiate: No Shivaay I will come along.

Shivaay: Anika please don’t be adamant you go along with Nitya and kids. Khanna take them.

Anika: Shivaay,  Sukanya is down there how can I….

Nitya: Don’t worry Anika I promise you we will reach soon. I will drive at lightnings speed.

Shivaay: Khanna do inform Bhavya.

Khanna: Ji zaroor Shivaay sir. 

Anika looks at Shivaay pleading through her eyes but he denies her with an unspoken promise of bringing back their daughter. While both Manik and Atharv do not argue as they were brought at two promises one, they won’t risk their lives and two, they won’t negotiate on what is told to them and hence have to follow all the instructions.

As Shivaay starts getting down the cliff with rope’s help, rest run out of the forest to get to the car. No sooner they reach the car and as Nitya earlier said she drives the car at full speed trying her best to not knock out anyone on her path. Somehow she manages to rush the car through the rock terrain and makes her way through the curved and highly slopy path. On other hand Shivaay manages to reach the end of the cliff with in 25 minutes almost brusing half of his self, he is soon followed by Abeer and both together leave to get in the house while OmRu continue to climb down.

Abeer: Shivaay be careful.

Shivaay nods as he moves forward and looks around for any trace of human sign.

Shivaay: I can’t see anybody here, Abeer. Shall we just go inside.

Abeer: Ya but slowly. You head inside, I will look around.

Shivaay nods and makes his way inside and to his utter astonishment there is no sign of human life. Still he keeps moving forward and as he keeps going inside he is able to hear sound of water and following the sound he is lead to an almost drowned Sukanya. The moment his eyes land on his daughter his heart sinks and a terrible yell of anguish leaves his mouth.

Shivaay: SUKANYA…..

Abeer and OmRu who heard him shout rush inside only to see him struggling in an attempt of pulling out Sukanya. The rush upto him and help him in pulling out Sukanya of the container. Her body is numb and cold and she is lying unconscious.  Shivaay hugs her body to his chest as cries leave his mouth. While the other three spectators are shocked and troubled seeing Sukanya in such a state.

Abeer while bending down to untie the ropes from Sukanya’s hand and removing the chair she was tied to speaks to Rudra: Inform Anika that we have found Sukanya.

Rudra nods and calls Anika to inform her about Sukanya while OmRu comforts Shivaay.

Om: Shivaay, calm down we have found her.

Shivaay mumuring: Look at her Om…. she seems so life less she isn’t even waking up.

Meanwhile, Abeer takes Sukanya’s hand and rubs it and Rudra does the same after removing her shoes, Om covers her in jacket to keep her a little warm.


All of them look at each other being completely baffled by the noise. They could see the fire rise due to the bomb last. 

Abeer: Let’s get out of here. Quick.

He helps Shivaay with Sukanya and they rush out of the place only to hear more blasts around them and seeing the entire place go on fire.

They run towards the main road only to meet others with the cars. Shivaay gets in the car with Sukanya and Anika being besides them. Due to the looming danger they are unable to even give any first aid to Sukanya and all they do is to get out of the place. Others hop in the other car. Anika’s tears become unstoppable on seeing Sukanya, a part of her heart is happy to find Sukanya while the other part is tromerised seeing her daughter’s condition.

Not even in their worst nightmare Shivaay and Anika had expected to see Sukanya in such a condition. But that’s what fate is all about. We have to see our loved ones in pain, pain that we wish we could snatch from them so all they have is peace, health and happiness but that’s not in anyone’s fate.

Not even the richest and the mightiest of all has ever been able to take away the pain of their loved ones. Pain is natural and every person in the world suffers their own share.

Today it is Sukanya going through the unbearable pain. The pain her family wishes they can take away from her or just convince her that whatever happened was nothing but a nightmare but that isn’t possible. How much ever they may wish that but that isn’t possible. She has to suffer her own share of pain and in the fate of her loved ones is the pain to see her suffer. Both form of pain is unbearable and inescapable. The mouth is continuously chanting prayers while heart is absorbed in pain and mind is traumatised by pain. The world being on the edge does no good to anybody.

After about two hours of speedy driving they reach the hospital and find the elders already waiting there and a team of medical officials escorts Sukanya inside. Everyone sits outside in silence being withered, scared, worried and anxious. They are just patiently waiting to know about Sukanya’s health. After about half an hour of examination doctor comes out and that’s when the silence is broken for the first time.

Shivaay: Doctor….. Sukanya….

Doctor breath some air sharply and starts to explain: Mr. Oberoi, Sukanya is in danger. Her condition is deteriorating every single second. Her lungs are filled with water already filled with water and according to her medical report she had congenital heart disease too that is making everything all the more difficult. She is in trauma and her body too seems to be injured not badly but their are chances of internal injury about which we will only get to know once the report of scans comes out. Just pray for her and we will do our best.

Shivaay nods. Today he has no ounce of energy to fight the doctor for his daughter’s life or yell in his face for saying all the things he said. Shivaay just sits besides Anika as she places her head on his shoulder. Today he isn’t the Shivaay he once was.  He feels defeated. Defeated as he couldn’t protect his daughter. He had lost his own self years back but today after everything too he couldn’t bring back the old bold Shivaay. The man who could have shouted on the doctor or moved every single brick of the hospital just because the doctor dared saying his daughter is in danger, is silently just praying for his daughter’s life or shall I say begging for her life. Om asks everyone to leave from hospital and go back home and he shall stay with Shivaay and Anika, though Atharv forces with all his might he too is sent after getting his dressings done.

Back at home everybody silently goes to their room being absolutely clueless about what is in store and being totally devastated by the situation. Manik accompanies Atharv though Atharv denies but Manik makes him agree by saying that he needs Atharv’s company more than Atharv needs him. While Abeer and Nitya go out of the house in search of any clue or solution. On other hand Bhavya is still determined to find the culprit somehow or other.


Daksh laughs evilly: One down rest to go.

Worker: Good evening sir.

Daksh: Did you get what I asked for.

Worker: Yes, sir. Everything is ready. Lawyers will come to meet you tomorrow and the photographs have been sent to your email id.

Daksh nods and dissmises the man.

Daksh to himself while moving his head from right to left like psychopath: BE READY THIS GAME OF REVENGE WILL EITHER DESTROY YOU OR KILL YOU. ALL OF YOURS WORST NIGHTMARES ARE GOING TO COME TRUE. (he punches the table in front of him and shouts in agony) I WILL GIVE YOU ALL LIFE WORST THEN DEATH AND NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY CAN SAVE YOU. (he laughs evilly) YOU WERE GOING TO DESTROY ME THE DAKSH KHURRANA. HAHAHAHA…..


He ends smirking evilly towards the pics on the wall.





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