Gathbandhan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu gets to know about Dhanak’s career Written Episode

Gathbandhan 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak stops Raghu from stealing purse. Raghu says to man that your purse was falling out, anyone can steal. He thanks him. Dhanak says sorry for thinking wrong. Raghu thinks that I have to keep my identity hidden.

Mai glares at a woman. She says you put your bucket instead of mine in water line? I wont spare you, she gives her buckets and says fill it from your house, this was your last mistake, dont do it again. Woman takes buckets and leaves. Mai asks Bai to leave for work. Savitri says Raghu told me to steal big today.

Preeti says Mahindra that I am getting PA’s job for 25K. Batli comes there. Mahindra smiles at him and asks him to come. Batli says I came for Nani. Mahindra thinks he saved my life. He offers him tea. Batli smiles and sits. He asks Mahindra if you need any help? Mahindra says I need help, my daughter’s hand is good. Batli thinks he is talking about stealing. Preeti says I have skills in hand but I am getting night shift. Batli says that is not good, I will put all them to work. He leaves. Mahindra says he might have a big business.

Dhanak meets her officer and tells about her IPS exam. He asks for certificates but Dhanak says she doesnt have it right now. He asks her to bring them before 5PM.

Dhanak comes out of office and meets Raghu. She cries and says I dont have papers, they are in Gujrat house. Raghu thinks that I cant see her crying, he tries to wipe her tears but stops. He caresses her head. She says what? Raghu says you were sad, Dhanak laughs and says you are treating me like a kid. Raghu says I dont need degrees or anything, I just go and do my work. Dhanak recalls how she jumped a building, she thanks Raghu and runs from there. Raghu says what did I do that she was so happy about? He is waiting outside for her. One seller says that madam doesnt look like police officer, he says what? she is not in police. Man says they get trained for being in police in that building.

Dhanak says to officer that you can take my test here, I can bring papers later, you know how difficult it is to pass tests, please give me a chance. Officer says okay I will give you a chance to clear test.

Seller says to Raghu that she must be going in police. Raghu laughs and says she is too soft, police field is not for her.

Dhanak gets ready in three-piece suit. Officer gives her gun.

Raghu sees police van coming here and stands aside. Police gets down from car. Raghu sees gun inside car and steals it. Inspector sees his gun missing and looks around. Raghu hides in a building. Dhanak is standing in hall in which Raghu is hiding. Raghu doesnt see her. Dhanak takes her gun and shoots on her target. Raghu is sitting behind target and hears shooting, he ducks down and says what is happening? He turns around and sees Dhanak shooting.

PRECAP- Dhanak says to Raghu that I got selected, your idea worked. Inspector stops Raghu and says our gun is missing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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