Gathbandhan 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak request Mai Written Episode

Gathbandhan 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai comes in house. Dhanak thinks what drama she is going to do? Mai says she is my daughter in law. Groom’s mom says to Dhanak that you should wear mangalsutra and sindoor. Mai says to Dhanak that my son didnt die. Nani says she was just getting ready. Mom asks Raghu to fill her forehead. Raghu smiles and takes it. Dhanak holds his hand and shakes her head. Mom asks why are you stopping him? Mai says because she has divorced Raghu, this family thinks marriage is a game. Dhanak glares at her. Mai laughs and says its a joke. She sits with guests and says she doesnt wear sindoor so people might think that. Mai says she should fill her forehead. Dhanak looks at Sejal and thinks I can do anything for her. Mai fills her forehead with sindoor. Dhanak glares at her. Raghu looks on and thinks that I promised to not create a scene otherwise I would stop her. Mai asks Nani to bring mangalsutra. Raghu says leave it. Mai asks Nani to go. Mom says let her do it, she has wishes as mother in law. Mai says yes, I am so happy to see all this. She makes her wear mangalsutra. Groom gets message and goes out. Mai gifts saree to Dhanak and says do wear it. Raghu says lets leave. He comes out of house and looks at groom, he thinks to find out about him.

Groom’s family leaves. Dhanak cries. Nani says we are with you.

Scene 2
Mai is sitting in wheel ride. Dhanak sits with her and says lets start work. Dhanak says look at me, I didnt stop you from doing all this. Mai says I know your weakness, Sejal, I saw you crying from inside when I was putting sindoor on you, I liked it a low. Dhanak says I request you to not destroy Sejal’s life, we are both stuck because of Raghu’s stubbornness, dont break my sister’s dreams, if it breaks then she will be broken. She cries. Mai says I promise to not do any drama in your sister’s wedding, tell her there wont be anything wrong. Dhanak thanks her.

Raghu comes to Mai and says you hate me? Mai says ask yourself. Raghu says if you love me then see my happiness, I am crying infront of you. Mai says dont do drama. Raghu says Dhanak is my life, cant you see me happy? Mai says if I ask you that question? I dont like that girl. Raghu says I cant forget her, nobody can take her place, I will do anything but dont do this. Mai says break Sejal’s wedding, if you do it then I will bring Dhanak in this house but if you dont do it then you will have to do as I say. Raghu says you are playing a game? Mai says I am doing a deal. She calls everyone there and says Raghu will break Sejal’s wedding in three days and I will accept Dhanak but if he cant do it then I will make him leave Dhanak, do you accept? Aslam whispers Raghu to not fall in her trap.

PRECAP- Raghu is helping Dhanak in decorating house. She says get down, he falls down on her, they share eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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