Gathbandhan 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu enjoys day with Dhanak Written Episode

Gathbandhan 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak shoots at target. Raghu is hiding behind it. He thinks to runaway from there. He hides gun and runs from there.

Dhanak comes out of office and sees Raghu. She smiles and is excited. She shakes his hand and says I got selected, your idea worked, thanks. Raghu smiles at her. Dhanak says sorry to get so excited. Raghu says you look nice. Dhanak says I am hungry. Raghu says lets go to eat. Inspector comes there and says to Raghu that you were near jeep, gun is missing, we will search you. Raghu says I am useless. Inspector says why are you tensed then? Dhanak says he is a nice man. Inspector says let us search then. Inspector searches him but doesnt find gun, he says sorry and leaves. Dhanak says you didnt get angry? I liked the way you handled them. Raghu says I have old relation with them, I respect them.

Dhanak and Raghu are walking on road. Raghu says what is your favorite food? Dhanak says I never thought about it. Raghu says I like soun papri. Dhanak tells about family’s favorite. Raghu takes her to bhaaji stall. They start eating gol gappas. Raghu shows her how to eat. She coughs and says its spicy. Raghu says sorry I didnt know. Dhanak says I like it, give more. She eats more. Raghu says you will remember me with gol gappa now. He smiles at her.

At night, Raghu is drinking with Aslam and shows gun to Aslam. He says I stole it. Aslam says you are amazing. Flashback shows how he had put it in Dhanak’s bag so police didnt find it. Raghu says she was with me whole time. Aslam says she is fragile from heart, dont play like that. Raghu says I will tell truth soon, I like her.

In morning, Savitri is filling her buckets. Preeti comes there to fill water. Savitri says this is my chawl so I will fill water first, get lost. She throws her on floor, all laugh. Dhanak comes there and pulls her up. She asks Preeti to go, I will get water. Preeti leaves. Dhanak takes bucket and glares at Savitri. She puts her bucket first, Mai tries to put her bucket but Dhanak holds her hand. Maya says how dare you hold her hand? Bai says I will beat you. Savitri asks Maya to let her fill it. Bai says nobody fills water before you. Savitri says it will happen today. Dhanak fills water but Savitri takes her bucket and fill hers. She laughs at her. Dhanak takes her bucket and starts leaving. Savitri says leave it. Dhanak says you stole my water so I am taking this, I will return it later. She leaves. Savitri says she has too much energy, I like it.

Scene 2
Savitri comes to Nani’s house. She says to Nani that I am here. Bai brings water buckets. Dhanak glares at them. Savtri says I brought it for you, we are neighbors and care for you. Dhanak says you can leave, we can get our water, look at her your feet, they are dirty, my father is ill. Savitri says I will clean it. She starts washing her feet there and says sorry I am not that educated. I messed your floor, she throws water on floor and says you need more water? All are shocked. Savitri glares at Dhanak. All are disgusted of smell. Nani says what you did? Savitri says she wanted water so I gave her that. Nani says to Dhanak that clean all this. Dhanak says Savitri will clean it as she did this. Savitri laughs and says she wants me to clean it. Dhanak says I challenge you. Savitri says you have 12 hours, if you cant make me clean it then you will become servant in my house for one day. Dhanak says if I make you clean it then? Savitri says then I will become servant in your house for a day. Dhanak says I accept.

PRECAP- Dhanak throws water in Savitri’s house. Savitri says we have a servant now.
Raghu tells Aslam that my Dhanak has become servant in my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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