Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update Written Episode

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan gets ready. Aj comes to room. Guddan says how do i look? She says valentine’s party? He says everyone is coming to the party.
Guddan and AJ come to the party. they dance on aik larki to dekha tou aisa laga.

Guddan and AJ cut the cake together. AJ says love is a feeling. It doesn’t know any rules our boundaries. Guddan says I didn’t know you could say all that too. Perc comes to the party with revati. Guddan says I asked you to stay away rfom him. Revati says I dont’ to hear that anymore. We aren’t here for your taunts. Let me live my life. Revati says lets go Perv. Perv says only you can love me this much. He hugs revati. Guddan is angry. She says I wont let you harm my sister.

Guddan coems to the room. She says I have to do something. Where is revati.
The DILs come to the party too. They dance too.
AJ says lets see which couple as the best chemistry.

AJ gives guddan necklace. She says but people who love each other give gifts. He says you would then get upset. Guddan says I thought you would never give a gift. This is very pretty. take it. He says this is for you. Even if there is no love, gifts don’t need a reason. You keep everything in my house bright.

A guy puts gun on AJ and Guddan. He says what are you doin here. AJ only loved one woman Antra. I have to say good bye to Guddan. AJ stands in front of Guddan.
He grasps Guddan and says go blindfold and dance. AJ swipes Guddan’s tears.
He takes out gun and puts it on everyone. He says lets play death game. AJ says don’t harm anond. He puts gun on AJ. Guddan stands in front of AJ. He says you are only his fake wife. AJ grasps his gun. He calls police.
The guy gives a chit to Guddan and says read it once. It says you can only husbands or wives. Guddan is worried. The guys locks all the men outside. The wives are inside.

He fires the whole ground. All women are scared. He says see your AJ wont be able to save you.
AJ comes in with extinguisher and saves Guddan. AJ beats the villain.
Guddan apologizes everyone.
AJ says to Guddan why do you have to risk your life every time.
Revati falls in the fire. Se says perv please save me. Perv leaves her there and runs.
Guddan looks for Revati. Guddan hears Revati screming. Guddan runs inside. She says don’t worry I will save you. Revati says please get me out me here. uddan pulls her out of fire and takes her out.
Precap-Guddan and AJ try to save each other and revati.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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