Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan saves the DILs Written Episode

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The DILS are suffocating and the fire is coming close to them. Guddan runs out and brings a hammer. She cuts their ropes. They fall down. Guddan extinguishes the fire. She says thank God you are all fine. let’s go from here. She says I don’t know if they found the bomb. We have to stay here.

The bomb is about to blast. The officer cuts a wire and says bomb is diffused. Everyone claps and applauds AJ. Dadi hugs him. He says let me look for Guddan and DILs.
Raawat asks the kid who gave him that box.
The bomber comes to Guddan and puts gun on him. He says you failed my plan I wont let you go like this. AJ is looking for her Guddan. He calls her. Her phone runs. The bomber takes it from her. He says you can’t ruin my plan anymore.
Dadi hears Guddan screaming. She peaks in. Guddan says don’t dare harming my DILs. You can’t harm them. Guddan stands in front of them. She says you can kill me and not them. Dadi brings AJ. They are both hidden.

Bomber says both your daughter in laws will die in front of you. Guddan says okay I will tell you who to shoot first. She tries to distract him. Guddan says kill this one she is very annoying. Okay wait no not this one. Kill this one. She tries to waste the time. AJ comes in . Guddan says durga is full of anger. AJ is upstairs. Durga sees him too.

He says enough. I will kill you all together. AJ jumps down. He beats the bomber and takes his gun. THe runs but dadi brings police. Police runs after him. Dadi hugs Guddan. AJ says you are so stupid. SHe says I saved everyone. I did so well. What about the bomb? He says it is diffused. Durga says thank you so much Guddan. Guddan say are you okay? She sas yes thank you. this deserves an appreciation. Guddan smiles. She says this all is because of dadi. She said our unity is our strength. Laxmi and saru say thanks too. She says I couldn’t let anything happen to you three. Guddan says never forget three things, I am your MIL, I am your MIL and I am your MIL. I wont let anything wrong every happen to you.

Gudan washes her face. The water falls on AJ. He says why are you showering me? She says sorry. She says thank you. He says you stood in front of the gun. Se says I could die for my DILs. He says this isn’t a joke. Why do you take death so lightly. Ever thought how people feel when you die. She says yes I lost my mom too. But I had to save the DILs. I dont like hearing about death. That is common between us. He says never talk about it again. He says your hand is bleeding. She faints. He says get up. SHe says of it isn’t much. You scared me.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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