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Let’s peep into todays episode…
All were seeing cctv footage..
a man in a black suit was speaking in phone..old man is knelt down and begging inform of him…and finally he stand hang on fan..the black suit man turned..
All were shocked to see the man…it’s none other than our sso…Avni s eyes brimmed with tears…
“Shi..Shiv..Shivaay bhaiya” Avni stammered…
The police mens also see the cctv footage “ this is Shivaay singh oberoi na?; this man doing these kind of things..I thought he is a good person…but he is doing cheap things like this..”he told
“no this is not bhaiya…no..”Avni said..
“we are not blind..” the police men said..Avni nd called his official and went outside..
Avni omru and Neil went with them..
Annika again watched that footage..while Shivaay turning ashe noted his eyes..it’s not his slaying blue greenish eyes ..it’s normal…
“ something fishy..”

A man out of the room watching everything and reporting to someone..which was not noted by any one..
The man to someone “ our plan is success..Police gonna arrest that blo*dy Shivaay..”
The man in the other end laughed like a beast… “Shivaay…I told you na if I stared to take revenge you will not be able to sleep..”and roared like a lion. …
In oberoi mansion..
Shivaay is reading some important files…
“Mr.Shivaay singh oberoi we are here to arrest you”..
Shivaay lift up his head from his file..
“How dare you pepole to enter my house without my permission” he says with a blood shot eyes..
Avnil and omru rushed inside their house..and explained everything to Shivaay..then the police took Shivaay to police station..shivaay came in lamborghini..
Annika rushed to DCP office..

In DCP office..
All were sitting and sso’s lawyer came…with the bail paper..
By that time Annika Came reached DCP office..

Shivaay gave the pendrive to the DCP and she explained everything what she saw..and she pleaded him not to file the case..she begged at the verge of crying..
Shivaay felt someone is stabbing him from back..but he do know why he feels taste when Annika cries ..he sees a third person crying for him rather than his family members ..he felt something different..
Finally the DCP accept not to file case..he appointed bhaviya to help Annika in this case…
All left the office..
“we only met 2 time..when did you notice my eyes”Shivaay asked
“that’s detectives job”..Annika said..

“it’s not the right answer” Shivaay said…
“Why should I say those things to you..who are you to me?” Annika asked..
Shivaay pulled her close..her breath increased..her heart pumped as it will jump..at any time out..he holed his arm and twisted it..
“aww. ..it’s paining leave me..bagdbilla” Annika shouts..
“say me the answer”
“ herry what is ur our problem all will see the eyes when they speak..that’s how i noticed” Annika said..
Shivaay left his hand..
Both came out of the office..
Avnil and omru is waiting outside…
Bhaviya Came and self introduced herself ..
“hi, I’m bhaviya ACP..”
“ hi I’m Avni Shivaay’s sister”
“hi I’m oam Shivaay’s brother..ND it’s rudr..our younger brother..”
All went to oberoi mansion ….
All talk for sometime and had a chit chat with bhaviya…
Annika is about to leave..
“say your brother to come to my office by tomorrow morning “Annika said to oam…
“Why should I want to go there? ..she need to come here..”sso said in his own attitude way..
“see Mr. stone singh oberoi…this is your case soo you should do what I say”Annika said..
Shivaay twisted her arm back…
Everyone shocked to see both in that position….

Precap: “no Annika di what I’m saying is true..it’s Shivaay bhaiya only..”

So guys..how is this episode..is this boring?..sorry for this boring episode…if u like this episode means plzz hit like button…and do comment.. thank you..

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