Shot 6….
Few days later ::::
The Episode starts with the family members decorating the house as twinkle with her baby was coming back home today she was discharged after 3-4 days of her baby birth and went directly to Taneja mansion as a part of custom ..
though Kunj didn’t wanted to go but he couldn’t say anything this time …bebe who went to pray for their baby got to know about her birth she was really very happy and came back the very next day .
Everyone was hell happy seeing the addition in their family since she came most of the time Sarnas spent at Taneja mansion too ..

Are Yuvi Yuvi kaha Gaya ye ladka haaye ek kaam diya tha Issey bebe said slapping her forehead while Yuvi who heard her came running ..

Sorry sorry bebe I went for some work he said Helding his ear while Avni smiled seeing him looking so cute apologizing bebe ..

Chal koi nai did you break all those things bebe asked ..
Yeah I brought it for cutie he said and showed the shopping bags it had a lot of toys and clothes for her ..

Hah meri bachi is coming home bebe
said ..
Haan bebe Avni added wow it’s so cute she said seeing the clothes while all smiled ..bebe went inside her room ..

Where is mummy ? Yuvi asked ..
She is been in Kitchen she didn’t want any disturbance and has been busy cooking for her favourite daughter in law Avni said while Yuvi chuckled ..

Jealous ? He asked teasing her …waise toh she is your besti your sister Haan he added pulling her cheeks ..

Yeah jealous from my sister in law 😂not from sister okay Avni told clearly ..
Ohoo okay Yuvi said ..

Come we have a lot of work Avni said while Yuvi held her hand and pulled her closer to him ..

Wo Avni I am thinking ki he started to say while moving closer to her ..
What you are thinking ? Avni asked blinking her eyes cutely at him ..

Let’s have another addition to this family too he winked at her ..
Yuviiiii she said her eyes popped out ..
What are you saying Haan she said looking here and there ..

Acha as if you didn’t got I also want a cutipie like kunj’s baby (cutie) he added ..
She is small na Yuvi let her enjoy her attention …Avni added ..

I don’t mind even I want to be chachu and even my cutie won’t mind Kunj interrupted their conversation 😂 ..

See even Kunj don’t mind Yuvi said ..while Kunj joined them ..
You are still here ? We thought you went to bring twinkle back Avni said ..

Are I was going only had some work so didn’t went Kunj said ..
Oye bring her back soon Avni said ..

Haan bhabhi ji 😂 waise what you guys were talking Haan Kunj teased them ..
Kunjjjjj you are still here they heard Manohar voice ..

Mar Gaye Kunj said they turned ..
You are going should in bring in daughter and granddaughter ? Manohar asked ..

No no I’ll bring na bye he said and ran ..while Yuvni laughs ..
They all again got busy in their respective works…
@ Taneja mansion :::
Twinkle was all set with her clothes packed her baby accessories packed too she was waiting for Kunj since she woke up but still he wasn’t here ..

Dekha baby papa is so late 😑 he said he will be here soon but didn’t came still she talked with her baby while roaming in her room with her baby in her arms while she was looking at her mother listening her father’s complaints ..

Twinkle puttar Leela called out from downstairs ..while twinkle went downstairs and RT took the baby from her hands ..
My baby is going today nanu’s gonna miss you alot baby doll rt kissed her forehead ..

Hawwwww maa see nanu 😒 will miss her granddaughter but not her daughter she said while Leela and RT chuckled ..
Pani Pani Kunj said coming from behind while they looked at him ..

Kunj puttar you want water ? Leela asked .
Haan maa I have to pour it on my lovely wife head 😂 she is been jealous with my cutie Kunj said while Leela and RT chuckled and twinkle passed him death glare ..
You are late she whispered to him
Sorry na Jaan I was caught up in some work he added quickly Helding his left ear while they smiled …
Kunj come and sit na rt said .

Haan papa Kunj said he sat besides rt and looked at his baby who was awake ..
Ale mela baby is awake you were also waiting for me Haan Kunj asked while she giggled ..rt smiled ..

They talked for sometime and she slept twinkle was patting her back ..
Chalo I think I should take them now Kunj said ..

So soon Kunj atleast have something Leela said ..
Maa next time please everyone’s is waiting at home and they will eat me raw if we get late 😂 specially papa Kunj Murmured slowly ..

Haan puttar go rt said ..they all got up .. while the servant bring twinkle bags and kept it in Kunj car ..
Twinkle take her baby from the couch while rt and Leela covered her with her baby cloth ..

Take care of her and as well as yours too rt said and pecked her forehead ..
Yeah papa twinkle smiled …and hugged them ..while they looked at baby who was sleeping peacefully Kunj smiled seeing them ..

Rt and Leela eyes moist while twinkle nodded in no ..
Are don’t do this maa papa she said while they smiled ..

You both didn’t cried even on twinkle bid farewell Kunj joked to lighten the situation while they giggled ..
I’ll see you at home twinkle said gritting her teeths ..

Oye don’t do anything with my son in law okay Leela said ..
Haan maa I’ll complaint if she torches me Kunj said he hugged them too while they went outside ..

Kunj opened the car for her she sat while Kunj gave baby in her lap …
Haan shall we leave ? He asked ..
Yeah go safely rt said ..

Come home papa Kunj invited them ..
Yeah we will come Leela said ..
Twinj left from there all the while Kunj was driving and twinkle was seeing her daughter who held her finger in her small fist ..

Siyappa queen so silent today how this happened babaji Kunj said looking up 😂😹…while twinkle didn’t spoke anything ..
Hey Jaan what happened ??? Kunj asked stopping the car ..

Nothing she murmured
Look at me Kunj said he held her face in between his palms ..

Nothing Kunj just thinking about maa papa twinkle said ..
What about them ? Kunj asked ..

They had been so much attached to her now we are going back home twinkle said …

Hawwwww my baby is very friendly don’t worry twinkle they will be fine and we will call them more often to our home or we will visit them more often why are you taking tension baby Kunj said ..

Hmm twinkle said ..
Now give me my twinkle wali smile Kunj asked while she smiled ..

Let’s go home she said while Kunj nodded and pecked her forehead..
He started driving back soon they reached sarna mansion..

Finally Kunj said ..he got rid off his seat belt and went to open twinkle side of door ..he take his baby in his arms while twinkle came out Kunj helped her too ..
He asked his caretaker to take twinkle and baby luggage inside ..while the family got to know about their arrival …
Twinj move ahead with baby in Kunj arms and twinkle walk-ing beside him Usha Manohar bebe Yuvi and Avni stood at the door step ..

Finally my baby came home bebe said ..all smiled …twinj reached while twinkle greeted them ..

Ahh wait don’t enter bebe said while twinkle looked on confused Avni passed her Aarti plate while twinkle smiled ..
Bebe did their Aarti and applied Tilak on their forehead ..

Now our family is complete she said smiling ..and asked them to proceed it while twinj with their baby enters ..
Twinkle saw the house fully decorated and smiled see welcome back home made on the floor with the rose petals ..she smiled ..

Now give her to me Manohar said seeing. Baby with kunj while Kunj gave him and smiled..
Yuvi and Manohar was busy seeing twinj Baby while the ladies sat together ..

How are you now putttar ? Bebe asked..
I am fine bebe twinkle said and smiled …
Haan Haan full on pampering jo mil Rahi hai Avni teassed her ..

Yeah twinkle too laughed 😹
Chalo lunch time Usha said ..
Yeah mummy had prepared so many things for her Yuvi said ..

Hawwwww I am so lucky love you mummy ji twinkle said sidehugging her ..
And I love you both Usha said hugging her and Avni together all smiled .

Twinkle after a lot of days was having the normal food Usha and bebe was making her eat while the baby was sleeping in baby cot ..

Avni Kunj and Yuvi was seeing them and was jealous seeing twinkle getting all the attention ..
Bhai dekh Raha hai tu Yuvi said ..

Han bhai I am seeing Kunj replied ..while all looks at them…
Mummy loves her dils more than her son’s Kunj said ..

Yeah I agree too Yuvi replied ..
Haan when Avni bhabhi will be expecting she will get the same pampering but we both will get Ghantaaaaaa Kunj said ..

Yeah 😂 after all it’s our contribution too Yuvi whisper slowly ..while Kunj looks at him and both laughs ..
They have gone mad send them to mental hospital bebe suggested ..

Bebe they gritted their teeths..
One more word against my daughter’s and you both are gone Manohar scared them ..while they quietly had their food and Avni and twinkle was giggling …

Soon their lunch was over and bebe showed twinkle clothes and toys for babies while she was very much happy baby too was awake and was seeing everything with her cute cute eyes ..

Avni was playing with baby who was also liking her Chachi very very much ..and Yuvi was continuously teasing them ..

Bebe you take rest now you are sitting from long time Kunj said ..your baby is here only you can be with her anytime ..Kunj added ..

Haan even I am thinking too bebe said she pecked on baby forehead and went to her room ..
Chalo hamare beti to ko idhar wapas do Usha said taking the baby from Yuvni arms ..

Twinkle putttar we are taking her to room Usha said ..
Haan Haan twinkle replied manusha went in room taking baby to spend sometime with her …

Hehe 😹 acha hua Kunj said seeing Yuvni he was telling from long time to give his baby back but Yuvni was not letting him touch her ..
Cutie gayi yaar Yuvi said ..

Are what’s is this cutie give her some good name Avni said ..
Yeah we have to do her naming ceremony too Kunj said ..

Let’s decide some names twinkle said …they all start thinking about it …
Suhani ??? Avni said ..

Nah Yuvi replied Ishika 😒
Nope bhai Kunj added back to him ..
Kaya Kunj said with a bright smile ..

What’s this Kaya ? Kunj it’s sounds like your first gf Maya Yuvi spitted ..
You had gf ???? Twinkle screamed ..

Kunj bite his tongue and cursed Yuvi who smirked at him asking to now see twinkle..
No twinkle she was not my gf Kunj said while twinkle looked at him angrily ..

I thought you are so shy and all you never looked at girls twinkle said making a crying face ..
Poor twinkle Avni added .

Are nah baby she was not my gf just a simple crush ab kya Karu wo thi hi itni beautiful Kunj said a puppily ..
Acha I’ll see you twinkle got up with a jerk she felt pain ..

Twinkleeeeeeee Kunj said he caressed her waist and looked at her teary eyes …
What’s this you can’t be this much careless you are not fine still Kunj said angrily ..

Yuvi baby you are gone now because Kunj sarna is back on his angry man mode Avni whispered to Yuvi ..
He quickly left from there when Kunj was busy scolding twinkle Avni too escaped after her husband ..

Huhuh I’ll not talk to you twinkle said ..
Achaaa sorry na Jaan it’s nothing like that though yeah she was just a normal crush but you you are my love you are my life Kunj said pecking her forehead ..he wiped her tears ..

Where is bhai …Kunj turned and find them gone while twinkle giggled ..
Come take rest now and dare you do anything Kunj said determined while twinkle nodded in yes ..

Chalo ..twinkle was going to walk when Kunj lifted her in bridal style and took her to their room while she was shocked seeing her room beautifully decorated ..

Kunj made her stand on her feet ..
You did this ??? Twinkle asked..
Nah nah your husband did Kunj said smirking ..

Achaaa 😒 twinkle said while Kunj giggled ..
It’s all so beautiful man I loveddd it so much twinkle said smiling happily ..

And I love you Jaan Kunj said and kissed on her neck …
Kunjjj don’t do this twinkle said turning back while Kunj looked at her and arched his eye brow ..

Why ? He asked ..
I don’t know i feel ticklish twinkle said while Kunj giggled ..
Bhai Abhi bhi moodsiwngs he said while twinkle punched on his chest ..

You are really very bad ..she said ..
I know baby say something else he replied and kissed her nose tip ..twinkle hugged him tightly ..

I feel heaven in your arms she said while Kunj smiled …and hugged her back more tightly ..
I missed you soooooo much he said while she smiled..

I missed you too she retorted back while they join their foreheads ..
Kunj let twinklee rest as she had been still weak while the baby was being handle by everyone else ..

After sometime twinkle get up and went downstairs where bebe was sitting with the baby …
As soon as she saw twinkle she started crying …

Awwww my baby I am so sorry na twinkle said while she was crying more n more ..
Twinkle putttar go and feed her bebe said while twinkle nodded taking her ..

Kunj and Yuvi came back from outside it was night ..they all went for dinner ..
Where is twinkle ? She hasn’t woken up yet ? Kunj asked ..
Nah she has .. she went to feed the baby bebe said ..

Okay you all proceed I’ll just come Kunj said while everyone else nodded ..
He went in his room to find twinkle with the baby who was peacefully sleeping in her lap ..

Aww she slept again Kunj said sidehugging twinkle while she nodded ..
Now she will sleep and then at night oh my mata Kunj she said and giggled ..

Hey don’t blame my baby Kunj said while twinkle showed him tongue ..
My baby 😹 twinkle said ..

Let’s go and have dinner Kunj stated she twinkle agreed and they went downstairs and made baby sleep in cot again and joined them all on dinning table ..

It’s been so many days of her birth we should do her naming ceremony Manohar said ..
Yeah even I was thinking the same bebe said ..

Okay then this Sunday would be perfect Manohar added while all agreed ..
Have you all thought any name ??? Usha asked ..

Yeah Maya 😂 Yuvi said ..while Kunj passed him death glare ..
What ? Usha asked while they nodded in no ..

I don’t know what you guys whispers to each other during meals Usha said while Avni and twinkle giggled ..

Soon they have their breakfast and twinj took the baby back to room twinkle put her on bed and went to change her clothes while Kunj laid admiring his little soul …

Hayeee baby doll why are you so cute man I can sit here and see you all the day my baby Kunj said and kissed on her cheeks he took her in his lap and was admiring her ..

Twinkle came out after sometime while Avni called twinkle for some work ..
Kunj I have kept your clothes change in it she said ..

Why ? Are you going somewhere ? Kunj asked ..
Yeah Avni called me twinkle said and went ..

While Kunj placed the baby again on bed and covered all the sides with pillows so that she doesn’t fall ..
He went and changed his clothes while twinkle and Avni was having their girly time ..

Kunj came out to find twinkle still not there he heard their baby cry and went towards her ..

Aleeeyy aleey kya hua mele baby Ko he said while he held his finger in her hand ..
Aww mera bacha Kunj said and kissed her nose tip he took her in his arms ..

Meri cutie pie meri baby he said and was trying to calm her down ..
Chalo I’ll go back she must be awake twinkle said ..
How do you know that Avni asked ..

Are it’s her daily schedule twinkle said smiling ..
Acha good night Avni added she went back to her room while twinkle went to her room to find her awake and Kunj was busy talking to her ..

Ohhhh mera baby twinkle said ..
Where were you yaar twinkle she needs you you know na Kunj said ..

Sorry na Baba give her to me . twinkle said she took her to bed and changed her nappy and clothes as well while Kunj was admiring them both ..

Tada we are done changing twinkle said while the baby started playing with her fingers twinkle smiled ..and laid beside her while Kunj too both looking at the baby ..

Sleep now Kunj said ..
Haha 😹 let’s see if she will let us sleep twinkle said ..
They tried making her sleep but she was all in her playing mood ..

Are baby I have office tomorrow 😕 Kunj said while twinkle was giggling ..
After almost 2 hours she again went to sleep while twinj was yawning ..

Goodnight Kunj twinkle said ..
Good night Kunj replied he get up a little and pecked twinkle on her forehead ..they slept …
Early morning again she started crying waking up while Kunj wakes up and sees her ..
Baby doll you again started you went on your Mumma such a cry baby Kunj said

Oye don’t say anything sadu sarna twinkle replied waking up …
Wait I’ll put her to sleep Kunj said ..
How ? Twinkle asked rubbing her eyes ..
You just sleep Kunj said he took the baby and was roaming here and there while twinkle slept again ..

Kunj was patting her back while she again dozes off he took her to bed and as soon as he put her on bed she started waking up while Kunj was shocked he again lifted her patting her back and sat on the couch sitting patting on her back while she slept ….Kunj also slept with the baby sleeping on his chest …
Twinkle wake up after half an hour due to her alarm she looked beside to find none ..she woke up fully and her eyes went on Kunj and baby she slowly lifted the baby and put her on bed tried waking up Kunj too ..

Kunj wake up twinkle said while he looked at her with half opened eyes ..
Say kunj said ..

Nothing sleep on bed twinkle replied …
Kunj stand while twinkle.helped him to reach the bed and he laid ..twinkle smiled seeing the father daughter duo who was sleeping peacefully ..

After so many days I had a good sleep i have to get freshen up soon if she wakes up them my plan fires ..twinkle Murmured smiling …
@ Sunday :::
Finally the most awaited day for them finally arrived everyone was ready manusha lert bebe who was handling the guest …Yuvi was ill from 2 days and Avni was taking care of him ..Kunj was seeing all the decorations alone as he didn’t wanted to disturb them .. everything was done perfectly …

Twinkle was dressed up beautifully so as Kunj and their baby who were looking like a perfect family ..

They were called downstairs while the baby was traveling from Usha to Leela arms to rt to Manohar they all were handling her ..while Yuvni also smiled seeing them ..

Twinj sat in the Pooja with their baby while everyone attention was on the baby name ..

Finally the priest asked them to tell the name while twinj smiled at each other …

As Kunj and Yuvi didn’t had any sister Kunj asked Avni to do that ritual for his baby while she went and told the name in baby ears while she smiled ..

Her name will be MYRA …MYRA SARNA…Kunj told while all the others clapped liking the name …

And Myra means peace she is really the peace of our hearts and eyes …twinkle said while all smiled ..

Now give Myra to us Avni said while twinkle gave her ..they were meeting the rest of guests while Yuvni was handling Myra ..

Hey Myra look at me look at Chachu Yuvi said ..
See Myra you didn’t came to Chachu so he fell ill Avni said while the baby giggled ..

Hehe yeah 😂 now okay with Chachu he said ..
Avni bhabhi Yuvi come let’s have dinner Kunj said ..

Aleeeyy Myra kya hua Kunj said taking her while twinkle too joined them ..

Before dinner let’s have some family pics she said while all agreed and posed with Myra …
To be continued :::
_________________________________________so how’s the shot ???
Hope you all like it ..
Thanks to all who commented on the last ..
I don’t feel like writing and I don’t know why 😛😛😛
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz 🙋

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