I desire you BeHir SS Part 4 Written Episode

I desire you Part 4

The next day…

Bela and Mahir were helping their friends who had programmes that time in college.

Unknowingly they sat next to each other.

Bela and Mahir felt something different in the fragrance.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

They turned to their side .They saw each other.They shared a cute eye lock.

Mahir could’nt take his eyes off her.He was lost in her.She became conscious.Due to shyness she turned off her face.But that did not stop Mahir from looking at her.

Bela was called by Kalyani.

Kalyani:Bela…please come.Help me to wear my dance costume.

Bela went to dress her up.

Kalyani did a beautiful dance.

The college bell rang.

Kalyani:Bela,you go alone.You know that I am doing choreography for Juhi’s team.I need to make them practice.


Bela was on her way.She saw a kid crying.She went near him.

Bela:What happened beta?

He:My kite flew away.

Bela looked up.The kite was flying.

Bela:Don’t cry.I will get it back for you.

Bela said to herself:But how will I get it by myself?

Suddenly she heard a voice from behind:I will help you.

She turned back.She was surprised as it was Mahir.She just smiled.

They both ran to reach the thread of the kite.Finally they caught the thread together.So they skin rubbed each others.They became shy.

They looked at each other sharing a beautiful eye lock.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan
Mitey yeh saari duriyaan
Milke bhi hain adhuri si,
Yeh daastaan…

Rehke bhi sang hain juda
Kyun nahi(?) bana kabhi jahan
Hain yeh alag hi daastaan…

Bela removed her hand from him.They handed over the kite to the kid.

Kid:Thanks a lot.

Mahir:Beta, be careful.Otherwise it will fly away again.

The kid ran away smiling.

Bela:Thank you for helping me to catch the kite.

Mahir:I have to thank you also for the same reason.

She smiled.

Mahir:And thanks for being a good dance partner.When my dance partner left me if you had’nt agreed to dance with me I would not have been able to dance.You were amazing.

Bela smiled happily.

Bela:Ok bye.

She turned backward and walked.Mahir called her.


She turned back.

Mahir:Won’t you be my friend?After all we were dance partners..

Bela was very happy.She nodded her head with a smile.

He walked towards her smiling and extended his hand.She held his hand.They shook their hands giving a beautiful beginning to their friendship.

After a few months…

Now Mahir and Bela are very good friends.

Bela’s eyes searched for Mahir.Finally she saw Mahir.But with Juhi.He was laughing and chatting with Juhi.Bela fumed with jealousy.She could’nt tolerate the sight.

Mahir saw Bela.Her eyes were wet and red due to anger.


She ran away.

Mahir:Oh no…

J:What happened Mahir?Why did Bela run away seeing us together?

Mahir did’nt have answer.Yash and Meera came seeing it.

M:Because Bela felt that there is affair between you both.

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They were shocked:What?

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