I desire you Part 2 BeHir SS Written Episode

I desire you Part 2

Bela was crying in her room.Kalyani went near her.
KALYANI:Bela,you saw Mahir.Right?That’s why you are crying.
Bela looked at Kalyani.
KALYANI:I saw Mahir.Still you have not forgotten him?
BELA:I can never forget him.Till my death I will love him.
KALYANI:Then what about Armaan jeeju?
Bela cried.

Kalyani was lost in painful thoughts.
KALYANI:This is love.Love causes so much of pain.Still lovers forget themselves in love.

Kalyani met their friends Yash and Meera.They are a couple.
KALYANI:Mahir is back.
They were shocked.
M:Did Bela and Mahir meet each other?
Y:Did they talk?
KALYANI:No.But both looked very sad.

Y:They will be.We know how deeply they were in love with each other.But what happened to them was painful to us also.Then what will be their condition?

KALYANI:Bela is disturbed.Still she loves Mahir.
M:It’s not easy to forget first love.

KALYANI:Mahir is not just Bela’s first love,but last love also.She herself told me that she can never stop loving Mahir.If so what will happen to Armaan jeeju’s and Bela’s married life?I am worried and scared.
Yash and Meera were dull.

Bela and Kalyani’s mother Prerna was going through some files.Bela passed by.


BELA:Yes mumma.

P:How was the function?

BELA:It was nice.

P:Usually you explain everything to me.Now what happened?

BELA:Nothing mumma.I have head ache.That’s all.Please let me go and rest.

P:Ok.I think since you attended a long function you are tired.Go take rest.

Bela went to her room.

Kalyani came.

P:Kalyani…Bela usually shares everything with you.Is she ok?I feel something is bothering her.

Kalyani became dull.

P:Kalyani…tell me.What happened?You are hiding something from me.

KALYANI:Mumma…Mahir was there at the function.

Prerna was shocked.

P:Now I understand why Bela is dull.

KALYANI:Mumma…don’t tell anything to papa.He will be upset.


KALYANI:Don’t ask Bela anything.Let her be calm.


After some time Prerna went to Bela.


Bela wiped her tears:Yes Mumma.

P:Even if you wipe your tears I can see your tears Bela.Because I am your mother.

Bela became emotional:Mumma!

Prerna was upset:Bela…you saw Mahir.Right?

Bela nodded her head painfully.

P:Papa and I have always given you lots of love and support.Still you hid your pain from us?

Bela remembered how Anurag and Prerna pampered her during childhood.

BELA:Mumma,I did’nt want to give you both pain.That’s why.

P:But how much will you suffer alone?

Bela wept:Mumma,please don’t tell this to papa.He thinks that I have moved on with Armaan happily.I don’t want him to be hurt again.

P:But Bela…

BELA:Don’t worry.I am your daughter Bela and I will never harm your reputation.I will be with Armaan.Everything is over between me and Mahir.


Bela burst into tears and hugged Prerna.Prerna also cried.

After a few days…

Prerna kept a puja at home as she felt that their time was not good.Yash and Meera were also there.
Kalyani was happy to see Yash and Meera:Happy that you guys came.Bela will be happy to see you both.

Bela came.She was surprised to see them:Yash…Meera.
She hugged them.
BELA:How are you guys?

Y:We are fine.
M:But are you fine Bela?
Bela became dull.

Puja started.

Prerna prayed:God,please clear Bela’s path.Please give her a happy life.

Anurag asked the Panditji:Panditji,after two months my daughter Bela is getting married.Everything is alright no?

Panditji:I am sorry.According to the horoscope there will be a major hindrance. It can block their wedding.

All were shocked.

P:My God!

Anu:Is there any solution?Tell Panditji.We are willing to do anything.We just want our daughter’s life to be secure.

Pand:Take vrath.Do puja..pray to God.Only God can solve the problem.


Anurag caressed Bela’s hair:Bela,don’t worry.Nothing can hinder yours and Armaan’s wedding.

Kalyani murmured:God!Does that mean Mahir’ return will cause problems?

Prerna:No…I won’t allow that.My Bela deserves to be happy.

KALYANI:If Bela has to be happy she has to be with Mahir Mumma,not with Armaan.
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Meera:Kalyani is right aunty.

P:But Mahir is her past.

KALYANI:But the truth is that Mahir is the past which influences Bela’s present too.You can’t deny it mumma.But the fact is that it’s Bela who wants to be detached from her happiness.

Yash:But though Bela is depressed about her separation from Mahir she is happy being in love with him.That we are not seeing.

Prerna was upset.

Mahir in his room…

He looked at his photograph with Bela.

MAHIR:Bela…I realized that being away from you is tough. I will get you back.It’s not Armaan who is going to wed you,but its me.Mahir Sehgal.Bela belongs only to Mahir Sehgal.Remember your promise?I am coming back to your life Bela.No body can separate us.

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