I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) Episode-13 Written Episode

Episode 12 Here
Ragini sat in park which is near her hostel..someone came nd placed hand on her shoulder..she looked up nd smiles..
Ragini:Rahul(ragini’s childhood friend ,with whom she shared everything…he is the one who always there for ragini..he knws about sanskar..)
Rahul:tum teek hu
Ragini nodded smiling wkly
Rahul:now what u want to do
Ragini kept quite..
Rahul:u did a mistake by loving him after knowing about his cheat..
Tear drop fell off her eyes..
Rahul:ragini im sry..i didnt mean to hurt u
Ragini:i knw rahul..u said correct..i did mistake..i loved him after knowing ,what he has done to swara..i hate myself rahul..i hate myself
Rahul:what had happened happened.. we cant change..think what should we do now..
Ragini:mein kya karu rahul..
Rahul:u have to take decision ragini..still there is One month left..think nd take decision..but dont forget what happened to swara..i have lost one friend ,i dont want lose u..
Ragini (hugs rahul nd cries):i dont knw what should i do..
Rahul console her..
Sanskar who came to ragini ‘s hostel to meet her stopped his bike seeing rag rahul in park..he is shocked..he gets angry nd goes..
Rahul(brks d hug nd wiped hee tears):be strong ragini..all will be fine..
Ragini gives a nod..
Rahul:mein chalata hu..take care..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar pulls ragini who is going to her class..
Sanskar(he askd angrily):y didnt you lift my call..
Sanskar:who is he ragini
Ragini:who sanskar
Sanskar:vahi..whom u hugged in park..
Ragini says in mind..did he see..what if he heard what we had talk..
Sanskar:im asking u something
Ragini:vo..vo..did u see
Sanskar:who was he
Sanskar:frind???where did he cme from..u didnt tell anything about him..i dont knw u have that much close friend..
Ragini(interrupts):what do u mean sanskar..dont u have trust on me..
Sanskar:its not like that
Ragini:then what..u r questioning me like i did wrong..
Sanskar(hugs her immediately):plz never say that i dont trust u..i trust u more than my self..
Ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar:vo..i could not take when i saw u hugged him..i felt jealous..nd gets angry..im sry..i knw u r mine only mine..
Ragini feels guilt for one moment..
Days are passed…sanskar becme craz

Sanskar:ragini..tomorrow is last day of clz..
Sanskar:i dont knw how i live without u..
Ragini kept quite..
Sanskar:i dont want to go leaving u..I want to take u with me nd i wanna marry u after talking with our parents..But u still have one year to study na..i cant do like that..
Ragini still keeps quite..
Sanskar:y are u not talking anything..
Ragini looks at sanskar nd recalls every moment which she spent with him..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini hugs him tight
Ragini:i will miss u sanskar
Sanskar:me too..but u dont wry i will call u every day nd i will come to meet u for once a month..
Ragini smiles wkly..
Sanskar kissed her forehead…
@next day
Sanskar bids farewell to his friends nd all..he calls ragini to meet her before he leave..but she doesnt lift his call..he searches her whole clz..but doesn’t find her..he gets worried..

Here ragini sat in her room consoling herself nd making herself strong..her friend manvi came ro her..
Manvi:ragini sanskar is searching for u there..what are u doing in room..
Ragini:let him search
Ragini:kuch nay..leave it
Manvi:ragini what happened to u..u knw how long he is searching for u..but u sat cool..he would be worry about u..
Ragini:let him
Manvi:ragini what are u talking..did u both hav fight.
Manvi:then kya hua..today his last day in clz na..go nd meet him
Manvi:no??u loves him right
Ragini:no..i dont
Ragini:haan..i dont love him..nd i will never
Manvi:stop joking ragini
Ragini(shouts):im not joking its truth..
Manvi:kya..sanskar is mad about u..nd u r talking like this..
Ragini:haan..he is mad..i made him mad as per my plan..
Ragini:haan..plan..to make him fall in love nd to make him mad..he easily got into my trap..
She laughs..
Sanskar who came to her hostel to meet her eavesdrops this..

Sanskar was just numb hearing this..he could not able to believe his ears..he just walks lifeless while tears rolling..
Ragini laughs changed into bitter cry…
Manvi:sach mein u dont love him..
Ragini hugs her nd cries..
Manvi:kya hua ragini..i knw u loves him truly..but why are u talking like this now..
Ragini:he is a cheater..my sister died bcz of him..
Manvi:what are u talking ragini..im not understanding anything..
Ragini told what had happened..
Manvi:nay ragini..its not true..i heard alot about sanskar..he is not like that…
Ragini:no manvi..dont try to convince me..he ruined my sister’s life..he has to to knw the pain which my sister gone through..he has to suffer..
Manvi:then what about u ragini..
Ragini(wiped her tears):im fine..my sister’s soul will feel happy now..thats enough for me..
Manvi looks at her helpless..
@next day
Manvi runs to ragini who sat sadly in hostel..
Ragini:kya hua
Manvi:do u knw sanskar had brother
Ragini:haan..adarsh maheswari..he completed his studies in US..
Manvi:nay ragini..sanskar have another brother laksh maheswari..he studies our clz only..
Manvi:u knw i have friend in sanskar’s class..i indirectly askd her nd got to knw some information..nd i heard laksh died committing suicide..
Ragini:kya..what are u talking manvi..i have checked all clz records before i could confirm,there is only maheswari studied here..that is sanskar..
Manvi:i dont knw about all things..but this is true laksh maheswari studies here..
Ragini was speechless..
Ragini met sanskar’friend..
Ajay:kya hua ragini..
Ajay:kya hua ragini..
Ragini:vo..ajay will u tell one thing
Ajay:kya ragini..
Ragini:who is laksh
Ajay:laksh ??how u knw about him..nd y u want to knw
Ragini:plzz bolo naa..
Ragini:plzz ajay..
Ajay:ok..sanskar laksh are brothers but they are like best friends..i always felt jealous seeing their bonding..sanskar loves his brother alot..later laksh loved one girl named swara..sanskar is cupid bw them..all is going well..but..

Laksh:sanky im going to propose swara..
Sanskar:but lucky u already proposed her na..
Laksh:nay yaar..tomorrow im.going to prpose her for marriage..i cant live without her..as soon as we complete our studies na..we will marry..
Sanky smiles..
Laksh:sanky do arrangements naa..
Sanskar:dont fear when ur brother is here..
Laksh (smiles):ok..all should be her fav items..ok..
@next day
Laksh calls swara..
Swara:kya laksh..
Laksh:what are u doing
Swara:getting ready for clz
Laksh:y dont we go out..
Swara:out..nay..i have to attend class..u nd sanky too come
Laksh:areh swara come naa..we will go movie later we..
Laksh:areh i told surpeise na..will u come out or not..
Swara:no..im going to clz bye..
She disconnected the call..
Laksh pouts nd says thats ok..i kmw u will come evenging..
Swara came to laksh..
Laksh pretends as angry nd says himself u didnt cme out mng ns..now see..
Swara(back hugs laksh):angry on me..
Laksh(brks d hug):leave me swara
Swara(held laksh hand):will u marry me
Laksh:marry??u?? Are u serious
Swara:what..wont u marry me..
Swara:laksh..what are u talking..
Laksh(turned otherside):truth..i didnt love u..i just wanted to enjoy..i did..u too enjoyed na..what had happened forget about that..i got bore with u..
Swara is broken nd runs crying..
Laksh turned smiling nd says how innocent she is..she believed..pagal ladki..how she thought about me like that..vaise no need to wry..i knw ahe will feel more happy after my surprise..
He calls sanskar..
Laksh:sanskar..is everything ready..
Sanskar:uff laksh..how many times u call me..this is 10th time..dont disturb me..im doing arrangements..thoda time dedo..
Laksh:ok.ok.we will come soon..
He disconnects the call nd calls swara but its switched off…
He calls her friend ,she told swara locks herself in room..
Laksh runs immediately after realizing about his stupid prank..
He banged the door ..

Laksh:swara open the door..i was joking..im sry..u knw na how much I loves u plz open the door..
Laksh doesn’t get any reply..
Laksh:swara plzz..im really sorry..come out naa..
Laksh hits the door when he still doesnt get any response..
He brks d door nd gets in nd shocked to see swara who is hanged herself..
Laksh made her get down nd calls her name while crying..but it was late..she died already..laksh was numb..laksh hates himself for his stupid prank…
Laksh wiped his tears nd climbs the roof aggressively..he looks at his mbl which had sanlakswa wallper..she caressed it nd calls sanskar..
Sanskar looks at his mbl nd says this lucky naa..how many times he calls me..i will call him when arrangements completed..
Laksh again calls sanskar but sanskar doesnt lift call..
Laksh (caresses sanskar photo nd messaged sanskar):im sry bhai..im going to leaving u..(he told wt had happened)..i can’t live without swara..take care our family nd urself..i love u bhai..
Saying he jumps from there nd died..
Sanskar who red his msg runs to him nd numb seeing his bro dead body..he says i should have lift ur call..i would have stopped u lucky..y didnt i lift ur call..he cursed himself while crying..
Fb ends
Ragini is just speechless..
Ajay:whenever he rembered laksh always he feels responsible for laksh death nd feels guilt..
Ragini just stood blank..she doesnt knw how to react..she collapsed on floor tears rolling on her cheeks..but she is happy that sanskar was innocent..
Ajay:ragini kya hua are u fine .
Ragini(managed to talk):a..ajay..i need to talk to sanskar..
Ajay:im trying to contact him since yesterday but his number was not connecting..kya hua is everything bw u both..
Ragini:i will tell u later..first let me kmw where is sanskar..
Ajay:wait ragini..i will call aunty
He calls sanskar’mother..
Ragini:kya hua ajay..
Ragini:kya hua
Ajay:he is going to paris..
Ajay:he is on the way to airport..
Ragini:thanks ajay..i will talk to u later..
Saying she goes..
Ragini comes to airport she called out sanskar’name..sanskar who is just entering into airport turns at her..his eyes got red seeing ragini ..he looks at her with rage..ragini sees him ..she runs to him nd hugs him tight..sanskar clenched his fist..
Ragini cries hugging him tight..
Sanskar (pushed her nd claps):wahh..kya acting hey..u should get Oscar..i heard u nd ur friend convo..u no need to act..
Ragini looked at him shocked..
Sanskar(gripped her shoulder):i never seen cheater like u..u found me to enjou urself..
Ragini:sanskar plz listen to me..its not like that what u r thinking..
Sanskar:enough..dont show ur face again..i hate u..
Ragini:sanskar let me explain u..
Sanskar pushed her angrily nd goes inside airport..
Ragini cries collapsing on ground..
Fb ends..
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Ragini wiped her tears nd says to herself..i cant tell u why i have done..kyun ki if u knw that im swara’s sister u daily feels guilt remembering laksh..im helpless sanskar..helpless..plz give me one chance sanskar..i knw i did mistake but i loved u truly nd i will always love u..i will get ur love again..
Sanskar (comes to room): maa is calling u
Ragini:sanskar..give me one chance
Sanskar:kyun there is still anything left to ruin my life..
Ragini:sanskar plzz..i love u
Sanskar ignored her nd leaves..

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