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Kunj is giving information for their internal exams and syllabus. There is a curiosty in everyone’s mind about Twinkle’s sur name. But he didn’t gave chance for them. Neha glares at Twinkle little angrily.

Twinkle: what?
Neha: what? You are asking simply. I am your close friend, but you not even invited me for your marriage. That too Kunj… sorry Professor Kunj is your husband.
Twinkle: it’s not like that yaar, even me

Kunj knocked Twinkle’s bench in order to get their attention. Both fell silent.

Kunj: Is there anybody who are from other departments except B.COM and B.B.A?

Everyone is silent.

Kunj: Good. Then, we will start the first day with business ethics.
Twinkle’s POV: Oh no, i not yet complete reading first chapter in that.
Kunj: whether anyone here explain what is ethics?
Twinkle raised her hand and she explained it.
Kunj: good, sit down.

Everyone become confused. No one’s concentration is on lesson. Kunj is not giving any expression like he is Twinkle’s husband. She too behaves abnormally like always by giving answer. Kunj understands their mind.

Kunj: i know what you all thinking now, i want all your concentration on subject, not on me or Twinkle.
Twinkle’s POV: Who told him now, that they are thinking about us?
Kunj: yeah, we both are married 15 days ago. Happy, now i want all your concentration on subject. Otherwise, i have to give punishment on first day itself.

He gave notes to them. Everyone silent and take notes without any noise. Bell rang.

Kunj: 10 minutes break. We will continue later.
He sit in his chair and take his mobile out. Twinkle is busy in re-reading her notes. At one point, she felt she missed some words and she take her hand to nudge Neha. But she is not there. She turn to see where she went. But there is no girls in the bench. She surprised and turns and happened to see whole class is standing around Kunj.

Kunj: wait wait i will show you every pics.
Students: sir, you are looking so handsome.
Neha: Twinkle is looking oily, you are too good than her, professor.
Twinkle gritted her teeth: what he is doing now? already, he irritated me by hiding that he joined as professor in our college, now all are praising him. This, Neha whether she is my friend or his? Let me deal with him in home.

Class started again. Once again, everyone went to silent mode. Kunj completed the first chapter. Everyone understood this dry subject easily for first time. Twinkle also can’t stop herself from praising him for a second about the way he teaching.

Their college timing is morning 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. Students who wish to use library or any other activities can stay there upto evening.So, it’s time to leave. Everyone packed their things and move out.

Neha: hereafter, you no need to go to library. Your husband is a great lecturer and mobile library. Hey, what you told about your marriage when i asked you?
Twinkle: oh, that. Even i prayed god until last minute, this marriage shouldn’t happened.
Neha: why yaar? He is so good and handsome.
Twinkle: yeah, but i not yet completed my studies, also i don’t know he is going to work as professor in our college. So i thought of hide it from all.
Neha: there will be some reason, so only he may not tell you about it and i don’t want any boring stories about your marriage. Tell me about your first night.
Twinkle hit her shoulder: idiot.
Neha: just for fun. ok, let’s go.
Twinkle: no, i will come only after everyone went. What if other class students see me with him?
Neha: so, what? Why are you thinking about others?
Twinkle: yeah, why should i care about them? Then, bye.

Kunj is waiting for her in parking lot.
Kunj: how many hours you will take, Twinkle?
Twinkle glared at him and she sit in front seat.
Kunj’s POV: what happened to her?

He drives the car to their home.
Neha’s question remind her about her first night.


A decorated room is shown. Twinkle is sitting in her bed. Kunj enters room and locked it. Twinkle becomes nervous.

Kunj drag a pouffe near to bed and he sat on it. He removes her veil gently. Her heart beats more fast. She downed her head.

Kunj forwards his hand as third person: I am Kunj Sarna.
She shook his hands tremblingly: I am Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj looks at her eyes.
Twinkle: Sorry, Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Kunj smiles and release her hand.
Kunj: do you know anything about me?
Twinkle nods.
Kunj: what?
Twinkle: you are my senior. Completed your P.G. degree last month. Going to work as Professor.
Kunj: bla bla bla. Atleast any one thing you told about me is witnessed by you.
Twinkle: my mom told.
Kunj: funny na. Both are studied in same college, but you don’t know me.
Twinkle: that, i
Kunj: but i liked your that attitude so much. Your attitude pulled me towards you.

Twinkle widened her eyes. So far she know about her marriage is arranged by her mom and Kunj’s mom who are childhood friends. They met in one function and surprised by their sudden meeting. Then, kunj is mom offered a proposal to get Twinkle marry to her son. Twinkle’s mom agreed at first and put forth condition that marriage will happen only after Kunj gets job and also till that she won’t speak about marriage to Twinkle. So everything happened according to it. But now Kunj is speaking about their college days.

Kunj: actually my mom showed me your pic. Before that also, i have seen you so many times while passing you. But, after to that you looks so different to me. Means, i started to think you are mine and only mine.
Twinkle interrupts.
Kunj: i not yet completed. I used to see you daily atleast once. After to college, i can’t spend single day peacefully without you. So, once a result came i applied for job and requested your mom. At first she hesitates because you are studying, then she agrees.
Twinkle: i don’t know what to say.
Kunj smiles: i know i am new to you. But i promise you will know about me soon. Until that let’s be friends. I just wish to be along with you always.
Twinkle nods and smiles.
Kunj: actually, i wish to ask you this. How you agreed for marriage? I thought you will deny because you won’t even look at anyone in college, also you always care for study.
Twinkle: whatever my mom decide for me will be good. So i didn’t try to stop this marriage. But i prayed god to stop it. Don’t mistake me because, i thought love and marriage both will be disturbance for study.
Kunj: you are correct, even me too used to think like you only. But you see after i fall for you also, i am a topper in college. So everything is our mind control. I won’t disturb you and i will help you in studies.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: that side of bed is yours, this side is mine. If you don’t have belief on me, let’s keep pillow inbetween us or else, i will sleep on couch.
Twinkle smiles: no need, i have belief on you.
Kunj: haan, Twinkle. You can study freely once  we go to Mumbai, mom will stay here itself. She don’t like that place much. We will share our work that will reduce your burden.
Twinkle: thank you.
Kunj: No thanks and sorry between friends as well as between husband and wife.
Twinkle smiles: ok.

Both lie on their side and close their eyes. But didn’t sleep.

Kunj’s POV: I love you so much, Twinkle. But, i will wait until you love me back.
Twinkle’s POV: He has full right on me. But he behaves very gently.

Hope i didn’t bored you all with this chapter. If you felt bored means also tell me, i will give my best. I just planned it as short story.

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