IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds-Shot 11 Written Episode




Person 1: What are you saying?? She tried to escape!!??

Person 2: Yes!! She almost escaped from there. But luckily I came there and caught her back. Or she must have told the girl everything. And our plan must have flopped!! It’s all because of your carelessness!!

Person 1: She was weak and unconscious when I left her. Then, how come…??

Person 2: Who knows?? She might have pretended to be unconscious so that she can escape after you left.

Person 1: How about that girl?? Who is she??

Person 2: I don’t know about that girl. She was trying to help her. I was worried that she might blurt out the truth to that girl. That’s why I hit her and took both of them with me.

Person 1: Where are they??

Person 2: At the same place. But we can’t continuously keep them there. Today, this girl saw her. How if tomorrow someone else sees her?? We can’t kidnap everyone and keep with us. We need to shift both of them to a different place.

Person 1: I know an old factory here. It’s quite isolated and no one goes there.

Person 2: Good. We will move them there for some time, at least till Shivaay get caught.

Person 1: Them?? That girl too??

Person 2: Then what?? Do you want to spare that girl?? What if she goes and informs the police?? We can’t take the risk by letting her go. All of our efforts and dreams will go waste. And Shivaay will be escaped from the case too. No, we should not let that happen.

Person 1: Shivaay!! I don’t know where he has gone. CBI officer, Anjali is involved in this case too. She seems to be very sharp. How if she finds out the truth??

Person 2: No, she can’t find the truth. If not she must have found out before. Her focus is on Shivaay only. Shivaay has done well by running away from the police. That’s why all their concentration is on him only.

Person 1: Right. We will achieve our motive soon.

Person 2: (nods) Ok. I will leave from here first before anyone comes. (The person leaves.)



Next Day


Annika leaves from Oberoi Mansion without anyone’s knowledge and goes to Hotel Blue Diamond. She takes her mobile and calls Krithika’s number but her call is not answered.

Annika: Maybe, she is getting ready. That’s why she doesn’t answer my call. She asked me to come at 9 but now it’s just only 8.30 a.m. Never mind, I will wait for her. (She goes and sits at the lobby waiting for Krithika. She recalls all the moment she spent with Shivaay and smiles to herself. She breaks her thought and looks at the time which is already 9 a.m.) It’s already 9 but why Krithika didn’t come yet?? (She waits for another half an hour but still, Krithika doesn’t come. She takes her mobile and dials her number but the call is not answered.) Why she is not answering my call?? (She goes to the receptionist.) Hi, I want to meet Miss Krithika. Can you call her and tell that her friend, Annika is here?? (The receptionist checks her system.)

Rec: Do you mean Miss Krithika Rao from Chennai??

Annika: Yes.

Rec: Sorry, mam but she is not in her room.

Annika: She has gone out??

Rec: No, mam. She didn’t return since yesterday.

Annika: Didn’t return means what?? She is staying here only, right??

Rec: Yes, mam. She and her team are staying here only. They went for their shooting yesterday. All have returned except her.

Annika: Where did she go??

Rec: I don’t know, mam.

Annika: What?? How come you are so irresponsible?? Your customer didn’t return since yesterday and you are saying that you don’t know where she went. What an irresponsible answer is this?? How if something has happened to her?? Who is her director?? Call him. (The receptionist calls someone. A man comes.)

Person: Yes. Who wants to meet me??

Rec: This madam wants to meet you. (Pointing towards Annika.)

Person: Yes, why do you want to meet me??

Annika: So, you are Krithika’s director??

Man: Yes.

Annika: How come you are so irresponsible?? One of your artist hasn’t returned from yesterday but you are not bothering about it.

Dir: Haven’t returned?? Who??

Annika: Krithika!!

Dir: What?? Krithika is not back yet?? (Looks at the receptionist.)

Rec: Yes, sir. She is not back yet. Her room key is still here. (Showing the key.)

Dir: What?? (Takes his mobile and dials a number.) I want everyone to gather at the lobby now!! (All the crew members and artists gather at the lobby.) Krithika didn’t return since yesterday. Does anyone know where she went??

Girl: No, sir. We all went shopping after finishing yesterday’s shooting. We invited her but she refused to follow us saying that she is very tired and wanted to take rest. So, we too left for shopping without her. We didn’t see her after that. We thought she is taking rest in her room.

Girl 2: Sir, her boyfriend is in Mumbai only. Maybe, she has gone to meet him.

Annika: But she supposed to return here after meeting him, right?? She didn’t return yet.

Dir: Anyone has her boyfriend’s mobile number?? (All shake their heads.)

Annika: I have his number but I can’t call from my number. Can anyone of you borrow your mobile for a while??

Dir: Use my mobile. (Gives her his mobile. Annika thanks him and dials Arjun’s number.)



Beach House


Arjun’s Room


Shivaay is stretching himself lying on the bed when Arjun’s mobile rings. Arjun has left his mobile as he is using the new mobile given by Anjali. Shivaay looks at the caller ID which is showing number only.

Shivaay: I don’t know who is calling Arjun. Should I answer?? No, it can cause a problem. (The call get disconnected. Shivaay sighs in relief and about to keep back the movie but it rings again.) It’s ringing again. Why I feel like to answer the call?? Ok, I will answer the call but won’t speak first. (He answers the call.)

Annika: Hello, Arjun!!

Shivaay: Annika!!

Annika: Shiv…. (Stops realising others are there.) Arjun, it’s me Annika, Krithika’s friend. I came to meet her at the hotel but she is not here. Is she with you??

Shivaay: What?? Krithika is not at the hotel?? But she is not with Arjun too. Arjun went for some work assigned by Anjali. He has left his mobile with me. (Annika worries.)

Annika: I will call in a while. (Ends the call and gives the mobile back to the director.) She is not with Arjun too. (All are shocked.) Where was your shooting yesterday??

Dir: At Sunshine apartment.

Annika: (thinks) It was the same place I dropped her yesterday. (Looks at the director.) That was the only place you have done your shooting yesterday?? Or did you go to any other place for shooting??

Dir: Nope. We didn’t do shooting anywhere else.

Annika: Ok, see you. (Annika leaves from there and goes towards a phone booth. She dials Arjun’s number which answered by Shivaay.) Shivaay!! Annika.

Shivaay: Yes, Annika. Did you find anything about Ishana??

Annika: Shivaay, no one has seen her after the shooting. I’m worried about her. I am going to go to the Sunshine apartment to know about her. Ok, Shivaay. I will call you later. (She ends the call and leaves in an auto.)






Krithika opens her eyes and realised she has been tied on a chair. She looks at her surrounding confusingly. She wants to scream for help but she can’t as her mouth is tied as well. She recalls whatever happened yesterday.

Krithika: (thinks) Naan engge irukken?? Yaaru ennei kadathittu vantha?? (Where am I?? Who kidnapped me??) (Looks at the girl who is unconscious and herself also tied on a chair in front of Krithika.) Ithu Nancy aache!! Ethukku ivvaleyum katti potirukkangge?? Enneye ethukku kadathittu vanthirukkangge?? (This is Nancy, right?? Why she has been tied as well?? Why they kidnapped me??) (Krithika steps the floor with her feet to wake her up. The girl gains consciousness after a while. She looks at Krithika blankly.) Vaaye vere katti potirukkangge. Eppadi pesurathu?? (My mouth is tied. How I’m going to speak??) (She thinks for a while.)



Annika reaches Sunshine apartment and enters inside there without the security guards knowing. She is confused about seeing many blocks there and doesn’t know which one to enter. She is about to move when a ball hits her. She turns and sees a little girl running towards her.

Girl: I’m sorry, aunty. The ball is mistakenly fell on you. (She says making an apologetic face.)

Annika: (smiles) It’s ok, cutie. (Takes the ball and hands it over to the girl.)

Girl: (takes the ball) Thank you, aunty. I have never seen you here before. Are you new her??

Annika: Actually, I heard some shooting going on here. That’s why I came to see.

Girl: You came late, aunty. The shooting was yesterday.

Annika: Really?? Aww!! I thought they will shoot today also. Never mind. Did you see the shooting??

Girl: Yes. Not only me. A lot of people watch the shooting.

Annika: Where did they shoot??

Girl: That block. (Pointing towards a block.) 4th floor.

Annika: Oh!! Thank you. You go and play. I will leave now. (The girl smiles and runs from there. Annika goes to the block and gets inside the lift.)



Beach House


Shivaay rushes down and goes to Arjun’s parents.

Shivaay: Uncle, aunty, I need to go now. Please don’t stop me!! (Arjun’s parents and Shalu are shocked by listening to him.)

Dad: What happened, beta?? (Shivaay doesn’t want to worry them by telling about Krithika.)

Shivaay: I can’t tell you, uncle. But I need to go!!

Mom: No, beta. You can’t go. Arjun will be angry if he knows that you went out. Moreover, your wounds are not recovered yet.

Shivaay: I can manage, uncle. This wound is nothing. Please, uncle. (The doorbell rings. Shalu goes and looks at the keyhole. She turns to Shivaay.) Who is that, Shalu?? (Shalu opens the door.) Annika!!?? (Annika barges towards Shivaay.) Did you find Krithika??

Dad: Krithika!!?? What happened to Krithika??

Annika: I went to the apartment to find Krithika but….

Mom: Arjun!!?? (They turn and see Arjun at the door who is looking at them shockingly. Shivaay goes to him.)

Shivaay: Arjun, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Krithika. We will find her. I will go and search for her. (Arjun doesn’t say anything.)

Dad: Ethukku amaithiya irukke?? Ethavathu sollen!! (Why are you keeping quiet?? Say something!!) (Arjun remains silent. Shalu is shocked looking at somewhere and pulls her grandmother’s hand signalling her. Before anyone could turn and see, a slap lands on Arjun’s cheek making everyone shock. They turn and see Anjali staring at them while pointing her gun towards Shivaay.)




To be continued….


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