Illusion Comes True – Ms. Sehkar Gadodia becomes Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari (RagSan) OS Written Episode

Sanskar’s POV: I met her when i was studying 3rd year. Love at first sight for me. That is the first day of my college in 3rd year. We used to rag our juniors. I met her at that situation only. My friends called group of fresher girls. She was one among them.


Group of girls goes in the direction of gang of boys. Girls where nervous because, it is their first day in college.

1 Boy: don’t you girls know manners? Wish seniors.
Girls nervously except one: Good morning.
2 Boy: hey, you. Whether we should taught you specially to wish us?
Girl boldly: What you will do? I will go to principal.
3 Boy: oh you have that much guts. This is your first day, but you are behaving with seniors without any respect.
Girl: whether there is any rule in college to give respect to seniors.
Their argument is heating up. Other girls where pulling her to be silent, but she is not guving up. All boys were arguing with her except one who remains silent all those time. He intervene and asked boys to silent. All fell silent at once.
Boy: don’t you guys know how to behave with girls? What they will think about our college?

Boys taken back. They think why this Sanskar is behaving like this? All of a sudden he is supporting girls.

Sanskar turned to girl: Ms. really very sorry. But these ragging and all just for fun. It will develop a bond between seniors and juniors. This is not like harrasing. Anyways, this won’t happen again.

She stops arguing and her friends pulled her with them. Sanskar is looking at that girl without taking his eyes. His friends understood why Sanskar is behaving like this all of a sudden, because of that girl only.

His Friend: what dude? Where is your philosophy love at first sight is nothing more than crush?
Sanskar dreamily: broken into peices.

Evening, Sanskar’s friends surrounded him.

1 Friend: Her name is Ragini Gadodia.
2 Friend: Father name is Shekar
3 Friend: Mother name is Janaki
4 Friend: Sister name is Swara
1 Friend: B. Com department
2 Friend: resides in Juhi
3 Friend: school topper.

Sanskar listen to them patiently. At night in his home, he lies in bed.

Sanskar: Ragini, what a sweet name. OMG, her eyes are likes grapes, her smile is drowning my heart, oh God her lips juicy.

Voice: do you want that juice?
Sanskar turned towards entrance. Ragini is standing there with intense look on him. She winks at him. Sanskar get up from bed, she move towards him. Sanskar is just stunned.

Ragini: taste my lips.

Sanskar cupped her face and locked her lip with his. He is kissing her passionately, it turns little wild. Because of lost in balance they fall on bed. Sanskar hit the bed hard and then only he realised that Ragini kissing him is illusion. He smiles to himself.


Sanskar’s POV: After to that, her illusions taunt me continuously in my bed room. Sometimes she will hug me, some times kissing and some times more than that also. But whatever it is in my bed room only. But one day, it happened in my college,


Three months passed after to that first meet between our hero and heroine. By that time, Ragini developed little friendship with Sanskar, because of day one’s behaviour of Sanskar differ from his friends. It give positive feeling on Sanskar to Ragini.

Sanskar and his friends sitting in Canteen. Asusual, his friends targeted one junior boy as passtime. Sanskar also teasing him. By that time Ragini enters canteen with her friends. Sanskar suddenly changed his behaviour and tone. When she came near to him, he hugged that boy suddenly.

Sanskar: what bro? Today is hug day.
While crossing Ragini gave a smile to Sanskar. He smiled back. His friends leave that boy and starts teasing him. Suddenly Ragini came to him and hugged him tightly. Sanskar felt embarrassed.

Ragini: Happy hug day, Sanskar. Tell me when it is Kiss day. I will give a kiss.

Sanskar felt someone pulling his hand. He turned.
His friend: what happened, Sanskar?

Suddenly sanskar turned to see Ragini, but she is not there.


Sanskar’s POV: Again that is my illusion. I became nervous to propose her. But day by day my feeling for her and desire for her grown like fire. But i don’t have courage to propose her. It happened on valentines day.


Feb 14, Sanskar is sitting in decorated garden. His friends were enjoying Valentine eve. He sits alone. He spots Ragini who come towards him.

Sanskar: again this, damn it illusion. But, let’s see what this illusiin ends in. Atleast i get a chance to propose to illusion.

Ragini sits in a chair opposite to him without asking permission.
Sanskar’s POV: This illusion Ragini not at all giving any respect to me.
Ragini: Sanskar, i wait for this day for so long.
Sanskar: even me too.
Ragini excitedly: really?
Sanskar: haan
Ragini forwards a single rose to him with puppy face: I LOVE YOU SANSKAR.
Sanskar: even me too love you so much Ragini, i wish to say this to the real Ragini but what to do? Destiny always make me hug or kiss or embarace or propose to only illysion Ragini. Atleast today stay with me for some long time.
Ragini widened her eyes: sanskar, i am not illusion, i am real me. (Sanskar shocked) what did you say? You kissed, hugged, embarassed me. I love you from day one. But you misbehaved with me.
Sanskar hastingly: Ragini, that’s oy illusion. I love you so much Ragini. Please dear


Sanskar’s POV: Atlast somehow i convinced her, after her studies got completed we married eachother with our parents approval. Today she is Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari.

He look into kitchen. Ragini is busy with cooking.

Sanskar: today she is not my illusion. She is true.

He went behind her and hugged her tightly.
Ragini: leave me Sanskar.
Sanskar: i won’t.
Ragini: if you want dinner, then leave me.
Sanskar: you are my dinner.

Ragini blushed. He turns Ragini to face him and hugged her intensely. Then he kissed her lips. He hold her in one hand and off the stove in another. Both melt in passionate kiss.


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