Internet Wala Love 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya celebrate Valentine’s Day Written Episode

Internet Wala Love 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya saying sorry to Karan on knowing about the alliance. Karan asks her not to feel guilty. Ragini says even we didn’t do any mistake. He says bhai’s heart was broken once and tells that he agreed due to his father. Karan tells that he will book a hotel as they have to catch a flight after two days. Shubhankar asks them to stay in his house. Aadhya insists. Karan agrees and says I am sure Jai has planned many surprised on you on Valentine’s day. Aadhya comes to radio station and is about to tell Jai about Karan. He then remembers Karan telling her not to tell Jai that he has come for the alliance. She tells that Karan is Shubhankar’s friend son. Jai says ok. He begins the programme. A caller calls and says he hopes his love story end is good and not sad like in films. Aadhya asks why did he say that? Jai says it happens. Next caller asks what surprise is he going to give to his Valentine. Jai says nothing as I don’t believe in Valentine day and I feel that if my love is with me then all day will be Valentine day. Aadhya gets sad. Girl caller tells that she wants to date Jai. Aadhya says she has copyright on Jai and asks her to try somewhere else. She plays the song. Jai asks if she is jealous. Aadhya goes. Diya asks Aadhya if she has fought with Jai again. Aadhya asks her to leave it. Diya asks her to see the video in which a guy is planning surprise for his Valentine.

Aadhya sees a guy painting for his valentine. PK comes. Diya praises the guy infront of PK and scolds him. PK thinks who is he? Ragini asks Aadhya to see the video. Aadhya calls Jai and asks him about Valentine day. Jai pretends to be sleeping. Karan tells Ragini that Jai would have planned something for her today. Aadhya gets ready and sees the cake with smilie. She thinks Jai has came and hugs Karan mistakenly. Karan turns and shows his face. Aadhya is shocked. Karan shows I love you placard. She asks how did you think, as you know I love Jai. Karan asks her to listen.

Just then door bell rings. Aadhya opens the door and sees children standing holding the balloon. Jai shows his face and says happy valentine’s day. Aadhya asks if he completed his sleep. Jai asks her to see I love you on balloon. He asks if she has 5 mins for him. Aadhya says yes. Jai says you will remember these 5 mins for next 5 births. He takes her to decorated place. Karan and Ragini come and tell that Jai has done all the decoration for her here and in the house. Karan asks her to enjoy 5 mins date. Jai and Aadhya cut cake and make each other have it. Jai says time for the next stop and takes Aadhya somewhere. PK comes and gives him bouquet. Jai kneels down infront of Aadhya and asks will you my Valentine all the life. Aadhya says yes and accepts the bouquet. Jai takes her to other place and dances with her. Aadhya is happy. He shows I love you board and says I love you….He shows girls’s pic and says they want to go on a date with me, but this girl is the one with whom I want to celebrate all valentines day of my life. He shows her face in the mirror. Aadhya is surprised. Jai says I will love you always and tells that 5 mins completes. He brings teddy bear and gives her gift. He asks will you give me 5 more mins for the surprise. Aadhya is surprised.

He takes her somewhere Aadhya says everything is beautiful. She sees the hearts and asks if he is the mystery lover on social media. Jai says may be and smiles. Aadhya thanks him. Jai says I used to like you, but now I don’t like anything else except you. Aadhya hugs him. Jai says he has one more surprise and goes live. He shows his painting to Aadhya and everyone on the social media. Aadhya is surprised to see her painting and thanks him. Jai says happy valentine’s day. Dadu watches the video and blesses them. Aadhya gets emotional and says she wants to be with mad fellow like him. She cries and says her kajal is smeared. Jai says our love will not have any bad sight now. Aadhya says I love you Jai. They look at each other. Someone is in the teddy bear sets the painting on fire and goes. Jai and Aadhya don’t see it.

Precap: Rupa gives necklace to Aadhya and asks her to wear it for engagement. Some goons come to Jai and Aadhya and beat Jai on someone’s orders.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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