Internet Wala Love 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadu tries to convince Rupa and Shubhankar Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Jai telling that elders are like that, they roam like Rajesh Khanna when young and then become Amrish Puri in old age. Shubhankar asks him not to touch his daughter. Jai says I will hold her hand. Shubhankar says I will hit you and break your bones. Jai gives him more think stick and asks him to beat him. Dadu, Vihaan, Rajat, PK and Rupa come there. Jai asks Shubhankar to leave the stick and tells that his hand will fracture. Shubhankar says he will race with Jai and falls. Jai laughs. Dadu asks PK to take Shubhankar and Aadhya home and asks Jai’s friends to take him. Rupa warns Aadhya and asks her to have shame. She says you have made my son drunkard like your father. She asks her to stop dreaming about becoming her bahu. Aadhya says there is no use of your talks and says Jai is already hurt and tells that she don’t want to hurt him again. Vihaan is taking PK, Jai asks Shubhankar to race. Praveen tells Rupa that Jai has saved Shubhankar this time, but can’t next time. He asks her to come. PK takes Shubhankar home. Shubhankar says I will break Jai’s legs. Aadhya thanks PK and asks him to go, says she will handle. PK tells Diya that Aadhya is suffering because of Shubhankar and Jai’s ego war. Jai comes home and tells Praveen that he saw him in the bar and asks what you were doing there? Dadu looks at him. Praveen says I don’t go to bar. Jai says you were doing the work of sprinkle petrol.

Praveen asks what are you saying? Dadu gets doubtful. He thinks to talk to everyone. He calls Shubhankar to his house. He tells Shubhankar what happened yesterday was not right and says this is not right to do tamasha on the road outside the bar being a father of two daughters and tells Rupa that she also did wrong to stop Jai from meeting Aadhya and had sleeping pills. Jai says this is wrong. Shubhankar says Jai started the fight. Dadu says I will scold you also being a father figure. Someone brings lemon water. Shubhankar asks to give Jai. Jai says I didn’t drink firstly, I can handle myself. Aadhya looks at Jai. Jai says he have wine occasionally in the parties. Dadu asks them to stop arguing.

Dadu tells Shubhankar and Jai to listen carefully. He says Jai and Aadhya love each other and Jai is perfect for Aadhya. Shubhankar and Rupa recall their first meeting with Jai and Aadhya respectively. Dadu says I can guarantee this and tells Rupa that they will not get perfect bahu like Aadhya. Jai and Aadhya tell that they just came out of teenage and not thinking of marriage. Aadhya says she wants to do so much for her family. Shubhankar says he will not make her daughter marry in such a house. Rupa says she will not welcome her and says I agree with you and tells Dadu that this marriage can’t happen. Dadi asks what happened to you both and says kids love each other and asks why they are bringing their ego in between. Jai says first let them become young and says they will see marriage later. Dadu asks them to stop argument and go to their homes. Dadi says Jai and Aadhya are not ready for commitment and even Rupa and Shubhankar are not agreeing, how to make him understand. Rupa comes to Jai’s room and sees Vihaan sleeping. She taunts him and checks Jai, and finds him missing. She thinks where did Jai go early morning. Jai wakes up and finds himself in some room. He thinks where did I come?

Aadhya wakes up from sleep and thinks whose room is this? She thinks she slept on the bed last night. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. Aadhya also tries to open the door and finds it locked. She thinks if Rupa did this or Jai. She recalls Jai telling Shubhankar that he will meet Aadhya and will kidnapped her if needed. Jai thinks Shubhankar might get him kidnapped and thinks he is goon from inside. He thinks if this is gas chamber. Aadhya and Jai hear each other’s voice coming from different rooms. Jai calls her. Aadhya asks why did he kidnap her? Jai says I didn’t kidnap you, I myself is kidnapped. He asks if she is fine. Aadhya says someone kidnapped us and kept us in different rooms. Jai says we have no common enemy and asks her not to take tension. Aadhya gets worried.

Precap: Jai makes 7 promises to Aadhya. They are getting closer and romantic. They try to convince their family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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