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The Episode starts with Jai getting down after fixing CCTV footage. He slips and falls on Aadhya. He gets romantic and tells that he gets lost looking in her eyes. Aadhya tells that anyone can see in CCTV. Jai says we have CCTV footage, it is good. Courier guy comes and says there is a parcel for you. jai asks what to do. Ragini asks Karan why did you send courier and tells tat Jai will be alerted. Karan says there are many people in the list who are against their relation. Jai gets the courier box and reads the letter in it, which reads that he has to pay for his sins. He finds ladies match with 6 march on it and restaurant bill also. Aadhya asks did anything happen on that day. Jai says I don’t remember. Aadhya says we shall complaint in Police, this guy is very dangerous. Jai says if the person is closed to us, and says whoever is guilty will be caught. He says when we are together, nothing can happen, we are a team. He asks her not to worry and hugs Aadhya. PK asks Karan what surprise he was planning for jai and Aadhya. Karan tells that he has planned special magic show for Jai and both PK and Vihaan will help him. Pk agrees. Karan asks Vihaan if he will help him. Vihaan says yes. Aadhya tells Jai that she don’t think that their loved ones are involved.

Jai brings a dress for Aadhya and says I wanted you to wear this, but mom gave her dress to wear for engagement. Aadhya says let me wear the lehenga given by Rupa aunty and tells that she will wear this dress for other marriage function. He insists her to wear the dress. Aadhya says ok. He compliments her beauty and takes her to dressing table. He makes her wear the dupatta….Chahat ka silsila music plays….They have an eye lock. He is about to kiss her, when Dadu calls him. Jai says someone or other is stopping their romance. He goes. Aadhya gets an idea to find who has written the letter and thinks she will find now. Dadu asks Jai if he tried his engagement dress. Jai says yes and asks Karan and Ragini about the dhamaka which they will do for their engagement. Aadhya comes there and says we have surprise for you. She asks them to write their wishes in the chits so that their wishes are always with them. Everyone writes on the chits. Ragini doubts on Aadhya’s plan. Jai asks Aadhya what is this surprise. Aadhya says she is trying to find that person and will match the chit and letter’s hand writing. She asks him to come. Vihaan hears them and thinks to get the letter, thinks Aadhya will know that it is written by me. He messages Ragini to stop her.

Aadhya gets pratima’s call and says she will tell everyone. Ragini thinks to stop them until Karan searches the letter. Karan searches for the letter. Aadhya tells Jai that her mum is coming alone and Papa has some work. Jai says he will pick her. Aadhya goes to Jai’s room and searches the letter. Ragini thinks to take Aadhya from there some how and looks at Rupa’s dress which she gave to Aadhya. She tears Aadhya’s dress and then asks her if she got her lehenga altered. She then pretend to check it and says it is torn. Aadhya panics. Ragini asks her to get it stitched. She then asks Vihaan to go with Aadhya and make sure she don’t return until I message you. Vihaan refuses to go. Ragini threatens him taking Karan’s name. Aadhya takes Vihaan with her. Ragini says we have to search the letter before Jai and Aadhya return and says this is the last chance to take revenge from Jai. Jai comes to his room. Ragini hides. Karan asks if he didn’t go to pick Aadhya’s mum. Jai says PK and Diya went. Karan says we will celebrate our stay here and makes Jai drink. He says today we will have man to man talks and will share the secrets which we didn’t share with anyone. Aadhya comes to the tailor and asks him to alter and stitch her lehenga, but he refuses to alter it. Aadhya tries to convince him. Karan asks about his girlfriends. Jai says I had many girlfriends and I don’t remember their names also, but since Aadhya came in my life, I have nobody. Karan thinks once Ragini gets the letter, Jai can’t reach us.

Precap: Aadhya matches the handwriting and comes to Jai. Karan hurts Vihaan. Vihaan tells that he told everything to Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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