Internet Wala Love 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Aadhya passes the bhujiya test Written Episode

Internet Wala Love 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya talking to Jai and telling that she doesn’t want Rupa aunty to get insulted because of her. Jai says I will come there. Rupa comes and sees the things on floor and asks if she will pass the test this way. Aadhya says everything will be fine. Shubhankar asks Jai to keep his finger on the tap till plumber comes. Jai goes to washroom and leaves from there. Rupa tells the Food Inspector, Chef and the NGO lady that the bhujiya which they are going to taste today will be the best. She thinks she got the sample already made and don’t want to get insulted because of Aadhya. Aadhya misses Jai when her Bhujiya gets burnt. She touches the locket and misses him. Jai comes there and tells that he will help her pass the test and says he has seen mom making it since his childhood. Jai and Aadhya romance while kneading the bhujiya flour. They make Bhujiya together. Afeema hai tera pyaar plays…Rupa thinks to check on Aadhya. She comes to kitchen and hears Aadhya calling Jai. She scolds Aadhya not to take Jai’s name and pass the test first. Aadhya looks for Jai. Jai comes out from hiding and says whatever we do is perfect. He says NGO lady and others will taste their fingers. He takes out Bhujiya from her face. They see the bhujiya burnt. Rupa makes the guests taste her bhujiya. They say it is okay, but not upto the mark. They say they will check at some other place. Aadhya comes and asks them to taste her bhujiya. Rupa says she is trainee and asks them to ignore her. They taste the bhujiya and say it is tasty. They ask Rupa to learn the recipe from her and then they will give her order. Dadu asks Rupa to bless Aadhya as she has passed the test. Aadhya touches her feet. Rupa blesses her hesitantly.

Aadhya comes to room and hugs Jai. She says we got the contract as the NGO people like the bhujiya. Jai says he learnt Bhujiya from famous Rupa Mittal. Aadhya praises him and tells that she used to go to cricket ground with Shubhankar, but didn’t learn it as once she was hit. Jai kisses on her forehead. Aadhya gets touched. She asks him to go home. Jai says he made all the arrangements and says someone’s condition is same like us. Diya and PK are sitting in the bathroom looking at each other. Shubhankar knocks on the door. Diya and PK run out through window. Shubhankar enters house through window and slips due to the water flow. He shouts Jai and asks him to clean the floor. Aadhya comes there and cleans the floor with him. She says you had said that work is done fast when we do together. They clean the work and leaves.

Shubhankar comes there and appreciates Jai for doing the work fast. Jai gets happy. Shubhankar tells Jai that he thought to keep his programme at the neighborhood. Jai gets happy. He receives a call on landline on Shubhankar’s landline. His friends Sharma tells Jai that he is sending his son. Jai asks what? Shubhankar takes the call and asks Sharma to send his son.

Shubhankar introduces Jai as DJ and then says RJ Jai Mittal. He doesn’t let Jai to do his programme, and thinks of Rupa insulting him. He thinks he will insult Jai so much. Jai sees Shubhankar not letting him do the programme and asks them to shut up. Diya calls Aadhya and informs her about the same.

Aadhya tells that she had kept bread in the toaster and forgotten. She rushes inside the kitchen and sees the kitchen burning in fire. Jai gets Dadu’s call and he runs home to save Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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