Is there love in my life?? Episode – 13 (Anika reveals all) Written Episode

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Shivay stood there silently

“see…i know we didn’t even met for once before our wedding..and how strange is that in this mordern period our wedding happened like this and i also know we’ll take some time to be comfortable with each other so i don’t force you into the married life….why aren’t you saying anything”shivay said softly

shivay went to her held her and picked up her veil

AND he was all shocked to see anika over there bowing her eyes down phirse peron k neechein se zameen khisak gyi he was all red in anger looking very furious to her

“what? how did you came here? what you did with ANIKA ROY!!!”shivay yelled at her

“Sir just listen to me once….please i can explain…”anika tries to explain

“what you can explain ha?girls like are nothing just gold diggers running behind the money!! i don’t know what you did to innocent anika roy for your love to the money”shiavy gets furious on her

“just listen me once please……”anika pleased

“SHUT UP!!!!! whole house was shaken with this voice “he shouted on top of his voice

shivay held anika’s hand tightly and dragged her to the hall all family members comes there

“what happened beta why did you both came down??”pinky asked

“mom see whom i am married to we are being fooled!!”shivay said

“have you lost it shivay dimag kahrbh ho gaya hai tumhara??”tej get confused

omru gets shocked seeing anika over here there eyes were wide open

“i am totally in my senses but i think you people are not….see her face she is not anika roy she is my employ anika trivedi!!”shivay said loudly

“what nonsense are you saying shivay she is anika roy!!”jhanvi said

“no ma, shivay is saying right she is anika shivay’s employ!!”om said

“wait everyone now no one will say just i will say now!!”anika said

“You are not saying anything because shameless gold digger girls like you do not deserve to be here there place is in the prison!!! if am not mistaken it was all pre planned right??first you came for interview then you saved me from those goons what a mastermind you are Anika well played!!! I don’t why these people do not have any standard what their parents teach them no values.N doubt his dad must be like her greedy and shameless!!!”shivay said furiously.


“NOT A WORD NOW!!”anika shouted on top of her voice

“they are saying right i am anika roy!!and even omru and shivay are saying right i am anika trivedi shivay’s employ!! i lied to shivay that i am an middle class girl anika trivedi so that i can do job in his company and make my oen identity without my family name but things didin’t go as planned i and my dad were blackmailed to this marriage by deepak roy my chachaji”anika explained

everyone got a huge shock

“but when shivay came to meet you….that time only you could have known the reality….shivay you went to meet her na…”pinky questioned

“ but she was not well and sleeping so came back without meeting her……”shivay said

“the marriage happened so qiuckly that the bride and groom didn’t got time to meet each other……wrong”rudra giggled

“shut up rudra……”om said

“I know i am really sorry to everyone and you too shivay”anika said

“but now what about the wedding??”jhanvi said

“we don’t want to be in this fake relationship so its better we’ll get divorced”shivay said calmly

“but what about the contract??”tej said

“dad stop being so selfish!!!”om said

“yaa..i also want this divorce i can’t spend my whole life with this kanji ankhon vala baagad billa”anika said

“what did you say!!”shivay asked raising his one eyebrow

“kanji ankhon vala baagad billa….”anika repeated

“d..don’t you dare to say it again agghhh….i can’t handle this girl she is so irritating “shivay said

“shut up you both marriage is not a joke how can you be so sure that this relation will not work atleast give it a try “dadi said

“but mummyji if both are not happy with the marriage then its better to get divorced”pinky said

“just give your marriage one month if you both still don’t want this marriage get divorced and afterall if you go forward with your divorce then also it will take 6 months”dadi said

“but dadi we don’t want this marriage!!”shivay said

“can’t you do this for me billu”dadi made a puppy face

“BILLU!!”anika saidd loudly in shock with a huge smile on her face

“please don’t call me that infront of her!!”shiavy said

“but i don’t think so forcing them into the marriage will help “jhanvi said

“areee.. we’ll talk about it later….now everyone please go to your room and shivay and anika till you both are not divorced you are husband and wife and billu take care of your wife now you both go and rest.”dadi ordered

everyone went to their respected rooms just pinky stayed there

“mummyji why you forced shivay in this wedding he will not be happy”pinky asked concerned

“don’t worry pinky i have seen tashan in there eyes for each other and care tooyou just relax and you like anika right” dadi pacifies her

“yaaa…i like her but..”

“shhhh…pinky leave everything on god he’ll handle everything perfectly.”dadi said

Anika comes to shivay’s beautifully decorated room picked the duvet and pillow from the bed

“It’s okk… You can sleep on the bed i’ll sleep on couch”shivay said

“I am giving this to you only I already decided to sleep here on bed!”anika said

“Hey! You are acting too bossy”shivay said making faces

“Hey! Don’t forget now i ain’t your secretary just like that rihno! I am the great Anika Roy…”anika replied

“First of all she is Reena and don’t forget that’s my bed soon after 6 months i’ll be sleeping here so don’t make it a habit”shivay said

“If I’ll have habit of sleeping here on this bed i’ll take it with me”anika smirked

“Youre acting too smart from the moment you became Anika Roy”shivay said

“First of all I was always Anika Roy…. and Anika trivedi acts the same too did you forgot our first meet?”anika said

“Well, I won’t sleep in couch now I changed my decision i’ll sleep here bed you sleep on couch”shivay said

“No! I’ll sleep on bed you go there!”anika ordered

“I won’t go”shivay said

“Fine!! I am going to complain dadi
She starts moving towards the door shivay held him from back pulled her put his hand on her mouth so she can’t speak anything”anika said

Mmm… Mmm.. Mmm

“Anika shut up!! You sleep on bed okk”shivay said with a nervous laughter

“No No… I’ll go and call dadi”anika said

“Shut up you idiot!!”Shivay scooped her in his hand Anika gets shocked and looks on they both had an eyelock shivay slightly starts moving towards his bed and carries her in bride style
He lay Anika down on bed and looks in his dark brown orbs, Anika too lost in his kanji aankhein the wind which blew was pretty cold noticing that shivay puts duvet on Anika
“Now you are not waking up from here!”

Anika shakes her head in agreement

Shivay went to the couch and slept there
Anika looked on and soon she too fell asleep

what will be shivika’s life after marriage??


loads of Love <3

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