Is there love in my life?? Episode – 14 (shivay is CHOR!!??) Written Episode

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bright light of sunshine came upon anika’s face When Anika opened her eyes she looked at the couch where shivay was no more sleeping. Waking up she stayed on the bed when she heard a voice.


“here’s your today’s outfit”Shivay said giving her a dress” after getting ready come down the dadi wants to do some rasams”he said


Anika nods her head in agreement


after sometime she was getting ready she was wearing a pink saree with a silver off shoulder blouse, chand bracelet, heavy kadas  a small pendent in her neck and her mangalsutra of course. Standing at the dressing table she then looked at vermilion box and picked it up took vermilion and filled it in her hair  partition as she filled it she closed her eyes ‘now she is a married woman’ as she feels


she came down at the hall


And didn’t know how everyone is gonna react but they welcomed her with a pretty smile


she stands beside shivay


“lets now do ring finding rasam…pinky go and bring the bowl”Dadi said smiling


“ji mummyji”pinky replied


she gets all th stuffs


“we have put a ring in this bowl and you both have to find the  ring whoever will find it first will win”dadi explained


“Shivay you have to win this game meri naak mat katana”pinky said as she stand beside shivay


“yes shivay we are with you”tej and Shakti cheers


“No bhabhi you will win this game ok… and don’t worry your both the devars are with you” om and rudra said as they go on Anika’s side


they put their hand inside the bowl and start finding in between by mistake they use to hold each other’s fingers and gets embarrassed both were not interested  in this game but a blush can be seen on their cheeks


Anika gets the ring and she wins

“Yeahh!!! Bhabhi won the game”rudra shouted in happiness


anika had avery bright smile on her face looking that shivay too smiles


“offo shivay why you didn’t win…chalo don’t worry now my daughter in law will rule over you for rest of the like”pinky said


shivika look at each other


“not for the life just for one month shivay said straight forward


there was an awkward silence in the whole room


“Well, now its the time for rasoi rasam anika you have to prepare some dish for all of us”dadi said breaking the silence


“pinky you take her with you and tell her where the stuffs are kept”jhanvi suggested


“okk…come dear”pinky said as she takes Anika to kitchen


listening to rasoi rasam shivay eyes were widened


shivay start leaving that place silently


“Shivay where are going”


“vo i just have some work yaa…yaa..khanna” (he pretend to be on the call)


pinky exaplains everything to anika and leaves


“oh bete ki!! now what should I make”anika said to herself


shivay somehow comes there in the kicthen


“See…this the no.  Of a restaurant you order from here.. And take the delivery from the window”shivay said


“But why?” Anika asked


“Because I know you don’t know how to cook”shivay said


“Haww.. How do you know?”Anika asked getting shocked


“Remember once in office you were talking to reena about that you made that lunch for yourself ” shivay said


” Yaa…”Anika starts remembering


“I had a bite from it and it just tasted horrible… Y.. You don’t  know how to cook…. in free time i’ll give you cooking lessons.”shivay said


“First of all… You tasted my food without asking me and that’s so bad! You are CHOR You took a bite from my lunch without letting me know  And yess Don’t worry i’ll make the food” Anika said


“Stop calling me CHOR?!!! and If you will make the food everyone  will be  angry on you”shivay said


“They will be angry on me na… So why you are tensed”anika said as she smiles a bit


“Because I care…. ”


” You what…??”Anika widens her eyes


“I.. I mean I care for my family I do t want there stomach to get upset… And now I should leave but don’t make the food order it from this restaurant okay…. “shivay said in nervous tone and turned back to leave


” Fine…..”Anika replied with a sigh


“Good!!”shivay said


“Shivay…”Anika called him and he moved towards Anika


Anika puts some flour on his face


“Fhat the wuck!!! Are you mad!! What are you doing?” shivay said


“Masti…”Anika laughed


He too takes the flour and rubbed against her soft cheeks she shouted in pain.


“Don’t tell me Anika you got hurt by my hand. Shivay said but he too noticed blood on her cheeks

He held her face and said “Anika blood is oozing out from your cheeks but why?”


“Yess… Shivay its paining so much but what’s happening” Anika said


“Shivay you too are having cuts on you face where I put the flour

There’s something wrong with the flour”anika pointed out


Anika looked at the flour

“OMG!! There are really small pieces of glass in the flour.”Anika shouted


“What!!????!” shivay asked


“Who did this”shivay question to himself


Who is behind shivika?


So guys thank you so much for loving my story and soo sorry those who commented on my last episode




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