Is there love in my life?? Episode – 15 (Anika in kitchen!!) Written Episode

“Fine lets think about this later how much blood is coming out of that cut lets do the  dressing” he slightly held anika’s face looking at that cut anika looks at shivay’s eyes

“i don’t why i see care for me in his eyes but shut your thoughts anika you are thinking too much” anika thinks

they came at the hall shivay runs to bring the first aid box

“what happened oh my god!!! anika blood is oozing out from your cheeks what happened”pinky said

“nothing….its just the cut…”anika said calmly

shivay brings the first aid box and starts dressing anika’s wound

“oh my god shivay you too have cut on the cheek what happened to both of you??”jhanvi asked

“mom someone has mixed the small glass pieces in the flour!!”shivay said

“what!! khanna how did this happen after so much security do something about it.”tej said

“yes sir!!”khanna replied

“but why did you both put the flour on the cheeks?? “dadi asked

“vohh…..anika will tell”shivay said

“vohh…actually…”anika mumbled

“its okay…..”pinky said smilingly

anika too smiles

shivay feels embarrassed and stands up

“so after this much drama can we do this rasam some other day anika is also injured and…”shivay said looking at dadi’

“aree…billu its okk these kind of things will continue…and anika is just having a small cut she can make the dish for us is it fine anika??”dadi said

“yess dadi i was ready before also yahin apni taang ada rahe thee beech mein”anika said looking at shivay

“what!! bhalayi ka toh zamana hi nhi hai!! do whatever you have to!! i don’t have any problem!!”shivay said

saying that he went to his room anika too left for the kitchen

Anika was confused what to make but then she decided to make biryani for everyone she was cutting all the veggies when om entered there

“bhabhi do you need something”om asked

anika turned and om saw that anika is crying

“bhabhi why are you crying “om asked concerned

“aree…. i am not crying i am just cutting the onions.”anika said

“ohh…bhabhi if you need any help you can call me anytime”om said

“that’s so sweet of thank you so much…..”anika said and smiled

He too smiled and left

anika prepared the biryani and came to dinning table where everyone was sitting waiting for the food.shivay was also sitting but sweating in tension

anika kept the biryani on table and held serving spoon to serve everyone

“anika first serve me i am very hungry!!”shivay said

anika looks on in weirdly

shivay took the biryani bowl from her hand and took a alot of biryani from it almost more than half of the bowl was empty

“bhaiya control we also have to eat”rudra said

anika laughed keeping hand on his face to control her laughter

shivay took the spoon immidietly and had a bite of biryani after tasting his eyes were wide open after tasting it. as it tasted so good he was all shocked he looked at anika where anika was controlling her laughter looking at him

anika then served the biryani to dadi she tasted it

“wow!! this taste so good  anika….you cook really well dear “dadi praised anika

“that is okk but now what will we eat this bakasur shivay had all the biryani!! why you did you eat all the biryani”pinky said looking at shivay

“don’t worry aunty…..there is so much biryani kept in the kitchen i’ll go and get for you all”

anika gets the biryani everyone had the biryani and praised her alot

“anika…..biryani is so good”jhanvi said

“yaa…till n ow shivay was the best cook of this how but now i think this post should be changed….”tej praised anika

“thank you so much everyone”anika said

as shivay has taken the maximum amount of biryani he has to finish all of it which he was able to do after a lot of effort finally he was done with his food

anika went to shivay…..and asked

“so..Mr Shivay how was the biryani??”

“anika i am in shock how did you cook so well that food which i have tasted some days ago was very bad how did you learn to cook so soon….”shivay asked in shock

“shivay that tiffin food which you tasted in office was not made by me but my dad made it…but i told reena that i made it….”anika replied and laughed

“what!! yani you made me…”

anika completed the sentence….”i made you fool”

“oh!!so but that’s great your dad cooked for you…”shivay said

anika remembered her dad and said…”DAD….”and got lost in her own world

“what happened anika”shivay said

“i was thinking about my dad….i hope he is fine”anika replied

So guys thank you so much for liking my story you comments and votes encourage me to write  more and more thank you so much and do tell me how this episode was do comment and like

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