Is there love in my life?? Episode – 16 (Anika has to go) Written Episode

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Just then they heard a voice

“Anika….”mr roy said

she turned back and finding her dad there she ran to hug him

“Anika how are you,”mr roy said

“dad you leave about me how are you and did that deepak roy troubled you??”anika asked

“no dear…he is missing…”mr roy told her

“what?? where did he go?”Anika doubts

“Dad i want to tell you something dadi wants us to give this marriage a try i know it will not happen and after 1 month is everything won’t go nice then we can get divorced”Anika said

“that i know i talked to mrs oberoi about this and that’s really good you should definetaly you should give it a try shivay is a nice guy he will keep you keep you happpy”mr Roy said as he toched anika’s head lovingly

“no dad marriage is not my thing and i don’t believe in love “anika said

he smiles looking at her

“now i have came to take you for pagfera rasam vese brother comes to take her sister but…you don’t have a brother so i came”Mr Roy said

“aree…mr Roy welcome to oberoi mansion good to see that you are fine….”pinky said

“ya….actually i have came to Anika for pagfera rasam”he said

Anika gets ready to go just then she was about to leave when her bracelate got tangled with shivay’s watch

they had an eyelock anika then infolded it and left.

“Now bhaiya will get bored without Anika di i mean bhabhi”rudra said

“what?!”shivay said

“I mean, you have to fight after each hour but don’t worry with the help of the technology you can fight on video call.”rudra giggled

“shut up rudra!! i don’t know who girl will marry such a stupid boy!!”shivay said as he smiled a bit

on other hand

A girl wearing a cute red middie with open short hair was talking to auto driver, she was none other than saumya

“bhaiya! will take you me to the Oberoi mansion”she said to auto driver

“don’t worry the girl who will be wife will be health concious like me”Rudra said to omru

Saumya takes out the paratha in the riksha and starts eating it.

“And she will be hot and s*xy like me!! we will be made for each other”Rudra said confidently

“we’ll see rudra don’t worry “Om said

on other hand a rikshaw comes and stops infront of oberoi mansion saumya gets out of the rikshaw and

saumya steps in OM

“You!!!!!!!”rudra shouted looking at her

“yeahhh what’s shocking !!”saumya said and made a disgudting face

“why did you came here??”rudra said

“wait you both know each other?”Om asked confused

“yaaa…she met us before also and she is very sweet “dadi said as she pulls saumya;s cheeks lovingly.

Saumya smiles

“Vese you here??”dadi said

“yaaa…where is anika di??”saumya asked as she looks here and here and there

“why are you asking about mhy bhabhi i knew this girl is not human she is chudail! sabki kundali nikava k ayyi hai….”rudra said

“chup kar khothiya!!”dadi said

“shut up cry baby!! anika di is my friend i wasn’t able to come in wedding so i thought that I should come and congratulate her here!!”saumya explained

“That’s really great…but she just went to her dad’s home for pagfera rasam”Om said

“ohhh….bad timing..but its okk i’ll go and meet her there….btw congratulations bhaiyaa!!”saumya said

“Thanks”shivay said

“Rudra one thing you do….drop her at Anika’s place”dadi suggested

“What?!! but why I dadi” eudra said

“areee…What’s the problem…chala jaa…”dadi ordered

“you can send driver also” rudra said making faces

“he has taken a holiday today”dadi said

“this driver has to take holiday today only right!!”rudra mummered

“come!!!”he said to saumya

@shivay’s room

shivay entered there and saw Anika’s phone lying on the bed

“ohoo!! this girl is so careless she left her phone here only!! she is so jhabri!!”shivay yelled

“jhabri!! what?? shivay why are talking like Anika oh this girl is all over my mind but now i have to go and give her phone”he thought

on other hand

om was driving the car suddenly one girl came and stood on road her hairs were hiding her face because she suddenly came in between the car hits the girl Om rushed outside the car and scooped the girl in his arm she was none another than gauri

“she looks like an angel, but why did she came in between the road..” he said to himself

om looks here and there

“there is no hospital nearby where i should take her” A thought strikes in Om’s mind

“doctor chopra is Anika bhabhi’s neibour and Roy mansion is so close from here i should take her there”

Om mase gauri lie in back seat, sat in car and left for Roy mansion

precap :- oberois at Roy Mansion,shivika romance,rumya’s fighting, Om likes gauri

please bear with this short update will try to post long update pakka!! and thank you so much for liking my story do like and comment

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