Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arohi sees Raj Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aroi says you thought I wont know your secret ever? He says what are you saying? Raj opens his eyes. Nimki says I should I ask you question. Who is that man there. stop playing this game with me. Don’t act surprised. You knew all this. Why did you do this? He says Arohi please listen. She says I don’t want to listen. Deep takes her from there.

deep says don’t ever say that I fooled you. You know everything I did was for your security. We are in trouble. Aroi says I am enough of hearing all this. You do things for yourself. You have ruined my life. She sits down crying and says enoug. You fooled me all the time in Goa. You said you loved me and then you did all tis. Why are you doing all this. Who is that man? Why was he living with me. He says I am your husband. She says enough. Deep says I was doing all this for you and will keep doing this. She says stay away from me. Arohi leaves in anger. Deep says all this happened because of raj.

Deep comes to poolside but Raj isn’t there.
Raj is drinking. Tara says so Arohi came close to you but didn’t come to you? He says I wanted to make her mine because she is Deep’s. She fooled me. This is desire to have her now. tara says she burned your love.

Arohi gets a text. You wanna know about deep? Come to store room in 5.
Arohi comes to store room. She says who is here? Raj comes there. Arohi says you called me here? He says yes I did. There a is truth from deep’s past that will shake your life. Lights turn off and he disappears. Someone takes raj out of tere. Raj saysI know you are deep and I will let Arohi know your secret. deep drives him. Raj says where are you takin? deep says to the plce I brought you from. He says I will never go there. stop the car. Deep says no I know you wont cross your limit anymore.

Opasna comes to Virat she says look at these files. We might find something. He says this is all useless.
Deep shoves Raj out of the car. Arohi stops her car. She says to Raj tell me about deep. He says I am like deep in looks. One is evil and one is good. And he is the evil one. She says why should I trust you? He says because I can tell you the secret but you have to accept one condition. She says I don’t need to. He grasps Arohi and says your deep has been lying to you. Arohi shoves him. He says what happened? He says I wanna take everythin that is deep’s you too. He says your deep everything. Ask him what is the secret he keeps hiding. Ask him wat the code is. A car comes there. It’s deep.
Precap-Arohi looks at the code in the locket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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