Ishq Subhan Allah 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara wants to unite Alina and Amir Written Episode

Ishq Subhan Allah 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara recalls Alina’s words and incidents. Zara thinks that its clear that they like each other. I cant let family do this. She tries to run but Ayesha comes there and says you proved that you are a daughter in law, you did a lot for us but you are taking Alina’s side and provoking her to go against us. Zara says I am your daughter, I am trying to solve this. Ayesha says I want a good family for Alina. Zara says I want that too, I want her to marry someone that she accepts from heart. They hear noise.

All come in lounge to see Amir there. Kabir is about to beat him. Zara says listen to him. Amir says I came here for Alina. Kabir grabs is collar. Zara stops him. Amir says you have made me a criminal, she came and took me to doctor as she is a good human, she learnt all this from your family, cant a girl support a boy? Kabir says why did you call Alina only? you are using her. Ayesha says we have got a good proposal for Alina, please leave her. Amir says I want to meet Alina once before leaving. Kabir tries to beat him. Shahbaz says we were nice to you because you saved her but you are now taking advantage, please leave. Amir says okay and starts to leave. Zara stops him and asks if he and Alina love each other? Kabir asks what she is doing? Zara asks Amir if they love each other? Amir says we talked for sometime, I like her. Alina comes there. Amir gives them nikah copy, he says I just want to ask her if she helped as a friend or if she has feelings for us? Kabir grabs him. Kashan says if you tried to talk to our sister again then we will not spare you. Kabir takes nikah papers and says you came here because of this fake nikah? He tears it and says tell in board that you gave divorce to her. Amir says you tore it but Alina has copy too, tear that too, my relation will end too, I did this nikah to save a girl, I can divorce her to save her respect again, he leaves. Alina cries. Zara looks at her and glares at Kabir.

Scene 2
Alina tries to tear her nikah paper but cries looking at it. She recalls how she stopped Amir from eating pickle because he was ill. Amir says you are scolding me like my mother do to my father as she loves him so you.. he sits with her and says I want to say something, this is first time some girl has made food for me and my heart wants to keep you wit me forever, she says why? he jokes for food. Flashback ends. Zara comes there and says to Alina that I will tear this nikah. Alina stops her. Zara says to Alina that you told Kabir that you will accept any proposal but I want to know whats in your heart? Alina looks away. Zara says I am your sister, you can tell me anything, you have to marry. She turns to leave but Alina stops her and asks what she would do in her place? Zara says I would listen to my heart, marriage is not a game, I would see if a guy I am marrying is nice, respects women and can love or not. Alina recalls how Amir has those qualities. Zara says you have to take decision as I promise to fight world and my husband for your right.

PRECAP- Kabir asks Zara why she keep bringing topic of love and arrange marry? Zara says because its about Alina’s life. Kabir says I will talk to her.
Amir jumps using rope and stands outside Alina’s window. He says I want to talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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