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The Episode starts with Tatya coming there. Sindoor falls on Manu. She gets happy. Bheeva and Shiva shoot at Gangadhar. Tatya reaches there and asks them to run. Gangadhar asks who tried to kill me. He asks his men to catch the men. Janki asks Ross who has attacked Gangadhar and says if he dies without marriage then we will lose everything. She asks him to go and search the guilty. She comes to the Palace and acts infront of Gangadhar. Gangadhar says my future is safe until you are with me. Janki says I have mother’s heart in me. Ross thinks she is a good actor. She tells Ross that she has complaint with him. Gangadhar asks Ross to catch them. Ross says those men can’t go out of Jhansi as I have promised that I will make your enemies move from your way. He promises him and leaves. Messenger informs Gangadhar that Raj guru came. Janki says she will meet him. She meets Raj guru Tatya Dikshit and asks if her work is done. Tatya Dikshit says yes and describes that she was a silent puppet for Gangadhar, who don’t interfere in their work etc. Tatya Dikshit thinks when they are fooling Gangadhar then I shall fool them too. He says she is like what she wanted. Janki appreciates him. Raj guru asks shall I give this good news to Maharaj. Janki says no and says I will test that girl and then only I will make her reach here. She asks him to invite her here and says Maharaj shall not know. Raj guru says ok.

Peshwa asks about Bheema and Shiva. Moropant says there is no news about them, but Maharaj is saved. Peshwa says he is very happy and says Manu will become Rani. Moropant gets emotional and says she is leaving from here for forever. Manu makes food for him. He gets emotional seeing her clothes. Manu comes asking him to have food and asks why is he hiding his tears. Moropant says you are going to enlighten the future of Jhansi. Manu asks why is he worried and hiding his feelings. She asks what happened? Moropant says you are my Aai. He says he is in dilemma thinking if his decision is right. Manu hugs him. Moropant says I will make you have food with my hand. Vimla and Gayatri come to meet Manu. Manu asks where is manjiri? Vimla says Manjiri’s parents didn’t let her come out of house. Manu thinks of the happenings. She comes to meet Peshwa. Peshwa says I am happy as you agreed on my insistence. He says I will give you gift with my hand. Manu says I want just your love. Peshwa says I want to give you so much. Manu asks him to give her a gift and says only you can give me this gift. He asks her to say. Manu says I will oppose the ghulami. She says only you can give freedom to one such thing.

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