Twinkle was back at home, but was very sad, because of Kunj’s behavior. Thankfully UV and Chinki both will not be home for two days, and she was relaxed also, as no one will bother her with questions as she was still not willing to tell them the whole story. She just changed and went to bed without having any food or anything just thinking about what happened in the past. How her life was perfect with Kunj, and how things turned upside down and she had to leave Kunj.  Thinking all this she didn’t realized when she slept. She slept, not knowing that again thinking about her past, which still haunting her in form of dreams. 


It was a normal business party where Twinkle was in her normal dress, which she uses to wear, saree and accompanied Kunj, both as usual were happy and in their life (though Kunj was busy in has work, but things were better and started to worsen after words, when Kunj started losing his contracts and came to know about some leaks, which resulted in losing the contracts). After reaching the party, Kunj got busy in some business officials and Twinkle was standing alone, with a glass of juice (UV and Chinki could also not accompany them as UV had gone to India, to talk officially about his and Chinki’s marriage, after proposing her). 

Some girls came near Twinkle and started talking to them, which was a bit surprising for twinkle as she didn’t know them but still met when they introduced themselves. 

Girl1- So you are Kunj’s wife, if I believe everyone? 

Twinkle very warmly smiled and said- Yes. 

Girl2- hmm, I wonder how he married you? 

Twinkle- Excuse me. 

Girl1- I mean, how come he can marry a behenji type, he always loved girls with modern wear, but you…. She said in a very sarcastic and taunting tone. 

Twinkle kept quite as she doesn’t want to create a scene in the party and react on those nonsense talks of those girls, as she was quite confident that Kunj loves her a lot. 

Girl2- Ya, you are right, just look at her dress, who wears Indian dresses here in Australia, don’t you have dress sense as well? 

Girl1- must be really happy to marry a person like Kunj. He is so rich and handsome and look at you not his taste and type. 

Twinkle was really upset and said- I think, I should leave, you can continue with your talks. 

Twinkle started moving when girl1 stopped her and said- Why, don’t you have enough courage to listen the truth. 

Girl2- Look there, the girl you can see next standing next to Kunj, she deserves to be in his life, not a small-town girl like you. 

Girl1- Why you came in his life, you know they loved each other so much, but you just came to destroy life. 

Twinkle was shocked to look at the girl standing next to him, but she remembered that he told her that he was never in a serious relationship with anyone before marriage, but the way girls were insulting her, she could not take it and just wanted to move out from there, but luck was not on her side and they were not letting her go, crossing all their limits. Girls also left no stone turned to insult her. 

Twinkle just was looking at Kunj expecting he can just look at her and she can ask for some help but Kunj was busy with his business delegates with the girl standing next to him.

Girl 1 continued- You know what, he will never love you. You don’t deserve him. 

Girl2- Why don’t you just leave him. Look at them the girl, she is our best friend and she loves Kunj, just get out of her way. She is so famous and rich, belongs to a famous business class girl and you just a small-town girl.  

The girls continued to insult her, when she saw Kunj looking at her and gave her a smile, but the way girls were insulting her made her face go pale, which was also noticed by Kunj and he went near Twinkle, or must say at the place where girls had blocked Twinkle’s way so that she can’t move. 

Kunj came and was going near Twinkle, but looking girls became quiet. 

Girls- Hey Kunj. 

Kunj also wished them and the other girl that was standing near Kunj also came with her, though she gave a very disgusting look to Twinkle, which was noticed by all standing there. 

Kunj was about to say something to Twinkle, but before that the girl interrupted and said- Kunj, how can you marry a girl with no fashion sense. I though you want a self-independent girl, but look here we are all shocked to see such a low standard girl as your wife. 

Now listening this in front of Kunj, Twinkle’s eyes moistened, which Kunj saw and got really angry. 

Girl2- Kunj, she has no….. 

Kunj- ENOUGH…. her name is Twinkle Kunj Sarna, so better take her name with respect. Kun turned towards the girls and continued shouting but keeping his voice in control so that a scene is not created- What did you just said- she is low standard; do you even know anything about her. She is a daughter of a very famous businessman, a girl with ethics and knows how to respect her people around her. If she would have been like you, she would have not stayed quiet, and replied you in your way or even worse, but just not to create a scene in front of others and insult anyone she stayed quiet. Talking about her fashion sense, she has better than you all, and I have the most beautiful girl in my life, and I am proud to say that she is my because she understands me well and for me, she is my entire life. God has given her inner beauty as well, which you all don’t have. You all are nothing but jealous from her and dare any one ever tries to say a word against my wife, will see the worst of me. 

Kunj pulled Twinkle out with him and made her sit inside the car. He was really angry. 

Twinkle- Kunj…. 

Kunj- Why didn’t you stop them? Kunj whisper yelled at Twinkle at the parking lot. 

Twinkle- I… I… I just don’t want to create any scene, that’s why? 

Kunj- How dare they do that? I won’t spare them. 

Twinkle- Kunj, it’s ok, let’s leave it. Twinkle said cupping his face in her hands 

Kunj remained quiet for some time and then said- Let’s leave from here. He said   

As soon as Kunj and Twinkle seated inside the car Kunj gave a kiss on Twinkle’s forehead and said- I can’t bear anyone saying anything to you Twinkle, you are my life, my love. He said and hugged her. 

Twinkle smiled and said- I know, now let’s go. 

Kunj also smiled and they left from there. 

While in the car, Kunj who was looking much calmer and Twinkle was continuously looking at Kunj, with all love and care, just moved near him, tugged his arm and kept her head on his shoulder. 

Kunj smiled and looked towards her and pecked her forehead again. 

Twinkle in the same position said- Thank you. She said and kissed near Kunj’s ear.  

Kunj smirked and stopped the car at the corner and before Twinkle could ask the reason of stopping the car, Kunj pulled her keeping his hand on her bare waist and crashed his lips on her. Twinkle tried to speak, but was unable to as Kunj took it between her lips. Twinkle wanted to push him, but he being stronger was deepening the kiss more and more. He pulled apart, when it was difficult to breath for both of them. Kunj saw Twinkle’s eyes were still closed and she was breathing heavily, with her cheeks were red because of the blush, which made her look prettier. Kunj felt like making love to her but composed and said in his husky and sensuous voice, between the kisses- You always make me go crazy Twinkle. 

Twinkle moaned his name and asked him to stop, but Kunj ignoring her words started to nuzzle his face in the crook of his neck gave wet kisses over there. 

Twinkle- Kunjjjjjj……. p….pleassse……ahhhhhh…….stopppp….we….ar…..e…….aaahhhh…..out….side…. 

But Kunj has totally lost his senses, kissing her face, neck, cleavage, but Twinkle had to push him back, which after some efforts was possible as Kunj was not ready to leave her. After pushing him Kunj pouted like a candy has been snatched from a baby, on which Twinkle smiled, but thought to treat him at home. 

Flashback ends. 

Twinkle woke up with a jerk, remembering the past which happened with her. The man who was always ready to protect her dignity and her self- respect, was the one who was so rude and hurt her so much with his words. Twinkle as usual felt her eyes heavy, as was not getting proper sleeps. She got up that day and went to the office.  

The day at the office went really quiet, as neither Kunj initiated any conversation with Twinkle, nor Twinkle. Twinkle just gave the work that she was able to complete and Kunj didn’t said anything. Though the one interested to know and found really unusual was Lisa, who was after Twinkle, to know the truth, but Twinkle just ignored and continued her work. She also left the work place few minutes than her usual time and also asked Naman, not to come pick her up. Kunj had really hurt her. 

Next day, was a usual day for Twinkle. She was getting ready for work, when her phone started ringing. She picked up her phone to see from some private number. 

Twinkle answered the call- Hello! 

Voice- Hello Baby! How are you doing?? 

Twinkle recognized the voice and started to shiver badly, but still tried to compose, so that the other side, person cannot be aware that she has recognized him and was about to cut his call when the other side man said- Don’t you even think about cutting my call. 

Twinkle- W….who are you? 

Voice laughed and said- I know you have recognized me, so don’t do dramas. Anyways, let me ask you, how was your date with Kunj, amazing, right? 

Twinkle was sobbing by now, and the voice continued- Baby, but I don’t like that he took you, I wanted to be on his place, you know? 

Twinkle with her choked voice- W… why….are….y…you…d…d…doing this to me? 

Voice laughed again and said- Don’t you know, baby why? 

Twinkle- Please, now I am just living my life alone and have left him also, now I don’t have anything, please just go away from my life. You have already taken everything from me. You also took my…… 

Voice shouted at Twinkle and said- Don’t you dare start your melodrama again, and don’t even think to take help or share this all with Kunj, else you know, I will not even think for a moment before killing you. 

The person after threatening her, kept the phone down and by now Twinkle was all in tears and was crying really badly and was shivering in fear, at the same time thinking about her losses. 

Twinkle was just sitting in one of the corners of her room, when Chinki entered the room to tell that they were back, but looking at Twinkle’s condition, she ran to her to ask the reason for her condition. 

Chinki- Twinkle, what happen to you, why are you sitting like this and why are you crying? What happen Twinkle? 

Twinkle was is so much afraid by now that she was not speaking a word. Chinki just ran to get water and also called UV. 

Both Chinki and UV, were shocked to see Twinkle in that condition, she was shivering in fear and tears were not stopping. To relax her both hugged her and made tried to comfort her, made her drink water and after sometime Twinkle felt better and narrated everything to UV and Chinki. 

Twinkle- H… he…knows…where I…am 

Chinki- Who knows? 

Twinkle- H..he…j….ju…just….call….called me. 

Uv- Who Twinkle? 

Twinkle- Him, he tried to kill me and….and……. Twinkle said and started crying again. 

UV and Chinki both were worried for Twinkle, when UV said- Twinkle, just relax, come let’s sit and talk. 

Chinki- Yes, but let her calm down first. 

Twinkle told them each and everything about what had happened after she left home, leaving Kunj and the reason why she left Kunj, everything, which made UV really shocked, but he thought, things need to be cleared between Twinkle and Kunj and he needs to find out the person who created such a big misunderstanding between them, with the reason. 

UV just warned Twinkle to be very careful and he said, that once she leaves from work, he will come and pick her up, without any questions, but Twinkle was afraid beyond point and she was continuously blabbering that because that guy has found where she is, so he will kill her. 

Chinki- Twinkle, you have to be brave and face it and don’t forget we are there, nothing is going to happen to you. 

Twinkle and Chinki just hugged each other and remained like that for some time and UV was watching them and was really tensed for Twinkle, though he tried not to show Twinkle the same, but he himself was really tensed. 

Twinkle after some time calmed down and said, she needs to get ready for work as she was getting late for work. 

UV said- Don’t go out. 

Twinkle- UV, you know I can’t sit at home now, because my mind will keep thinking about what happened with me in past and believe me, I don’t want to keep myself in depressing state anymore.  

UV- Ok, Twinkle, I won’t stop you from going out, but make sure you have to keep ypurself safe and in case you have any problem, just let me know. 

Twinkle smiled and said- Ok, for sure will let you know. 

Chinki- I will decide what you will wear in front of Kunj. She said just to lighten everyone’s mood. 

Twinkle just smiled at Chinki’s words, and she did not even oppose this time as she knew that even Twinkle will try, she won’t listen to her. UV after some time left the room, as he was thinking about Twinkle and was sure, someone knowingly did this to separate Kunj and Twinkle. 

Twinkle left for her work in the dress Chinki had chosen for her, though not willing to go because she knew her day won’t be good, as she had to be with Kunj in some of the meetings and from the last lunch meeting they had, after that she was trying to avoid him and so was Kunj also, but she wasn’t aware that another shock was coming which will leave her stunned.  



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