The alarm broke Kunj’s dream and he woke only to find that he was sleeping alone, without his love beside him, which was a dream from last 2 years, in morning he wanted only Twinkle to be beside him cuddling or she waking him up, but it was just a dream from last 2 years and nothing else. 

He was disturbed, after he said all those words to Twinkle. He was well aware that Twinkle was really hurt and disappointed with him. Few things and changes that had happened in the past which he can't share with her and somethings which he still need to figure it out, made him really frustrate and the fact in all these time Twinkle, whom he wanted to be with him, was not there always made him angry and sad. And now when she is in front of him and he cannot take her in his embrace and feel peace, makes him more frustrate and angry and scared that he might lose her again. Thinking all this a tear slipped from his eyes, and he just closed his eyes reminiscing all his old sad moments without Twinkle. 

He reached his office and started to wait for Twinkle, as he already left a note on her desk to be in his cabin as soon as she comes to work. 

After sometime, he heard a knock and asked the person to come in. He was well aware that this time Twinkle will be in the room. Twinkle came in wearing a burgundy color business suit with short pencil skirt and white shirt inside and was looking gorgeous in that.  


Kunj was mesmerized by her looks as soon as she entered the cabin and he was just ogling her for 10 minutes when Twinkle called him loudly by patting his shoulder. 

Twinkle- Kunjjjjj.....Where are you lost, I am calling you for last 5 minutes. 

Kunj- Hmm....yaa yaa, nowhere. Kunj though in his mind- Twinkle must be thinking him to be some kind of pervert, because of the way I was staring her. 

Twinkle- Kunj, why you asked me to come to your cabin. Is there some important meeting today, that I am not aware of? 

Kunj- Umm, oh yes, I called you for...... by the way, you are not late today, I need to search new ideas to punish you.  

Kunj smirked and looked at Twinkle, who was standing with no expression, as she knew, Kunj appointed her to her office, to hurt her only. 

Kunj- Anyways, the reason I called you was to get your signatures on these papers. Kunj said and threw one file in front of her. 

Twinkle- What are these papers and why my signatures? 

Kunj- Your signature is required because your name is written to sign.  

Twinkle- But what is written in these papers. 

Kunj- Okay!! In these papers it is written that I Ms. Twinkle Taneja, with her own will, has decided to move in with Mr. Kunj Sarna and as per the date says, you are moving in with me tomorrow. Now you know, what is written in these papers, now sign. And he threw the file again in front of her. 

Twinkle stood numb and shocked, she thought for a second but couldn’t make out what to say as Kunj’s demand was unreasonable and she can never agree to this demand of his. 

Twinkle- And why you thought, I will agree to this stupid and unreasonable document of yours? 

Kunj- because I said so. 

Twinkle was now angry and she literally whisper yelled at Kunj- You cannot force me to do this Mr Kunj and I am not going to do this, come what may. 

Kunj smirked and said- Ahaa.... angry now, but you don’t have any other option rather than signing it. 

Twinkle- Never Mr. Kunj Sarna. She said and turned to leave the cabin. She went near the door and tried opening it, but unfortunately it was locked, she was getting angrier and tried her best to open the door, but luck was not on her side. She turned and found Kunj smiling with the remote in his hand. 

Kunj- The door won’t open Twinkle, because I have locked it, you see. 

Twinkle- Open it right now Kunj. 

Kunj didn’t said anything just his grin became wider. 

Twinkle- Give me that remote, right now Mr. Kunj, while just nodded his head in no. 


Kunj sighed and said- Come and take it. 

Twinkle in her anger just walked near Kunj to get the remote, but Kunj has other plans and as soon as Twinkle came near him, he pulled her in his embrace by locking her hands behind, which made their faces just inches apart and said- You look more se*y and hot, when you are angry, and I love that. Kunj said, his heart beating faster, and Twinkle looking down, though she was angry but the blush was clearly visible on her face because of the closeness with Kunj. 

Twinkle looked up and tried to maintain her stern face and again said- I am not going to listen to your illogical wishes. 

Kunj pulled her more towards himself, and now their faces were closer, that even an inch here or their lips will touch. 

Kunj- You know what, I am not ready to hear no from you, because you are still mine, my love, the girl who taught me how to love and explained this careless Kunj, what love is. Kunj said huskily brushing his lips near her ear, he continued- I want you and I will get you. 

Twinkle looked at him shocked and said- No, I won’t. 

Kunj smirked and said- You know Twinkle, UV has invested all his savings in a project, it’s actually a very important project for him. 

Twinkle gave him a confused look that why is he mentioning all this. Kunj understanding this said- Oh, Twinkle, why you are so innocent. Anyways let me tell you, UV invested in this deal, but you know what, the company with whom he has done this deal, is one of my clients. He smirked and continued again- I will tell him to withdrew this project. 

Twinkle eyes became wide on realizing where Kunj was taking this to, 

Kunj said- After that UV and Chinki bankrupt.... tch tch tch. I hope you don’t want this. 

Twinkle- You cannot do this. 

Kunj- I can and I will, you just sign on these papers. 

Twinkle- KUNJJJ. Twinkle shouted and with all her strength, she pushed Kunj. 

Kunj who just saw her for the moment left her and said- Don’t do that darling, you know what, it makes you look more tempting and reminds of nights, whenever we made love and I made you shout and moan my name. He said and teased her. 

Twinkle’s anger was on a high peak and shouted and said- Mr. Kunj Sarna, I don't think your girlfriend will like this. 

Kunj smiled and shrugged his shoulder- Don’t worry, she won't mind, if I make you shout my name like this again. 

Twinkle was shocked that his girlfriend won't mind if he performs infidelity with her- But I am not interested in you any more and more than that I have a boyfriend, who really satisfies me and makes me scream his name.   

Kunj was really angry right now and he moved near Twinkle, with anger clearly visible in his eyes and enough to make Twinkle scared.  

Kunj came near her in Nano second, grabbed her again and said- Let's see how much have you forgotten me. 

With that he entangled her hair in his fist and locked her lips with his. He forced his lips inside her, to get the access of her lips, exploring her mouth. 

After sometime he left and said- I know you can never get over me, even if you want to you cannot, just like this kiss. Kunj send with his ever se**y smile and locked his lips again with hers, deepening it more and more. 

Twinkle knew very well that she loves him and with all deeds of Kunj, he is not even letting her move on. 

Twinkle had her eyes closed and Kunj was looking at each and every expression of her. The kiss showed her blush and the moans which she was taking, showed she was enjoying the kiss. 

This is what Kunj want, she on his side every day, 2 years back. Twinkle waking by his side, their morning kisses.  

Kunj and Twinkle were kissing each other passionately and exploring each other's mouth in every possible way. After some time, it became difficult for them to breath, but Kunj was not ready to stop. He left her lips, but moved down to her jaws, and continued to bite and kiss her throat, making her moan. Twinkle tried to stop him, but Kunj’s grip was tight and he was continuously biting at the bare spaces of her neck. Kunj threw Twinkle’s blazer away and opened a top few buttons of her shirt, pulled it down to get more access. Twinkle was trying her best to stop her moans but failed, when Kunj bit her on her shoulder and smooched her skin to soothe her pain. Kunj’s hormones were getting out of control and he pushed her on the couch, came on top of her and fervently kissing her everywhere possible. Kunj tried moving further when Twinkle moaned his name again, to stop him. 

Twinkle- Kunjjjjjjj.....aahhhh....pleassse stop. 

Kunj just looked at Twinkle, as both were breathing unevenly after the hot make out session they had and left her. 

Kunj and Twinkle made themselves presentable and Twinkle was about to leave when Kunj just held her hand and said- I knew you were lying. 

Twinkle- What? 

Kunj- I knew you never had anything with that guy, he was never your boyfriend. Kunj said proudly feeling his love still belongs to him  

Twinkle- Don't get any wrong ideas, he is my boyfriend ,and ….and we kissed....ah and you no more affect me. Twinkle was just speaking what came into her mind not realising what she was saying. 

But now Kunj was in a mood to play so he continued- Aha....is that so, I don’t affect you anymore, no problem.  

He moved near her again, pulled her by waist and said in his s**y voice, looking straight in her eyes- I am here, you are also here, and the door is already locked. 

Twinkle was also looking with her but with scared expression, not knowing what he will say- Ssoo 

Kunj- So, show me that I don’t affect you anymore. 

Twinkle shocked- What, what are you saying? 

Kunj with a smirk- Saying the truth, show me that I don’t affect you, let’s have another round here. 

Twinkle- No, never, I have a boyfriend. 

Kunj laughed and said- I swear, will never tell him.  

Twinkle- I....neeedd...to go....leave me. Twinkle said and pushed Kunj. 

Kunj- you know what, you look more s**xy and cute wearing these dresses. 

Twinkle pushed Kunj hard and turned to leave when Kunj called her and asked her to first sign the papers and go. She again no and wanted to leave when Kunj called her and said. 

Kunj- If you leave Twinkle without signing then be sure your boyfriend will know everything about us and the moments, we shared few minutes earlier and your well- wishers UV and Chinki will be on roads. 

Twinkle with tears in her eyes- No, you cannot do this. UV was your friend also. 

Kunj- He was, he left me like you, when I needed you both the most. Kunj shouted the last part, because of which a tear dropped from both of their eyes. 

Twinkle didn’t say anything, just came forward and signed those papers and just asked when she needs to move in with Kunj. Kunj gave her the time of two days and said the rest of the things he will tell after Twinkle moves in with him. 

Twinkle was about to leave when Kunj again called her and said- Twinkle, I seriously never want to hurt you, but sometimes things are not right but I just want to confess one thing today, that I..... 

Twinkle- it's Ok Kunj, now all these things don’t matter me much. She said with a sad and forced smile. 

Kunj- Twinkle, I love you. I still love you and miss you a lot. 

Twinkle was just looking at Kunj’s face, trying to control her tears but failed badly. 

Kunj walked closer and said- Please Twinkle, I have already lost everything, you don’t even think about going away from me. Kunj said and kissed her on her lips, conveying the pain and love they had for each other. 

Kunj pulled away to look into her eyes which were closed.  

Kunj said- Twinkle, I know I have changed a lot, after you left, I am known as a rude and arrogant man. I know I am not perfect, I made a lot of mistakes in past, but I want you back in my life. 

Twinkle opened her eyes, moved away from Kunj and said- It is not possible now Kunj. We are not together anymore and we both have moved on in our life. 

Kunj caught her again and said- No Twinkle, I have not and I know you have also not moved on your life. We both are on the same path where we were two years back and with that Kunj kissed Twinkle again, but the kiss was very passionate and demanding. 


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