Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Neeraj kills Gayatri Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bindal coming to meet Archie. He stares at her. He tells her that he has come to return some belongings of Bhairavi. Archie sees the pics and says its all my belongings. He says we got this from Bhairavi’s room. Archie says Bhairavi and I had changed rooms, so maybe this was there in her room. She leaves with Dolly. Bindal thinks it means we got Bhairavi killed, thinking she is Lali’s heir, maybe Archie doesn’t know about this too. He sees Gayatri and goes to talk to her. He asks does anyone know who you are. She says no, Veer doesn’t know that Veer’s real Bua had died long time back. He says inform everyone that Lali’s heir is alive, Archie. She asks what, why is she alive, just Lali’s heir can end this curse. He says I will end this, I will kill Archie, the royal family will be killed by me. She says I will manage this, you have to handle everything and kill Archie. Archie and Dolly try to reach the Baba’s ashram. The man guides her directions. She thanks him. Bindal follows her.

The baba says someone evil is after those two girls, get them here, until I make that evil man away. His disciple agrees. Bindal aims the gun at Archie. A car comes in between. Bindal misses her. The man says my car broke down, just push a bit please. Dolly says there is a jungle here, did we come at any wrong place. Disciple asks Archie and Dolly to come in, Acharya baba is waiting for them. Archie asks how does he know about it. He says baba can see everything. He asks Archie to sit calm, baba will speak if he wants. Baba says the royal family is cursed, they always break the rules of Kaal Bhairav, there will never be peace, a death is going to happen in that house today. She asks is there any solution to this. Baba says just stop them from breaking the rules. She asks what rules, just tell me.

Baba sits meditating. Disciple says baba is doing Dhyaan, he won’t charge any fees, just do the task given by him. Veer checks Maharani’s room. Archie calls him and asks him to stay in the palace. He says I m trying to find about some tantric, what happened. She says just think that I have dreamt of the danger, stay at home. Archie worries thinking it can turn true. Gayatri scold the maid and sends the maid. She adds poison in the milk. She says I will kill Yash’s sons and also Veer. She goes to see Veer. She acts scared. He asks why are you worried. She says I feel there is someone in my room, did Rajguru come back. He says it can’t happen, come with me. Neeraj wakes up and says yes Bhagwan, I will do as you say, I will kill her. He says I have to kill her, Lord has chosen me for this work, I will not leave her.

Veer sees Neeraj getting a trishul and hits on his head. Neeraj throws the trishul at Gayatri when she is about to hit Veer. Gayatri gets stabbed by Trishul. Veer sees Gayatri trying to attack him with a weapon. He asks her what is she doing. She throws the weapon. Neeraj gets stabbed. Veer shouts Akshay, Kashinath, come fast. He asks them to take Akshay to hospital, he has saved his life, nothing should happen to him. They take Neeraj. Veer asks Gayatri where is she hiding. He sees the blood marks and goes to find Gayatri.

The maid keeps the poisoned milk for babies. Archie comes home and shouts Veer. She asks Vandana and Pavitra about Veer. They say they didn’t see him. Veer enters the secret passage and follows the blood stains to find Gayatri. Archie and Dolly get shocked seeing the stains. Veer comes to some house and finds Gayatri lying dead. He sees a picture and says so she wasn’t my real Bua, she was Rajguru’s wife, maybe she had provoked Rajguru to take revenge, maybe she is from Arjun’s family, is Sia my sister or not. He checks her belongings. He gets some old pics. He thinks this man’s pic resembles Bindal. He gets the royal family attire and thinks are they really Arjun’s descendants, is Bindal also from same family.

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