Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer kills Revati Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Archie saying it means Arjun’s family has done this, we have to find Lali’s heir and also take the idol from here she asks Kashinath to help. She gets shocked when guards attack her. Guards faint Sia and Dolly. She gets shocked seeing Kashinath coming with a dagger. She asks Kashinath what is he doing. Kashinath says Bindal is dead, but I m his younger brother, I m still alive, we all will kill you, we will start with you, you can never get this idol. Archie gets shocked.

She says listen to me. He sprays something and she faints. He asks guards to move the idol fast. He takes the idol and locks the door by some boulders. He leaves with the guards. Veer, Rajmata and Titu try to find Archie. They get inside the cave. Archie coughs and wakes up. She hears Veer shouting to her. She shouts to him. Veer says she is here, her voice is coming. He sees Archie inside the pit and asks her to give her hand.

Kashinath calls Revati. She scolds him for calling her. He says give me a chance to explain. He says you are Bindal’s relative, you used me to take revenge, you acted to love me, I truly loved you, you cheated me. He says I wanted to tell you truth but I was bounded by the promise to my family, I wanted to seek Bindal’s permission but Bindal died, can you meet me, I will tell you everything, remember one thing, I truly loved you. Revati says I feel like I got cheated, you truly love me right, fine, come here and take me away from here. He says I can’t come back, I have to go away from Rajmahal, I called you so that you come with me, until my family members kill the Royal family. She says fine, take me far.

He asks her to meet him in jungle, then they will go somewhere. He asks will you come. She says yes, I will surely come, I can’t stay here without you. He says yes, don’t mention this to anyone, else I won’t meet you, there are more of my family members in Rajmahal, we will forget everything and make a new start of love. She ends call and says now you will die, you are Jai’s murderer, you joined hands with Rajguru and blackmailed me, now I will kill you.

Revati asks everyone to keep their phones out before coming inside. Veer asks why are you calling is inside, we have to find Kashinath. She says he would have gone far already, I have to tell you something. Everyone keeps their phones in the bowl. She says I will just come, stay here. She locks them. Veer asks what are you doing. She says you have to spend the night here, Kashinath’s truth has come out, there are many people here. Archie asks what do you want to prove doing this. Revati says I can’t believe anyone, whoever is Arjun’s heir here, I want to tell him that I m going to meet Kashinath, poor Kashinath thinks I still love him and want to run away, he doesn’t know that I will kill him, his relative present here can’t save him. Veer says you are making a mistake, they are dangerous people. Revati says I know, but his relatives don’t know this, the people who knows this are locked up here, they don’t have the phones too, the door will open when I return with Kashinath’s dead body. She leaves. Archie asks her to stop. Revati watches them inside the room. Veer says maybe Revati is saying true, someone from Bindal’s family is here, so Revati did right.

Archie says Revati wants to kill Kashinath to take revenge, its wrong, we have to stop her. Kunika says but room is locked, there is no secret chamber, we can wait and pray that Revati kills Kashinath and comes back safely, Kashinath’s relative has no way left now. Revati goes to jungle and follows the marks. Titu and Dolly sprinkle water on Archie and wake her up. Archie asks what happened, where are everyone, where is Veer. Titu says I heard everyone coughing, everyone was out except you, someone fainted us and ran out, breaking this door to save Kashinath, someone here is with Kashinath. Archie says there is one way to know that person. Revati hides the dagger and goes to meet Kashinath. He sees her and thinks I knew you will come to meet me. Archie says Revati said if everyone go out, they can check on this laptop. Titu says that camera recording will have truth, we will check it fast. They check and see Akshay. Dolly says how can this happen. Titu says it means Revati’s life is in danger, Kashinath would know that Revati went to kill him. Kashinath sees Revati and goes to her. He gets a call. He gets shocked.

Kashinath calls her a fraud. They argue. She says you cheated my love, I will kill you. He asks her to stop. She asks him to come out. He hides. She says I killed my husband for your love, you cheated my love, I will kill you today. She gets stabbed by a trishul. She turns and sees Veer. She says Veer….. Veer removes the trishul and stabs her again. Kashinath smiles and says I knew Veer will kill everyone in the royal family, Revati came to kill me and died. Revati gets shocked seeing Veer. Veer sees Revati dead.

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