Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer rescues Archie Written Episode

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Archie meets with an accident. 24 hours back….. Archie gets shocked seeing Veer throwing some chemical ball in the room. Everyone coughs and faints. Veer sees them and leaves from the room by breaking the door. Archie says this can’t happen. Dolly says it means he is Bindal and Kashinath’s relative. Titu says everything is possible here, it means Revati’s life is in danger. Veer kills Revati with the trishul. Kashinath says amazing Veer, I knew you will kill this family. Archie, Dolly and Titu come there and look for Revati. Dolly says so Veer has done this, I can’t believe this. Archie gets Revati’s necklace. She shouts to find Revati. Kashinath tells someone that he did a mistake, he went mad in Revati’s life, he didn’t know she is coming to kill him. Veer says don’t do anything, I had saved you, you have put our entire family at stake, go away and don’t ever come back to us. Kashinath slaps himself and cries. He says my family is ashamed because of me, I will kill everyone.

Archie comes home. She finds Veer in his room. She asks what are you doing here, you were in that room. Veer says Revati locked everyone, we all fainted. Archie says we have seen you fainting everyone, you broke the door and left. He asks what are you finding, I didn’t go anywhere. She says fine, then see the footage. Titu says there is no footage here. Archie asks how can this happen. Titu says yes, all the recording is missing.

Archie asks Veer to come with her. She shows the locked door and finds it fine. She says how can this happen, come in with me. She checks the room. She asks where is the camera. Veer asks her to stop the nonsense. Archie says we three have seen it. Titu says maybe you have removed the camera. Veer says you maybe cheated, I m also finding Arjun’s family. Pavitra looks on and thinks I won’t let them kill my child. She packs her bag. She says I m going, you also run away if you want to save your child. Vandana asks Archie to stop Pavitra. Archie leaves. Veer looks on. Pavitra sees Kashinath driving the car and asks him to stop the car. The car stops. Pavitra takes her baby and runs. Kashinath follows. She hides from him. She falls down. She gets up. Some strange tribal men stop her and ask her to give the baby. She asks them to leave her baby. She takes a knife and tries to shoo them away. The men catch her. Archie comes there and beats them. She asks Pavitra to just run away.

Pavitra takes her baby and leaves. Archie goes after her. She asks Pavitra to come fast. Pavitra asks her to save the baby, Veer and his family will kill the baby. Archie says I can’t leave you here. Pavitra says I will stop these men, just secure my baby, go fast. She cries and sends Archie. Pavitra tries to escape and misleads the men. Veer sees Archie leaving and asks her to stop the car. She asks what are you doing. She races the car away. Veer runs after her car. She thinks how did the brakes fail. She tries to manage the car speed. She hits the tree. The car stops. Kashinath takes the video and says I should hold a proof of their death, I will wait here until they die. The petrol leaks. The fire gets ignited. Veer reaches there and tries to save Archie and baby. Kashinath looks on. Veer gets baby out and also gets Archie out of the car. Archie gets conscious and sees him. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. They see the car blasting.

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