Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer’s magical locket Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Veer being captive. He shouts and asks who are you, come in front of me, if you are Kashinath’s relative, I will return the property to you, stop this blo*dy game, come to me, tell me what do you want. One day before, Rajmata asks Pavitra why did she go to the jungle. She asks why did you do this, were you scared of Veer. She says Veer is part of this royal family, why will he hurt his family, why would he save Archie and your baby if he wanted to kill you. Pavitra apologizes to Veer. He asks her not to apologize. He says I can understand your fear well. He says I can never hurt my family, Kashinath and Bindal’s relatives are doing this to divide us, we have to stop this blood shed game soon. Everyone looks on. A man comes to the hospital. Its Kashinath in disguise. He comes to check on Revati. Nurse says Revati didn’t get conscious till now. Kashinath sees her. He holds her hand and says you are here because of me, I started my love by lie, but I swear I really love you, the proof of my love is I didn’t leave you to die in the jungle, Jai was my son also, I want to convince you so that you come with me.

She opens her eyes. She gets up and attacks him. She runs out. Kashinath asks the men to catch her, she shouldn’t reach Rajmahal. Archie asks did we did a mistake to doubt Veer, why would Veer save Pavitra’s baby, something is wrong, I don’t understand. Kunika says come with me to my room, Neeraj is taking your room, he is saying Lord has sent a message for you. Archie rushes. They see Neeraj hiding. Neeraj says Lord has sent a message. He says Lord said the closest person to you will die. Kunika says he says such things every day. Archie thinks who will be dying. They hear someone shouting and rush to see. Everyone comes out and sees a villager getting his daughter. He says your family member has killed her. They all get shocked. The man says we want justice, we want the culprit to get punished.

Akshay moves back. Veer says you will surely get justice, if anyone from royal family has done this, he will be punished. He promises the man. Sharad says you have 24 hours to find the culprit, else we will find out, we can’t bear this torture now. Dolly says maybe Sharad is from Bindal’s relatives, so he is provoking the villagers. Sharad says we won’t do the girl’s final rites until Veer finds the culprit. He takes the girl’s body. Kashinath asks the lady did she get Revati. She says no. Kashinath say she knows Veer’s truth, we have to find her, if our family knows we didn’t let Revati die, they will not leave me, we have to find her. Archie thinks what does Lord want to tell me. Veer thinks who is doing this, this is punishment of our bad deeds, who has done this with that girl. He says I m going out for a walk.

Archie says I will come along. They hear someone calling out Archie. He asks her to go and see. She goes. He stands alone. He gets possessed by some locket. Archie asks who is there. She goes back and doesn’t find Veer. She looks for Veer. She asks Vandana. Vandana says I didn’t see him anywhere. Akshat looks on. Veer goes somewhere alone. He gets hit on his head. He faints down. FB ends. Veer shouts what do you want, tell me. He sees someone coming and asks who’s there. He sees Titu and asks him to open him fast. He says I was with Archie at Rajmahal, leave me. Titu says forgive me, I should have not come here, I did a mistake. Veer sees his locket and turns angry. Titu worried. Veer breaks the ropes and chair. He gets up. He sees the truth in the magical locket that Titu had killed that village girl. He says you have done a sin, you are a sinner, now you will get death punishment. He lifts Titu in air and suffocates him to death.

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