Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer reveals truth to family Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Veer and Pavitra seeing two women. They get hit. A man comes there and drags the women away. Veer gets up and follows them. He sees the car leaving. He rushes back to see Pavitra. Pavitra gets up. He asks her is she fine. She asks what happened here. He says that man attacked us and went with that two women, I couldn’t see his face, maybe this is his mistake to leave fast. He checks the place and says there will be some clue that makes us reach him. They look for clue. She says these chains… it means those girls were here for long time.

He gets a shop bill and says we can know about that man from this shop. Archie comes to Rajmata and asks why are you standing here. Vandana says Veer and Pavitra went inside this room. Archie says please open the door, Veer would be in danger. Rajmata says the key isn’t working. Archie asks guard to break the lock. They all get in and look for Veer and Pavitra. Veer meets them. Archie asks are you fine Veer. They hug. He says Rajmata said this curse has solution of curse, but this chest is empty. Vandana opens it and checks. Pavitra says yes, all the things here are fake, we went to the passage and found two girls. Veer says those girls were tied up, someone attacked us and took them away, I will reach that man through these papers.

Rajmata calls Rajguru and tells him everything. She says Veer has broken rules and went in, someone attacked him, but he is fine. Rajguru says he did a bad thing, Lord has given the command first that someone from royal family will die every week, we should not anger Lord, what was Veer finding. Rajmata says Veer said two girls were inside. Rajguru says Veer should have not opened the chest, Lord has shifted the solution. Rajmata asks him to tell her what she should go. He says explain Veer to control his doings, else Lord will never forgive him. She cries. Neeraj comes to haveli and runs. He goes to Archie and asks her to save him. She slaps him and scolds. She asks him to leave. He says he wants to kill me, look there. Veer comes. Neeraj says look there, Kaal Bhairav wants to kill me, see him Kunika comes and asks what happened. Neeraj says look there. Kunika says there is nothing. Veer says there is no one. Neeraj says I can see him, make him away. Kunika says I will take you safely, I m your mum, come with me. Neeraj asks Veer to help. Archie says Neeraj is lying. Veer says no, he is hypnotized, he is really feeling he has seen Lord, give me that button, I think I can find that man if I visit that shop, we can get the man who killed Bhuri.

She gives button and asks him not to go alone. He says one of us has to stay here, I will go and find out. She asks him to stay careful. Archie says I feel its some curse or human conspiracy, I know Lord will show me the right way, help me please. She falls asleep and dreams of some secret chamber. She sees some man at a tea stall. The royal princess and her mum get attacked. Archie’s dream breaks. She thinks what’s this dream, Lord wants me to save the daughters of Rajmahal. Rajmata comes and asks why are you worried. Archie says I have seen a strange dream, two princesses were scared and said someone wants to kill them, even Bhuri told me the same, to save royal family’s daughters.

Rajmata says just Vandana’s daughter is left now, Veer didn’t do right by going to that room, will Kaal Bhairav punish that baby. Vandana hears this and cries. She says no, this can’t happen. She hugs her daughter and goes. Archie says Veer has gone to some shop to find out. Rajmata says what happened to Veer, why is he doing this, explain him before it gets late. Veer reaches the shop. He introduces himself and asks shop owner to help him with details. The man says he is our regular customer, he takes clothes for his wife and daughter, he had come today as well. Veer thinks because he had to leave everything because of me. Veer asks him to show CCTV footage. The man says he just left, see that’s his car. Veer thanks him. He follows that man. He gets shocked seeing Akshay.

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