Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Archie gets Veer’s magical pendant Written Episode

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dolly running to some jungle. Archie looks for her. She sees Dolly coming with a trishul and asks what are you doing. Dolly stabs her with trishul. Some hours back, Neeraj says Lord has sent the message, sinners will die. Dolly gets scared. She says Lord will not leave the one who supports sinners, nothing will happen with me. Archie says no, Titu can’t do this. Akshay says its true, Titu has done many sins, Titu has stolen money from our accounts, we got many pearls and jewels from his luggage. Archie says I can’t believe this.

Veer says he has cheated us. Archie says maybe someone has framed him. Dolly says no, its true, Dolly has done this sin, I m also part of this, he used to steal money, I have seen him doing this, he begged me and asked me to forgive him, I didn’t tell this to anyone, I felt he will change. She apologizes. Veer says you have done much wrong to hide all this. Dolly says sorry, I felt Titu will change. Veer turns angry. Dolly says forgive me, Archie save me, I don’t want to die, sinner gets punished in this house, I didn’t do this intentionally. Archie says you did this for Titu, its nor your mistake, stop crying. Veer rages when they leave. Veer says you can’t get saved, you have hidden Titu’s crimes. Dolly gets scared. Archie thinks of Neeraj’s words and goes out. Veer isn’t sleeping either. He gets up and goes out.

Dolly sees Kaal Bhairav coming. She shouts no and wakes up. She packs her bags to leave. Archie goes to balcony and thinks is Lord really coming to punish sinners, I have to find the idol some how and place it right, then this curse will end. She sees Dolly going somewhere and shouts to stop her. Dolly hears some dogs sound and runs towards the jungle. Veer hits on her head. She faints. Archie comes there looking for her. She sees Dolly’s bag. Veer catches Dolly and says you will be punished for your sin. Dolly asks what sin. He says you have hidden your friend’s truth, you did a sin. Dolly says I didn’t do this intentionally, forgive me, who are you. He says I m your Kaal, I have come to punish you. She asks what punishment. He puts hot coal in her mouth. She tries to scream. She is tied up by the ropes. She struggles. Archie comes there. Dolly struggles.

Dolly sees Veer going. She takes the trishul and goes after him. Archie sees the smoke and so many trishuls. She sees Dolly coming with a trishul and asks her to stop. Dolly goes to stab her. Archie gets saved and pushes her. Dolly cries. Archie asks what were you doing. Dolly is unable to talk. Dolly signs somewhere. Archie asks her to answer, who has done this with her. Dolly gives something she got from Veer. Archie checks the magical locket. Archie asks whose locket is this. Dolly couldn’t speak. Archie asks is this locket of the man who tried to kill you. Dolly faints. Archie sees the strange locket.

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