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The Episode starts with a flashback scene set in year 1895. The temple is known for its miracle. People pray to Kaal Bhairav. Britishers come there to see the miracle. They see some light appearing inside the temple. Everyone smiles and chants Kaal Bhairav’s name. Everyone uses to see sunlight in the dark night. Someone plans to steal the idol. Britisher asks how can this happen. Constable says we believe this is Lord’s miracle. The villager say this isn’t any miracle, I will tell you everything. He shows the workplace. He says this big idol is Kaal Bhairav’s idol, the light emits from this small idol, its not any Lord, there is a big diamond inside the idol, when the moon light falls inside the idol, the light appears and night turns into day, if you get something, you can help us, show me your power. Britisher says maybe this is precious than Kohinoor, we will steal the idol and break it to get diamond, you will get reward. Someone hears this and goes to inform the king.

The king scolds the greedy villager. The villager laughs and says my heir will get that diamond, how long will you save Utsav idol. The king thanks the young boy for informing them. He says Rajguru we have to protect the Utsav idol at any cost. King does the aarti and prays to Kaal Bhairav. He says forgive me, I have to take this idol away from enemies, I will protect the idol until my last breath. He takes the idol. He asks the men to fight the Britishers for the sake of Kaal Bhairav. The Britisher challenges the King to get the idol. The battle begins between them. The King reaches some place and hides the idol. He leaves the clues on the crown. He passes the crown to Rajguru. He writes the story so that if any heir gets the idol, he places the idol in the temple. FB ends.

Archie reads the entire story. She reads the idol is very pure and miraculous, don’t have any greed for the idol diamond, just place the idol in the temple to have a good future. Archie says maybe enemies didn’t get this secret, they have killed the heirs and also tried to find the secret. Veer says that Prince got killed in the battle, he protected the idol, I have to do the same now. The man and fake Neeraj look on. The man says I will not let them get this idol, they will be facing many troubles now. He informs his men to kill Veer, Archie and Akshay. Akshay says its Poonam night today. Veer says we should take it to temple. Archie says no, we have to take this for Shuddikaran first, our enemies can come here anytime. Veer agrees. They leave. The man Thakur also follows them. The goons wait for Veer’s car to trash it by boulders. The car stops. Moonlight falls over the idol. A light emits from the idol. Thakur’s car hits the tree. The boulders and goons fall down. Archie says idol is missing.

Veer says Neeraj is running away with it. They follow Neeraj. Fake Neeraj asks his dad to get up. He asks what was this bright light. Thakur says its the light of that ancient diamond, where did they go. Fake Neeraj says Neeraj has run away with the idol, I think he went to palace. Neeraj runs to palace. Veer comes and asks where is Neeraj. Rajmata says I didn’t see him. Archie says Neeraj just got in, its imp to find him, he has Utsav idol. Kunika says its a big sin, you will get punished. Veer asks where is Neeraj. She laughs and says its all lie, Kaal Bhairav will come and punish you all. Veer asks Akshay to find Neeraj. Archie says we can find him by checking the CCTV. They rush and check the footage. They see Neeraj disappearing. Archie asks how can this happen.

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