Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer turns violent Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Pavitra coming to palace and meeting her baby. She asks why ain’t my baby waking up. Vandana says Archie should have not done this. Baby cries. Pavitra takes him and hugs. Abhiram looks on. Archie asks what shall we do now. Revati says there is only one way, we shouldn’t come in front of him. Archie gets shocked seeing Veer. He faints. She worries. Abhiram confronts Pavitra for stealing the idol and giving it to his dad Thakur. He asks what’s the matter, tell the truth. She says you are Neeraj. He says I m Abhiram, not Neeraj, we look the same, just tell me, how did the idol come here. She says I gave this to Thakur, Archie has put something on it, my hands got black, she caught me, ask your dad about this idol. He says I don’t know where is he, since idol has come here, he is missing.

Thakur wakes up in jungle. He recalls taking the idol in the car. The idol shines for a while. He gets shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav in front and applies brakes. He faints. FB ends. Thakur looks around. He thinks where did the idol go, how did I come here, I fainted in the car, was it really Kaal Bhairav. He shouts for help. He thinks where am I. Archie gets Veer home. Revati ties him with ropes. Everyone looks on.

Vandana asks can this really happen. Archie says this illness is called split personality disorder, Kaal Bhairav comes in Veer, he punishes people, he was punishing me. Revati says he tried to kill me knowing my husband died because of me. Archie says we should not stay here, we don’t know how he wakes up, as Veer or Kaal Bhairav, we should go out. Rajmata cries. Pavitra says Archie is mistaken, the idol is in puja ghar. Vandana asks Rajmata to just come. Sadhu meets Thakur and tells about the special powers of idol. He says Kaal Bhairav lives in that idol. Thakur asks what shall I do. Sadhu asks him to do puja and take idol for shuddikaran, then place it to get its Divya powers, remember, one tries to keep it without puja and Shuddikaran will be ruined. Thakur says no, I will do as you say. Sadhu says come to Shiv temple tomorrow. Thakur agrees.

Veer wakes up and sees the ropes. He says who did this, who is here. Everyone looks on from far. He asks who has tied me up, where is Archie, her life is in danger, we should go and apologize to Lord, free me, is anyone here, Akshay, guards? Archie cries and goes to him. Revati asks Archie to stop. Veer says its good you have come, see they have tied me up, what’s happening, free me. Archie says I have tied you, you are sick, you have split personality disorder, you tried to kill me. He asks did you go mad, I love you more than my life, I think Kashinath and Bindal’s relatives are provoking you, you think this about me, I m your husband and love you a lot, free me from ropes. Everyone looks on. He says its me, Veer. Revati says don’t free him. Veer sees Revati and turns into Kaal Bhairav.

He says you killed your husband, you will be punished now. Revati asks Archie to see. Veer scolds Archie for her sin also. He gets free from the ropes. Akshay shuts the door. Veer says I told you I will come to punish the one who does sin. He breaks the door. They all run. Veer follows Revati and Archie. Akshay tries to stop Veer. Veer pushes him far. Guards come and get beaten up. Rajmata looks on and cries. Veer says no one can hide from Kaal, come out. Pavitra says Abhiram, tell your dad to keep money ready, I will meet him with baby and idol, I want to keep my baby away from this madness. Veer shouts sinners can’t get saved from me. Archie and Revati hide and look on.

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