Karn Sangini 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn Learns The Truth Written Episode

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Kunti feeds birds when Uruvi walks to her and birds fly away. She hugs Uruvi and says she is happy to see her after a long time and even sad as they are standing on opposite sides of war, this war should not separate us women. Uruvi says they don’t see these birds in city. Kunti says she feeds these birds since she was in jungle and these came behind her, she is these birds’ mother along with pandavs. Uruvi says she forgot 1 bird and left it in jungle itself. Kunti asks to forget these talks, how is she and how is he.. Uruvi asks who. Kunti says she means Uruvi’s husband. Uruvi says she spoke right before, her son Karn and questions why did she disown Karn and let him in river. On the other side, Krishna informs Karn that he is not Radha’s son, but Kunti’s son; he is Pandav’s elder brother, so he should not wage war against hhis own brothers. Karn says he maybe Kuntya by birth, but Radhe by life; his biological mother disowned him, but his foster mother gave him the love he deserved and bought him up, and Duryodhan gave the respect he deserved, so he will be always loyal towards them. He requests Krishna to never reveal his brothers about his identity till his death. Uruvi on the other side continues confronting Kunti and suggests her to accept that she is Karn’s mother, that way she can stop war as Duryodhan respects Karn’s friendship a lot and will drop war idea.

Kunti cries that she cannot accept Karn as her son as she does not want her other sons to face the humility Karn is facing. Krishna tells Karn that he chose path of friendship and is determined, so he will not speak further. Karn goes to Radha who says she is happy to hear that he is Kunti’s son and is a khatriya. Karn says he is always her son. He inflicts burn on his hand and showing Radha’s same mark on her hand says now he is her son, though he looks like Kunti. Radha gets more emotional hearing that.

Uruvi gives butter pot to Krishna and sees him off. Krishna before leaving says Karn’s decision is final and he will support his friend going against dharma, only her love can change his mind. Uruvi sends a letter to Karn who comes to meet her and says he does not have much time, but is glad she called him. She addresses him as Kunti putra. Karn says he is Radhe putra. Uruvi says he cannot change the fact that he is born Kunti putra and a kshatriya, so he should not wage war against his own brothers. Karn says he just knows that he cannot betray his friend and is ready to accept death in war.

Precap: Women does not accept charity from Uruvi saying her husband is supporting adharma. Uruvi ties Karn while he is asleep, but in the morning she does not find next to her.

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