Karn Sangini 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi’s Worst Nightmare Written Episode

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Uruvi tells Radha that Karn spoke about his death, how can she be in peace. She seeks Radha’s blessings to be suhagan forever. Radha brings sindhoor and says nothing will happen to Karn until he has kavach kundal/protective gear, that is why Kunti left Karn confidently. Uruvi gives charity to women. An old lady tells she cannot take her charity as her husband is supporting adharma. Uruvi says Karn never took adharma’s path and is just supporting his friend.

Kunti cries in front of Krishna that Karn is a competent warrior and has qualities of all her other 5 sons, then why her son has to face all the problems, if he will not be remembered int he future. Krishna says along daan veer, shoor veer, etc., Karn will be remembered for his friendship with Duryodhan just like Krishna and Sudama’s friendship.

Uruvi gets a dream of Karn taking her near cliff and his chest is full of blood without kavach kundal. She walks to him and he falls from cliff. Krishna comes behind her and she requests him to tell how to save Karn. He suggests her not to let Karn go anywhere till next day. She wakes up and ties her hand with Karn’s to not let him go anywhere. Next morning, she wakes up and sees Karn missing. She rushes out and informs Radha about her dream. Radha gets worried saying if Krishna has come in her dream, it will be true. Karn enters wearing blood stained shawl. Radha and Uruvi get tensed seeing that and asks where had he gone. He says to do surya namaskar as usual. He removes his shawl and Radha relaxes seeing his kavach kundal intact. Karn says a few citizens smeared kumkum on him. Uruvi tells about her dream. Karn says she is just worried too much and says he has to go and meet neighhor king now. Uruvi acts as injuring herself to stop him. Krishna thinks Uruvi does unusual sometimes and amazes him. Karn applies medicine to Uruvi and thinks he cannot leave her in pain and go. Guard gives him neighbor king’s message questioning his promise. Uruvi stands up and says let us go and meet neighbor king right now. He asks what about her injury. She says she was just acting to stop him from going out.

Precap: Karn tells Uruvi that sh eis worried about him, so she is getting bad dreams, nothing will happen to him and walks away. Uruvi thinks she should follow Karn.

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