Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki- Season 2 Part 10 (Midseason Finale) Written Episode

Gopi and Ahem leave the temple. Suddenly, the goons arrive again in their cars. Gopi and Ahem run until they reach near a lake. They have nowhere to go. Gopi and Ahem get worried. The goons come and start laughing.
“ Ahem Ji, I want to tell you that I will always love you and if anything happens to me, I want you to remember that.” Gopi says.
“ Be quiet, nothing will happen to you. We just reunited and Meera is waiting for us. Our daughter is 16 years old now. She has been waiting for too long.” Ahem sobs. Suddenly, a mysterious woman comes. Her face isnt shown. She gets a gun and shoots Gopi. Gopi goes into the lake. Sad Saathiya song plays
“ Gopi!” Ahem screams and jumps into the lake. The police arrive with Raj and arrest the goons. Ahem tries to find Gopi but she was missing. He couldn’t find her.
Ahem and Raj return to the Modi Mansion. Most of the guests had left.
“ Ahem, where is Gopi?” Kokila asks.
“ Mom, she is gone.” Ahem says. Kokila gets shocked. She slaps Ahem and grabs him.
“ What are you saying? Gopi isnt dead. She is alive. She will come back, I am sure.” Kokila screams. Everyone cries. Kalyani, Komolika and Aliya get happy and go to their room.
“ Wow, Dadi, excellent plan.” Aliya says.
“ Excellent plan? I didn’t do this. Someone kidnapped Gopi from where I sent her. Someone else got her killed.” Dadi says.
“ You mean, Gopi has another dushman? But who?” Komolika says.
“ I don’t know, but we need to find out.” Dadi says. The three are called by Ahem. The police are here.
“ Inspector, arrest these three. They are responsible for everything. Kalyani and Komolika Modi tried to kill me and my wife. Aliya kidnapped me and kept my identity hidden. She was involved with these two.” Ahem says. The women are shocked that Ahem has got his memory back.
“ Where is your proof though that it was these three?” The inspector says.
“ I have no proof but I know it was these two. I saw them. They also killed Ansh, not Gopi. My wife is innocent.” Ahem says.
“ I am sorry Mr Modi, with no evidence, I cannot arrest them. Goodbye.” The police leave. Kalyani smirks evilly.
“ Poor Ahem, he lost his wife and he cant even punish me as well.” Dadi says. Ahem gets angry.
“ I will avenge Gopi and expose you.” Ahem says.
“ Good luck.”

6 months later, a woman enters the Modi Mansion.

” Jaise Krishna, who are you?” Kokila asks.

” Maaji, I am your Gopi.” The girl says. Her face is shown. (Gia Manek)

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Everyone is shocked.

Precap- Kokila refuses to accept that she is Gopi and asks her to go away. Gopi touches Kokila’s feet and begs her to believe her.

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