Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag’s engagement with Mishka Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Komolika coming to Anurag and asking him to help her in sorting the broken hook of her blouse. He agrees to help her. She says men will be men, you are also the same. He says you seriously have some trust issues, I m not like other men, I m Anurag Basu. He asks Prerna to sort out Komolika’s blouse issue. He goes. Anupam gets him to the room and says I saw that person, he was telling his wife that he will take revenge. Anurag asks who. Anupam says Navin, I went out to talk to my friend, I have heard Navin saying about revenge. Anurag says how dare he think of harming Prerna. Anupam says we will see him after the engagement. Anurag says I can’t stay back, I have to go. Anupam says I can’t take risk. Anurag says he will harm Prerna. Anupam says Mishka’s family has arrived, what will you tell everyone, Prerna’s family is with her. Anurag says so what, I m also with her, I will save her. He leaves.

Komolika greets Prerna and says Anurag told me that you will help me, my hook has opened, I don’t know how. Prerna says I can understand. She helps Komolika. Komolika taunts her and sings Dil ke armaan… she says you are seeing Anurag’s dreams, he isn’t yours, he is of someone else. Prerna says I think you don’t know him, you are a guest here, I m a part of Basu family. Komolika says you are a servant and I will soon become a family member, because Mishka is my sister. Prerna gets shocked. Komolika smiles.

Anurag calls out Navin and asks where are you, how dare you come here, I got you arrested, don’t dare to harm Prerna. Anupam looks on and says Navin isn’t here. Anurag asks where is he, I promise I won’t leave him if anything happens to Prerna. Anupam says he didn’t come here, I had said that to check something. Anurag asks what. Anupam says Prerna is more imp than Mishka and your family, she is more imp than this engagement, you have fallen in love with Prerna.

Anurag gets thinking. Anupam smiles and says I know you are not at fault, you may think Prerna doesn’t love you or if she learns your feelings, I m sure you are in love with her, when you are in true love, you can’t tolerate anyone hurting your lover, no one else can tell you about love. Anurag asks do you know what’s love. Anupam says yes, everyone thinks I married Nivedita for money, I told her the wrong reason for marriage, I love her very much. Mohini comes there and asks Anurag to come. Anupam asks are you happy. Anurag goes. Komolika gets hurt and turns to slap Prerna. Prerna says it happened by a mistake. Komolika argues with her. Prerna says I have to get the needle, it may prick you. She asks Prerna not to come between Mishka’s happiness.

She warns Prerna. She says you are mad for Anurag, he isn’t yours. Prerna says lets go for the engagement ceremony. Komolika asks can you see it, how will you control your tears and see his marriage, your heart will break and I will enjoy it. Prerna says my happiness lies in his happiness. Komolika says we will see your sacrificing you are. Prerna says I m happy if Anurag is happy. Komolika leaves. Nivedita starts the engagement ceremony. Mohini calls pandit. Anurag and Mishka come for engagement. Komolika taunts Prerna. Anurag holds Mishka’s hand. Prerna sees him and cries. He gets the ring. Pandit asks him to make Mishka wear the ring. Anurag thinks of Prerna. Main waari jaawan….plays…. Mihini asks him to go ahead. Prerna slips down the stairs. Anurag gets shocked and runs to hold her. He drops the ring and holds Prerna. Everyone looks on.

Prerna sees Anurag and Mishka’s engagement. Anurag thinks I m engaged, even then I m thinking of Prerna, I love Prerna.

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