Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna are in sorrow Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Mohini attending the guests. She asks where are Anurag and Komolika, is he answering the call. Nivedita says relax, I will call Komolika. Komolika answers and says we are going to the hospital, we are fine, we are taking Prerna to hospital, she was found unconscious. Nivedita asks what, just come here soon. She tells this to Mohini. Mohini says this girl is getting on my nerves now. Nivedita says Anupam, don’t show that you said right. He says I m worried what would be Anurag going through. She says don’t start it again. Anurag says we are there, easy. Komolika asks him to go and get a stretcher, she is here to take care of Prerna. He runs. She gets angry on Prerna. Chahat ke safar mein….plays…. Anurag tries to get help. He gets the hospital staff and rushes Prerna on the stretcher.

Komolika talks to Mohini on phone. Mohini says you are Anurag’s wife now, you control him, Prerna was purposely there to blackmail Anurag, he has no feelings for Prerna. Komolika asks why are we lying, we know his feeling for Prerna. Mohini says doctors will take care of Prerna, just come soon. Komolika says you come here and explain your sons, if I force him, my first night will get spoiled, he will get my wrong impression. Mohini says I understand, stay there, I m coming. Mohini says Prerna…. Nurse asks Anurag to go out. He asks nurse to call the doctor fast. Nurse asks doctor to come fast. Naina ……plays….. He cries thinking of his bitter words to Prerna. He goes to her and cries. She wakes up and sees him. He says take rest. She says don’t go anywhere leaving me, you promised you will marry me. He says sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise, but I will always be there for you, please trust me. She says don’t leave me, I don’t know its a dream or not. He says its not a dream, I m always here. She says you are not Anurag, he mocked my love, he said such terrible things for my love. He says beat me, finish it. She says you know I can’t live without you, how can I live. They hug and cry.

Kasauti….plays…. She says I don’t know if its a dream, I don’t want to lose this chance, its imp. He says okay, tell me, I m here. She says imp thing is…. do you still want to marry someone else. He recalls marrying Komolika. He says I already got married. She says no, you can’t do this. She stops him. Nurse injects her. Prerna cries and goes to sleep. Nurse asks Anurag to go out. He says just 2 mins, she needs me. He cries. He says I m sorry Prerna and kisses her. He goes. Nurse tells doctor about Prerna. Doctor asks Komolika can she help, is she Prerna’s family member. Komolika says no, we have an odd relation, I know a lot about her, you are wasting out time. Doctor asks did she go through any shock in past days.

Komolika says yes, she was obsessed with a guy who would never be of her, trust me, I don’t like to interfere in anyone’s personal life. Doctor asks Anurag is he Prerna’s husband. Komolika says he is my husband. Anupam calls Shivani. She asks did you get Prerna. He says no, Anurag found her unconscious on the road, reach city hospital fast. She rushes. Doctor says she is the same girl who ran away, I told her she is pregnant, her BP is low. Nurse says I think that guy is her husband. Doctor says maybe, do you think its wise to tell about her pregnancy. Nurse says he was worried for this girl, he can’t cheat her. Doctor says I will talk to him. She asks who is the guy who got Prerna. Nurse says he is Anurag Basu. Doctor says I should tell him about Prerna.

She sees Mohini scolding Anurag. Mohini praises Komolika. She says I can’t let you stay here, you just got married, I will pay the fees for Prerna’s treatment, look at Komolika, she is quiet, don’t take advantage of her silence, Prerna is a trouble for us, you are coming with us. Komolika thinks let me see Anurag, you love Prerna more or your mom.

Anurag says Prerna is my responsibility, she needs me. Mohini says Komolika is your responsibility. He says Prerna is my first responsibility, and then Komolika. Veena says you must not give up, stand up against the people who are against you. Mohini says a day will come when Prerna will take everything away from you.

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