Kesari Nandan 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari loses for Jagat’s sake Written Episode

Kesari Nandan 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari trying to help Hanumant. He says you can’t do anything, its about wrestling, you are a girl. She asks why do you discriminate between a girl and boy. He asks her to not question and help her mum in kitchen. He explains her the difference and says girls can’t do few things which just boys can do. She gets sad and goes. She takes the boy’s get up and gets angry recalling his words.

She fights with Jagat. Hanumant looks on and asks Jagat to fight Dangal today by showing his strength. He asks Kesari Nandan to show his quickness and fight cleverly. Madhavi prays and plays shank. The fight begins. Kesari thinks a girl can do anything what boys can do. Johri comes there. Hanumant asks him to sit. He thinks Jagat show your talent to Johri, show your bright future. Jagat puts down Kesari. Hanumant gets glad.

Johri praises Kesari and says your son is doing great. Hanumant says no, my son is that one, Jagat. Kesari thinks I wish dad knew I m his daughter. Hanumant asks Madhavi to get water for them. Johri says don’t feel bad, Jagat’s techniques aren’t so good as that little boy, he is very quick, look at his techniques. Hanumant says its training, Jagat will show his talent in Dangal, this is just training. Johri says fine, then make them fight. Hanumant worries. Madhavi gets water for them. She goes to Hanumant. He says if Jagat loses in Dangal, his future will be…. He gives water to Johri.

Madhavi sees her children. She goes to Kesari. Kesari sees her crying and asks are you fine. Kesari says you lose this Dangal. Kesari gets shocked. Madhavi says don’ forgive me, if you don’t lose, Jagat won’t get sponsor, his future will be ruined, your dad will be broken down. Kesari worries. Madhavi says its your wish and goes. Hanumant asks Jagat and Kesari to fight Dangal. Kesari thinks mum told me I m not less then any guy. Hanumant asks her to come. Kesari sadly fights with Jagat. Jagat falls down. Hanumant worries and asks Jagat to fight well. Kesari sees Madhav and loses to Jagat. Jagat slams her down. Hanumant and Johri praise Jagat. Madhavi cries seeing Kesari hurt. Madhavi says the boy got hurt. Hanumant says don’t worry, this happens in wrestling. He hugs Jagat and says maybe we will get sponsorship. He introduces Jagat to Johri. He says Jagat is my son. Johri says great, I will sponsor him. Hanumant thanks him. Kesari smiles.

Jawahar says amazing Jagat, you really played well. Jagat gets happy. Kesari sees the idol. She thinks my failure had my brother’s success, dad told me that there is a difference between boys and girls.

Jawahar bullies Kesari. She beats him. Sand goes in her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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