Kesari Nandan 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari slaps Jawahar Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Jawahar drinking water before Hanumant gets the water. He says I m not thirsty now, sorry. Hanumant gives a necklace to Unnati. She thanks him. Kesari thinks its mum’s necklace. Jawahar insults the necklace and creates a big scene. He throws the necklace down. Kesari gets angry and slaps Jawahar. Everyone gets shocked. He runs after her. She throws him down. Kesari picks the necklace. Aatmaram asks did you call for this to insult us, your daughter has beaten my son. His wife also scolds Madhavi. Aatmaram says I have given you a chance, what did you do, you insulted us. They all leave.

Hanumant ruins the things in anger. Madhavi asks Jagat to stop him. Choti Maasa asks Hanumant to control himself. Kesari says I m sorry. Hanumant asks why, its not your mistake, its my mistake, forgive me, you are born in my house, that’s my mistake. Madhavi says don’t say this. Hanumant says we have to bear the shame all the time, its my mistake, I m not helpless, but weak, anyone can come and insult me. Madhavi cries. Hanumant says I couldn’t control my ill mannered child, its my mistake. Zoravar controls Hanumant and asks him to stop it. Kesari tries to say. Hanumant gets more angry. Kesari runs away. Choti Maasa hugs Madhavi. Kesari sits crying. Jagat asks why did you do this, when we didn’t say anything, why did you slap Jawahar. She asks didn’t you like to slap him. He says I respect dad’s decision, you have to respect this too.

Its morning, Jagat says dad didn’t wake up. Madhavi says he didn’t sleep all night. A man comes home to meet Hanumant. Jagat says he is sleeping, who are you. The man says I m Prakash, teacher of Kesari, I know about her now, I got her report card, I m getting transferred to other school, I m going today, bless Kesari from my side, she is very smart and hardworking. He goes. Jagat checks the report card and says Kesari has come first in her class. He smiles. Hanumant calls out Madhavi. She gets tea for him. He asks the time. She says its 10 am, you needed rest. Choti Maasa and Zoravar come home. Hanumant asks where did you go. She says Aatmaram’s house. Zoravar says Aatmaram is very angry. She says his wife is more angry. Zoravar says Jawahar is filled with rage.

Choti Maasa says I have convinced them. Hanumant says it means he agreed. They recall, Aatmaram refusing for alliance. Choti Maasa requests him not to break alliance. She defends Kesari. Aatmaram says Kesari has to come to us and apologize. FB ends. Hanumant asks Madhavi to call Kesari. Jagat says I have a good news for you. Kesari asks did dad forgive me. Jagat shows her result card and says you have come first. She gets glad and checks her marks. He praises her. She says this will be my best memory, my first and last report card. She gets sad. He says I will get this framed. Madhavi calls her. She asks her to apologize to Aatmaram and his family. Everyone asks her to apologize. Hanumant says so its decided now, she will go and apologize. Kesari says I will apologize, but Jawahar has to come here and apologize to you. Kesari says I did a mistake, but Jawahar has also done a mistake, he insulted dad.

She asks why shall I apologize alone. Hanumant says you are saying, you won’t apologize. She says Jawahar will also apologize. He gets angry.

Hanumant asks what’s this. He checks Kesari’s report card. She says girls shouldn’t get any freedom. He burns her books. Kesari faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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