Kesari Nandan 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar plays evil Written Episode

Kesari Nandan 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagat telling Hanumant that he will come along to help him in harvesting the grains. Zoravar tries to stop Jagat. Jagat says I won’t get fine if I rest much at home. Hanumant praises him. Maasa wards off Jagat’s bad sight. Hanumant and Jagat leave. Madhavi and Kesari go. Zoravar and Bijli plan to do something by which Hanumant comes home running. Bijli goes to kitchen. She makes a plan to injure Madhavi. Madhavi wards off bad sight from Kesari. Kesari asks what’s the need. Madhavi asks her to go now. Kesari says I will get more chillies, I will ward off bad sight from you. Madhavi smiles and asks her to go to school.

Madhavi goes to grind something. Bijli acts helpful. Madhavi prays that harvest gets done well and Jagat gets fine. She just thinks of Hanumant and his problems. Madhavi gets hurt when Bijli starts the grinder. She faints down. Choti Maasa asks how did this happen. She shouts to Kesari. She asks Kesari to just go and call Hanumant. Zoravar waits for Hanumant to leave. Hanumant asks Bhura to take the grains to sell in market. Kesari comes here and asks Hanumant to come home fast, Madhavi is injured and bleeding. Hanumant stops and asks Jagat to stay here until the grains are loaded properly. Jagat asks him not to worry, he will be here. Hanumant runs. Jagat asks Kesari not to worry, Hanumant will take care of Madhavi. Zoravar says Kesari is like a black cloud on my fate.

Hanumant takes Madhavi to hospital and prays on the way. Jagat gets dizzy while loading the grains. He falls down. Kesari runs to him. She asks Jagat is he fine. Jagat says I m fine. Bhura asks him to come. Kesari goes to lift bags. Bhura says you can’t lift it, its heavy. Kesari says I can manage it. Kesari does the work. Jagat goes to get some water. Zoravar comes there. Jagat asks how is Maasa. Zoravar says she is fine, you look tired, take some rest, come with me. He takes Jagat with him. He sits talking to Jagat. He insists and makes Jagat drink wine. Jagat resists and says its bad. Zoravar feeds him forcibly. Kesari counts the sacks. She works hard. Jagat gets drunk. He asks Zoravar not to tell this to dad. Zoravar says I won’t tell him, drink wine, you won’t have any sorrow in life. Jagat falls asleep. Zoravar smiles. He switches off the water tap. He pours kerosene there and ignites fire.

Zoravar says I will ruin you and your dad. Kesari gets surrounded by fire. She pulls the sacks and drives the tractor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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