Krishna Chali London 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer introduces Sunaina to Shukla Written Episode

Krishna Chali London 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna doing the aid to Veer and recalling Radhe. He says I could have not spared that goons and had to beat them. She says you are not a goon Radhe, I told you not to get into such things. He says my name is Veer Sahay, you are helpless, you are a widow, its your life, live as you want, get controlled if you want, but this is my hospital, I won’t behave any misbehavior here, you did all that in London only because Radhe was with you, right, you are real illiterate, you visited London, you can’t do anything else, go now, I have to deal with the other goons of my life. He calls the minister and says I m making some changes in Shukla’s program.

Krishna comes home and sees Shuklain. Bela does her aarti. Shukla asks are you out of your mind, crazy. Bela says Krishna isn’t letting us perform the rituals. Krishna gets sad and goes to her room. Lali says I will give food to Krishna. Gajanan says I m also feeling bad for her, but mum is worried, if she knows this, she will be angry, I will see what I can do. Krishna gets up and sees the food kept for her. She recalls Radhe’s promise. She eats the bread. Is morning, Shukla asks Shuklain to get ready. She says I won’t be able to inaugurate. He asks why, this hospital belongs to your son. He convinces her and asks her to get ready. Shuklain cries for Radhe. She gives him a gift and says Radhe got this for you, he bought it in London. Shukla checks the shades. He cries and says now I can hide my tears wearing this. They cry. They all arrive at the hospital.

They smile seeing the hospital building. Shukla asks is it okay. She smiles. Minister welcomes them. He gives a speech to the people. Shukla asks Shuklain to see Radhe’s hospital, she will inaugurate it. He asks her to cut the ribbon. Veer comes and takes the scissors. Shukla asks what’s this, you will get sweets when my wife inaugurates. Minister says I was waiting for Veer. Shukla asks Veer to give the scissors, they are getting late. Veer says no, the one who is going to cut the ribbon is here. Sunaina comes there. Shukla and everyone get shocked seeing her. Veer says Sunaina Sahay is my mum, she will inaugurate this hospital. Shukla says she is accountant Sahay’s wife, it means Dr. Veer is accountant’s son. Veer says its not necessary that accountant’s son is also an accountant, this hospital is yours and mine too. Minister says yes. Veer says my mum will inaugurate this hospital. He gives the scissors to Sunaina. She cuts the ribbon. Shukla gets angry. Sunaina sees Shuklain and others. Everyone claps.

Shukla asks Triloki to take the money and put Veer in his place. People protest against Dr. Veer. Krishna looks on shocked. Sunaina gets hurt during protest. Veer beats the men. They blacken his face. Shukla looks on smiling.

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