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The Episode starts with Veer saying Krishna, be at the airport on time. He leaves. Krishna packs her bag. She hears Veer’s audio message. She also replies him to thank. They have an audio chat. She smiles. Ajit comes and says you have taught them a good lesson. Shukla talks on someone. He says I don’t do such things, I m with them in the business, there is no issue. He sees Krishna and stops her. He asks Bela not to say anything in between.

He asks Krishna to do anything she wants, but she can’t go to London. Krishna says I m going to London tonight, its about Veer’s life and respect. He says I m glad that you told me about your plan, you can’t go to London. She says I told you I will go to London and help Veer, its my decision, please try and understand, Radhe and I wanted this. He says fine, you can go and do anything. Shuklain says such a big incident happened. Shukla says she is saying its Radhe’s wish. He asks her to come to the Bhandara, which is organized for Radhe’s soul peace.

He asks Gajanan to send the address to Krishna so that she can come on time. Krishna goes to hospital. She asks Nayani to collect her reports from Ajit. She says you remember this, the reports are on my name. Veer comes to her. She hides the reports. He takes her phone to talk. Nayani worries and says you…. He asks what’s going on. She says actually, I….. I was asking Krishna about reports. He asks reports, which reports. Krishna takes phone back and says I didn’t get blood test done, I will get dressing done. He asks why are you acting strange. She says you snatched my phone, bad manners. He says so what, you were talking to my sister. She says I didn’t expect this from you. He says Krishna…. sorry, I will come to pick you. She says no, I will meet you at airport, Shukla has kept Bhandara on Radhe’s name. She goes. He thinks what’s wrong with me that I m talking like her.

Shukla talks of Radhe and misses him at the prayer meet. Veer calls Krishna. Shuklain looks on. He asks everyone to have the food and pray to Lord for Radhe’s soul peace. He says I have got some halwa made in iron kadai, with dry fruits, it was his fav food, have it as prasad, thanks, come. Sunaina jokes on Veer on seeing him restless. She says Krishna has told you about Bhandara, she will reach on time. Veer says I shall leave. She blesses him and asks him to come back soon happily. He leaves. Krishna says I shall leave now. Lali says I will ask Gajanan to drop you at airport. Krishna says no, I will go by taxi. Shuklain scolds her for doing whatever she wants. Shukla sees Krishna. Veer is on the way. He sees the time.

Krishna takes Shukla’s blessings. Shukla asks Krishna to have the prasad if she wants, else throw it when he turns away. She gets Veer’s call. She eats the prasad. Shukla smiles and thinks you want to go to London against my wish, now go and show. She says I m not cheating you, Radhe really wanted me to fix whatever wrong happened with Veer, this is the last chance, my taxi is waiting, I shall leave. She goes. Shukla signs Triloki. Veer reaches the airport. He gets Krishna’s call. His phone gets stuck. He goes back. Krishna gets dizzy. He answers. She falls down.

Veer barges inside the house and asks for Krishna. Shukla taunts him.

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