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The Episode starts with Lali worrying for Krishna. Shuklain asks Lali to think of herself and her child. She taunts Krishna for not having husband and child. Nayani comes there and sees Krishna leaving. She goes to collect reports. Krishna joins the torn paper pieces and recalls Veer’s words. Nayani hears Bela. Bela tells how Krishna got insulted by Veer. They see Krishna’s reports. Bela checks it and gets shocked. Nayani worries and goes.

Krishna goes to show report to Shukla. She says you gave me sedatives, you should be ashamed, I have always told you the truth, what did you do, you used Radhe’s name as a bait, you added sedatives in prasad. He gets angry. Triloki defends Shukla. He asks her if she has some proof. She shows the blood report. Triloki makes excuse and goes. She says reports never lie. Bela comes and says you are right, I also got one report of yours, which states your shameful act. She gives report to Shukla. She says Krishna is pregnant. Shukla gets shocked. Bela scolds Krishna. She says I was wondering whose child is this, you never let Radhe touch you, we don’t know what happened in London, you always run to the doctor, you were dying to go to London with him, you are carrying his baby, don’t you? Krishna recalls Nayani. Bela says I know everything, Krishna couldn’t go, she fainted due to pregnancy, so Veer was barking at her like a mad man. Krishna says stop it, its a lie. Bela asks what’s the truth then.

She shows Krishna and Veer’s pic. Shukla gets shocked. Bela says I had this pic long time back, but I was quiet fearing the world’s taunts, I know even if Krishna is bad, she can’t stoop so low, I think this pic is true, so I said it all. Shukla calls Veer and asks him to come home in 15 mins. He says its matter of someone’s life and death. Nayani worries. Sunaina asks what’s the matter. Nayani says save me from Veer, everything will get over.

Veer comes and asks whose life and death is related with this matter. Shukla asks how long is this going on. Veer says your question doesn’t seem simple. Shukla gives him pregnancy reports. He says you are my accountant’s son, you think I m the reason of your dad’s death, you are taking revenge, you put forth a condition that Krishna will join the hospital, she didn’t complete the studies, did you two kill Radhe, when he knew about your affair. Veer gets shocked. Shukla says if you both have a hand in Radhe’s death, I swear to God, I will burn both of you alive at the square. Veer shouts on him. He says don’t link Radhe’s death to me.

Shukla says you were lecturing me in front of neighborhood. He scolds Krishna. Bela says have a look, Krishna is pregnant, whose child could it be, yours, right, its result of your romance, tell us. Krishna says tell them that there is nothing going on between us. Veer says your family is understanding, let me guess, you must have begged them, they did not trust you, right, these reports can’t be false. He says the truth is right here, you are free to think anything you like, you all were worried that Krishna is childless. Shukla says don’t dare to cross limits. Veer says Krishna has already crossed the limits. He congratulates Shuklain and says father’s name isn’t necessary these days, you are right, we have an affair, we both love each other, child has to be ours, congrats to all of you. Krishna gets shocked. Veer gets leaving. Krishna stops him and slaps.

Veer smiles and asks are you hurt, are you feeling bad that I didn’t support you this time, like someone shattered your belief, isn’t it, I got hurt the same way, I m a doctor, hope you liked the taste of your own medicine. She asks was this your revenge, I couldn’t reach airport, so you insulted me, wow…. that’s really nice of you, you should be applauded. She claps for him. She says I even showed proof to you, I had been drugged, I was ready to accompany you to London even today, I felt you have been wronged, what did you do, you are a self centred man, I pinned my hopes on you. He says exactly, how could I do it, how could I trust a girl like you. She asks what do you mean. Bela smiles. Krishna says why did you save me that day if you think of this. He says its clearly written that you are pregnant, I have not made the reports, neither did I call your low class family, everything is spontaneous, you know why is this happen. She shouts those reports aren’t mine.

Bela throws out Krishna. She shouts go and stay with your lover, go and have ten children, you enjoy a lot. Veer asks why shall I tell the truth. Sunaina says those pregnancy report is not of Krishna, but of Nayani. Veer gets shocked.

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